Meet the New Boss
7x1 CastielOverwhelmedByLeviathans
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 23 September, 2011
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Sera Gamble
Preceded by : The Man Who Knew Too Much
Followed by : Hello, Cruel World

Meet the New Boss is the first episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.


While the soul-empowered Castiel sets out to assume God's universal position and destroy the perceived wrongs in the world, Sam, Dean and Bobby seek out Death to stop Cass, and Death warns them that souls aren't the only things Castiel has absorbed from Purgatory and a new, deadly, hungry threat is getting closer to coming unleashed. Meanwhile, with the mental wall down, Sam's memories of Hell begin to overtake him.

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up directly where The Man Who Knew Too Much left off, after having absorbed all of Purgatory's monster souls and declared himself the new God, Castiel demands that Sam, Dean and Bobby bow down to him, but then tells them to stop when he sees they have no religious love or respect for him, only fear. Cass's personality has completely changed after absorbing all the Purgatory souls, and he is now a cold, emotionless, sanctimonious and absolute being, who declares the old Cass is gone. Cass also now sees his former-friends as nothing more than his antlike pets, and declares that since he's convinced they have no way of stopping them, he'll let them live unless and until they strike against him, but he still refuses to repair Sam's mental wall as punishment for trying to stop him. While Sam suddenly begins to collapse from the weight of his memories of Lucifer's cage, Cass teleports away to Heaven. There, Cass declares that he's decided angels and humans can't function with free will and must have him as a firm hand to guide them, and he massacres all of the thousands of angels that followed Raphael as an example to the others.

Back on Earth, Bobby and the Winchesters return to Bobby's place, where Dean sets about getting the Impala repaired while Sam and Bobby search the news for any miracles or whatever else Cass might start doing on Earth once he surfaces. However, a frustrated Dean is convinced that since, like Bobby says, there's no lore that says how to deal with something like this, they can't do anything to stop Cass without him killing them and can only stay out of God-Castiel's way for now. Meanwhile, after his collapse back at the lab, Sam has recovered and is walking and talking just fine. Bobby and Dean are surprised by this after what they were all warned about what Sam's memories of Hell would do to him if the wall came down, but Sam says he has a headache but is otherwise fine. However, Sam then first briefly hears whispering noises around him, then while he's alone in the basement looking for a tool, he suddenly hallucinates hellish meat hooks and chains before Bobby's arrival snaps him out of it.

Elsewhere, Cass begins making his move on Earth, arriving at a church where a homophobic preacher is making a speech to his flock against homosexuals and modern culture. Cass claims to the congregation to be God and calls the preacher out for his hypocrisy in his homophobic prejudice, then kills the preacher in front of the shocked congregation by making him choke on his own tongue. Cass then changes the church mosaic of Jesus to one of himself, but as he leaves, he is briefly disoriented by mysterious voices inside him whispering his name. Back at Bobby's, on the TV, reports of the deaths of the preacher and 200 other religious leaders are flooding in and being described by some as "an act of God" as Cass begins trying to perfect the world by killing off false and hypocritical religious people. Cass's acts on Earth continue to escalate as Bobby, Sam and Dean can only listen to the news of it from at Bobby's place; Cass's acts to try and right the world's wrongs include killing off white supremacist leaders and getting the Ku Klux Klan disbanded (this one Dean admits he has to agree with Cass on), smiting New Age motivational speakers with freak lightning, and easing away droughts in India. Cass also easily tracks down Crowley, who's fled into hiding and seclusion from Cass in an angel-warded trailer, but Cass doesn't plan to kill him. Cass allows Crowley to retake his position as the King of Hell, since Cass still needs Hell as a threat and to keep Michael and Lucifer imprisoned, but Cass will decide which souls go to Crowley in Hell. When Cass makes clear that this isn't a negotiation, Crowley accepts Cass as the new God and his new boss.

Back at Bobby's, Sam's visions and hallucinations from after the wall has come down are getting worse, escalating into nightmares of being hanged from the ceiling by living chains. When Sam wakes up, he guesses Dean and Bobby need to know about this, but when he goes to tell them, he overhears them arguing with each-other about Sam's alleged okay state - Bobby is unconvinced that Sam is both completely fine and is going to stay that way for long, but Dean declares that for his sanity's sake he has to pretend Sam is for now, since he doesn't have the energy to worry about Sam right now with everything that's going on with the current God-Castiel situation. Hearing this, Sam changes his mind and keeps quiet about his hallucinations. Sam and the group then discuss how they can find a way to stop Cass in his Godlike state - Dean is unconvinced that there is anything they can do and that Cass is indeed God now and can't be stopped, but then they realise there might indeed be someone who can help. The trio subsequently summon Crowley and capture him in a devil's trap, and they demand that Crowley give them their one means of stopping Cass's Godlike power - the instructions for a spell that can bind Death like Lucifer did, since Death is the one thing capable of taking on such a Godlike power. Though Crowley considers it suicidal and insane to mess with either Death or God-Castiel, never mind both of them, like that, Bobby asks Crowley if he really wants Cass running the universe.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Castiel goes to a faithful blind beggar on the streets, and gives the man money and restores his sight. Though happy that his sight has been restored and to hear the man who did it say he's God, the man is surprised and horrified when he sees Cass with his restored sight - Cass's vessel is developing spreading burn-like marks and melting flesh, as though slowly combusting under the weight of the power he's taken in. Cass goes into a public bathroom and looks at the spreading damage in a mirror, and as he does so, the whispering voices from inside him start up again - the creatures begin pushing at and writhing underneath Cass's vessel's flesh from the inside, screaming at him to let them out.

Back at Bobby's, he receives a package from Crowley, containing a parchment which gives the instructions for binding Death along with a "goodbye forever" note from Crowley. Bobby reads the instructions and notes they have most of the spell ingredients, except for "an Act of God crystallised forever," which refers to a fulgurite, a crystal tube formed when lightning strikes sand at the perfect angle. It's rare, but Bobby has tracked Dr. Weiss, a bidder who recently acquired a fulgurite. At nightfall, Sam, Dean and Bobby drive for Dr. Weiss's mansion, where they take out the security guard and the alarm system before breaking in to get the fulgurite. Dean finds the fulgurite, but is forced to tie Dr. Weiss and his wife up, to Sam and Bobby's chagrin, when they catch him red-handed. The trio subsequently prepare to summon and bind Death; mixing the ingredients together, and putting out fast food for Death. Bobby chants the spell's incantations, and the mansion rumbles and shakes, before Death arrives, bound to the trio. Death is furious and annoyed with the trio for binding him and refusing to unbind him, and he unwittingly exposes the truth about Sam's hallucinations to Dean and Bobby when he initially assumes that they've bound him to restore Sam's wall. Dean and Bobby tell a surprised and perplexed Death that they've bound him because they "need [him] to kill God," before Castiel arrives to punish the trio for trying to stop him again. However, Dean points out that Cass can't kill them so long as Death himself is bound to them.

Death is surprised and somewhat disgusted that Cass has dared call himself God, declaring that Castiel is nothing like God and is just an empowered and mutated angel. Death also takes note of the deterioration of Cass's vessel, which has worsened, and warns about the whispering creatures inside Cass, which Death reveals are an ancient threat which Cass took in from Purgatory with the monster souls. Dean is concerned about these older creatures of Purgatory, and Death explains that they are extremely destructive, intelligent and dangerous beasts called the Leviathans - Death elaborates that the Leviathans are primordial predators which were created by God before angels and humans, but were imprisoned in Purgatory (which was in fact originally created for the express purpose of containing the Leviathans) when their poisonous hunger threatened to destroy the rest of creation; but now, Castiel has imbibed the Leviathans from Purgatory with the souls, and so if something isn't done about it soon, Cass will explode from the weight of the souls and beasts, and the Leviathans will be free upon the world once more. Cass and Death argue about what Cass has done and whether or not he really is like God, until Dean orders Death to just kill Cass at once. However, before Death can obey the order, Cass unbinds him and teleports away.

Thought Death is furious with the trio (mostly Dean) for binding him and for not listening to his warning about the souls (in Appointment in Samarra) and for going to him once again to fix their problems for them, Death doesn't turn on them after he's been unbound, and digs into the junk food they put out for him. Death makes it clear that he really doesn't care about what happens to humanity and the Earth and that he isn't here to clean up every mess the group cause, but out of dislike for Castiel, he agrees to lend a hand in stopping Cass and averting the Leviathan threat. Death tells the group that the only way to avert the threat is by getting Cass to return the souls and Leviathans to Purgatory before he explodes. Bobby points out that the door to Purgatory can only be opened during a lunar eclipse, and Death says that he'll make another eclipse for the group on Sunday at 3:59 AM. Death then warns Dean not to dare bind him again and to clean up his mess, then compliments the group on the pickle chips and leaves.

Meanwhile, Castiel arrives at the campaign office of senator Michelle Walker to punish her for abusing her power, but as he proclaims to the office staff that he's a better God than his Father was, the Leviathans begin whispering and taking hold of his mind again, and Cass suddenly bursts into a fit of maniacal laughter as the creatures take control. When Cass later wakes up, the entire office is a bloodbath, everyone there having been slaughtered and Cass soaked in their blood. A horrified Cass realises he's already losing control over the Leviathans, and struggles to maintain control over himself against the creatures' voices as they get stronger.

At Bobby's on Saturday evening, Sam is getting ready to hit the road so as to find Cass and get him back to Cass and Crowley's lab in time for Death's eclipse to return the monsters to Purgatory, but Dean is unconvinced they can do anything; Dean believes Cass is completely gone and they can't force God-Castiel to give up the power. Dean is also angry with Sam for not telling him about his hallucinations, but Sam justifies the secrecy as being to avoid weighing Dean's hope down any further, and Sam assures Dean that he knows what's real and what isn't and has the hallucinations under control. Dean still remains hopeless and intends to just slack off at Bobby's and watch porn, particularly after he finds an online CCTV recording from the senator's office massacre which shows the Leviathan-possessed Cass going mad and grinning maniacally. However, Sam refuses to give up on Cass, and goes out onto the yard to send out a prayer to Castiel in private - in the prayer, Sam asks Cass to let the guys help him, and to find just one tiny spark of him somewhere inside that is still one of the gang and still cares about his friends. At first, Sam gets no response, but then a bloody and increasingly deteriorated and weakened Cass appears before Sam and Dean and admits he needs their help.

The following night, as the eclipse gets closer, Sam, Dean and Bobby take Castiel back to the lab, and Cass sends Sam off to the supply closet to get a spare jar of the blood for the ritual's sigil. As Dean and Bobby gets things ready to reopen Purgatory once the eclipse arrives, Cass admits to Dean that he now feels remorse about what he's done and taking Sam's mental wall down, and Cass tries to make amends with Dean before he and Dean both admit that it doesn't make either of them feel any better. While Sam is alone getting the spare blood for the ritual, to his shock, Lucifer suddenly appears before him. Sam reminds himself that Lucifer and the other hellish things he's been seeing are just hallucinations from his memories of Hell and that Lucifer isn't here and is back in the cage. However, Lucifer counters that he's real but everything else around Sam is an illusion he's crafted; Lucifer tells Sam that he never really escaped Hell at all and is still in the cage with Lucifer, and the past one - two years since the Apocalypse ended is just an illusion Lucifer has made to make Sam thinks he's free when he's still in the cage, as another form of torture.

Back at Dean and Bobby, as the eclipse gets closer and Sam still doesn't come back with the blood, Dean goes off towards the storage closet to find Sam, but he only finds the blood jar in the hallway with no sign of Sam anywhere. Without enough time before the eclipse to look for Sam, Dean takes the blood and rushes back to the laboratory to redraw the sigil for the ritual in the blood. Once the sigil is finished, with the eclipse upon them, Bobby leads Cass, who can barely stand, up to the sigil and begins saying out the incantations. Castiel regretfully turns back to Dean and tells him he's sorry, as Bobby finishes the incantations and the portal into Purgatory reopens. Cass then releases the Leviathans and monster souls he's absorbed, and all the power drains out of him through the portal and is successfully sent back to Purgatory. The portal then closes and Castiel collapses to the floor.

As Cass lies unmoving and lifeless on the floor, Bobby and Dean search him for any vital signs, but his vessel is cold and has no breath, and it seems as though Cass is dead. Dean is regretful over Cass's death, and angry at Cass for not listening to him. However, just then, Cass wakes up alive and his vessel's deterioration heals away. With the Purgatory power gone, Castiel has reverted to his normal personality and come to his senses, and realises what he's done and the damage and suffering he's caused on Earth and in Heaven. Cass thanks Dean and Bobby for what they've done, and Cass admits to them that he's ashamed of what he's done and vows to Dean that he will find a way to redeem himself to him. Dean and Bobby are then about to carry Cass out and go find Sam, when some force inside Cass begins attacking him from the inside, and Cass screams at the duo to run as he struggles to hold the force back. Castiel screams out and reveals that the Leviathans held on inside of him and so weren't returned to Purgatory with the souls, and cries out that the creatures are so strong and he can't hold them back. Before Bobby can go off to get Sam, the Leviathans suddenly take Cass over and attack Dean and Bobby. The Leviathans declare Castiel is dead and they're in control now, and a crazed and maniacal Leviathan-possessed Cass throws Dean and Bobby back. Black veins begin to spread up Castiel's face, and the Leviathans possessing Cass declare that they're going to have so much fun.







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