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Biological information
Race : Human (formerly)
Family and relatives : Azazel (father; deceased)
Tom (brother; deceased)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2013
Notable affiliations : Herself
Azazel (formerly)
Lucifer (formerly)
Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Nicki Aycox
Rachel Miner
Other Actors/Actresses : Jared Padalecki
First appearance : Scarecrow

Meg was the name used for and by a demon (after her original vessel, Meg Masters), though the demon claimed to have many other names. Meg was a Lucifer loyalist who originally worked under fellow loyalist Azazel, and thus a deadly enemy of the Winchester family, but after Lucifer's defeat, Meg sought revenge on Crowley and ultimately allied with her Winchester former-enemies against Crowley.



Very little is known about Meg's past, but she was presumably originally a human who died and went to Hell and became a demon there. (Sympathy for the Devil) Meg claimed that she tutored under Alastair in Hell in the field of torturing. (Caged Heat) At some point, Meg became affiliated with the demon and Lucifer loyalist Azazel and Azazel's hopes of finding and freeing Lucifer to begin the Apocalypse; Meg became one of Azazel's closest followers, forming a paternal bond with him. (Devil's Trap)
1x11 Meg+SamMeet

Sam meets Meg for the first time as a hitchhiker. (Scarecrow)

Azazel trusted and was close to Meg enough that, circa the early 20th century, Azazel took Meg to see each and every one of Lucifer's crypts, which were hidden and in secret to most others, on Earth. (Goodbye Stranger)

Circa late 2004 - early 2005, (Devil's Trap) the demon possessed a college girl called Meg Masters in Andover, Massachusetts while the girl was walking home, (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester) and the Meg demon subsequently used Meg Masters as her vessel. (Season 1) During Meg's possession of her vessel, the demon changed the human Meg's fashion and hair, (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester) and even allowed the human Meg to be awake to watch some of the atrocities the demon committed using her body. (Devil's Trap)

Azazel's master planEdit

In early 2006, while hitchhiking, Meg first met Sam Winchester - a hunter and enemy of Azazel as well as one of Azazel's special children for his master plan to bring the Apocalypse - who was unaware Meg was a demon and befriended her. Though Meg believed she could have taken Sam at the time, she was under instructions by Azazel not to attack the Winchesters. Sam had at the time fallen out with and separated from Dean, and Meg tried to encourage and influence Sam to stay separate ways from Dean and do what he wanted, though Sam ultimately went to return to Dean anyway. (Scarecrow)

1x16 MegUsesZoroastrianMagic

Meg contacts Azazel while using a Zoroastrian altar to control daevas. (Shadow)

Later on, Meg and Azazel set up a trap in Chicago for the Winchesters, intended to lure and capture John, as he was becoming an increasing threat to Azazel in his search for a means of killing the demon. Meg successfully lured the Winchesters to Chicago for the trap by killing two people there born in Lawrence, Kansas like Sam and Dean - Meg used daevas to kill the targeted people, controlling the daevas using Zoroastrian magic. When Sam and Dean saw Meg in a bar, Meg, secretly aware Sam was suspicious of seeing her again, gave him her address details in Chicago and then secretly allowed him to spy on her using a goblet of blood to contact Azazel, so as to tip Sam off that Meg was working for the demons. (Shadow)

Meg's trap worked when Sam and Dean called John in to help, and the brothers tried to assault Meg's warehouse where she was controlling the daevas from, where Meg used the daevas to capture them. While Meg was toying with Sam, when Dean distracted her, Sam escaped his bindings and destroyed Meg's Zoroastrian altar. This broke Meg's control over the daevas, and the daevas subsequently turned on her and pulled her out the warehouse window, which fatally damaged the human Meg; however, the demon Meg continued to inhabit and use the human Meg's body and keep the human Meg alive. Meg subsequently regained control over the daevas using an amulet, and sent them to attack John, Sam and Dean. However, the Winchesters escaped when Sam used flares to temporarily disable the daevas. (Shadow)

1x21 MegWithFakeColt

Meg with the fake Colt during the exchange for the gun. (Salvation)

After the Winchesters found the Colt and planned to use the supernatural-killing gun to destroy Azazel, Azazel's demons began struggling to get the Colt from the Winchesters and stop them. Thus, Meg began targeting and killing John's hunter friends one by one, including Caleb and Jim Murphy. While killing Caleb, Meg contacted the Winchesters and demanded they surrender the Colt to the demons or Meg would keep killing their friends. Reluctantly, John seemingly agreed to meet Meg in Lincoln, Nebraska at midnight to exchange the Colt. John arrived on time and exchanged with Meg and her fellow demon Tom a gun he claimed to be the Colt. However, Tom and Meg learned that the gun was a fake and John had tried to double-cross them when Tom tested the gun by shooting Meg with it, to no effect. Tom and an enraged Meg subsequently pursued and went after John, and they managed to stop and capture him. (Salvation)

After the demons captured John, when Sam and Dean went to the Singer Auto Salvage Yard to get help from Bobby Singer, Meg tracked them to there and attacked Bobby's house, only to be captured by Bobby and the Winchesters when she walked under and was caught by a devil's trap in the ceiling. Dean, Sam and Bobby interrogated the captive Meg for where the demons were holding John. Meg initially covered up that they had already killed John, taunting and enraging Dean about it.
1x22 MegExorcised

Meg is exorcised. (Devil's Trap)

Sam and Dean subsequently began performing an exorcism on Meg, both to free the human Meg and as further interrogation of the demon Meg. When the exorcism process began to agonise her, after lying more about John's fate, Meg eventually gave in and revealed that John was alive and being held by the demons. However, Dean had Sam finish the exorcism anyway, expelling an enraged and vengeful Meg from her vessel and sending her back to Hell. (Devil's Trap)


After Meg was exorcised by the Winchesters, she suffered greatly in Hell, and she clung onto rage and revenge towards Sam and Dean for sending her back to Hell. Meg's bloodlust for revenge was so great that it overrode her loyalties to Azazel and caused her to abandon Azazel's master plan. Meg also claimed to have encountered John in Hell after he'd been killed and sent to there by Azazel just days (in Earth time) after Meg's exorcism. Driven by her rage and thirst for vengeance against Sam and Dean, Meg eventually managed to climb back out of Hell and return to Earth, where, in early 2007, she possessed Sam. Since her original exorcism from the human Meg Masters, the Meg demon had learned several tricks and means through spells and magic of avoiding getting exorcised again; including tremor-causing spells, and a demon binding link - Meg used the latter to lock herself in Sam's body by burning it onto Sam's arm, so that the Winchesters couldn't exorcise her this time. (Born Under a Bad Sign)

2x14 MegSamExplainsHell

Meg, possessing Sam, reveals who she is and begins tormenting Dean. (Born Under a Bad Sign)

After Meg returned from Hell and possessed Sam, she first used Sam's body to commit evil acts and atrocities over the course of a week in which Sam was absent from Dean, among which were the murder of hunter Steve Wandell. Afterwards, Meg, still possessing Sam, tried to make Dean come to believe from Sam's missing week and Wandell's murder that Sam's demonic nature as a special child had taken him over, so that Dean would force himself to kill Sam to stop him. When Dean refused to believe Sam had turned evil and kill him, Meg tried harder to trick and force Dean into killing his brother by kidnapping Jo Harvelle and threatening as Sam to kill her. However, Dean had learned that Sam was actually under demonic possession, which he and Jo confirmed when the Meg-possessed Sam was burned by holy water. This forced Meg to abandon her original plan of tricking Dean into killing Sam, so she fled and next targeted Bobby. (Born Under a Bad Sign)

Bobby identified Sam as possessed when Sam/Meg was burned by drinking holy water in his drink, and Bobby and Dean subsequently captured and bound Meg and held her captive and trapped under Bobby's devil's trap. Dean and Bobby subsequently attempted to exorcise Meg again, but the exorcism failed to remove Meg from Sam's body due to the binding link. Meg subsequently used a tremor-causing spell to break free by breaking the devil's trap with the tremors' shaking, and Meg then telekinetically pinned and caught Dean and began to taunt and torture him.
5x10 MegWithLucifer

Meg with Lucifer in Carthage, Missouri. (Abandon All Hope...)

However, Bobby managed to burn the binding-link sigil off Sam's arm, and Meg then fled Sam's body and escaped in her smoke form, but did not appear to go back to Hell this time. (Born Under a Bad Sign)

The ApocalypseEdit

By late 2009, Meg had possessed a new vessel; (Sympathy for the Devil) this one the body of a girl from Cheboygan, Michigan who'd moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. (Caged Heat) Around two years after her failed attempt at revenge against the Winchesters for her original exorcism, just after Sam accidentally released Lucifer from his cage and started the Apocalypse, Meg resurfaced and, along with the other demons, she joined with Lucifer in the war against Heaven and humanity. Just a couple days after Lucifer was freed, Meg and a group of demon subordinates tracked Dean and Bobby down to kill Dean so he couldn't stop Lucifer, with Meg having one of her demons possess and attack Bobby. However, Sam and Dean successfully fought Meg and her demons off, and when they tried to kill her with the demon-killing knife, Meg fled. (Sympathy for the Devil)

5x10 MegBurnsHolyFire

Castiel escapes by using Meg as a human bridge over the holy fire. (Abandon All Hope...)

Later, when Lucifer and his demons targeted the town of Carthage, Missouri to use it in Lucifer's ritual to raise Death, Meg was among the demons that went to Carthage. Meg set a pack of hellhounds against Sam, Dean, Jo and Ellen in the streets of Carthage, which cornered them in a local hardware store and mortally wounded Jo. Meg then reported back to Lucifer, and while Lucifer went to raise Death, Meg stayed to watch and guard the captive angel Castiel. Meg taunted Castiel about what Lucifer would supposedly give the demons after taking over Heaven, until Castiel managed to lure and grab Meg, and Cass then escaped the circle of holy fire trapping him by using Meg as a human bridge through the flames, to Meg's non-fatal pain. (Abandon All Hope...)


6x10 MegUnderTorture

Meg during torture by Crowley's Christian Campbell demon. (Caged Heat)

After Sam and Dean stopped the Apocalypse in 2010 by reimprisoning Lucifer in the cage along with Michael, the rogue Crowley took over as King of Hell. Meg and a handful of other demons refused to bow to Crowley's new regime and remained loyal to Lucifer, so Crowley had them hunted and driven into hiding. A group of these Lucifer loyalist demons led by Meg eventually, over a year after Lucifer's downfall, wanted retaliation against Crowley for his attacks against them and/or for his role in Lucifer's defeat. Meg and her fellow loyalists tracked Sam and Dean down to find Crowley's location from them, and the brothers struck an uneasy alliance with Meg to capture and torture Crowley for information so that the brothers could use this to force Crowley to return Sam's missing soul. (Caged Heat)

Meg, with Sam, Dean and Castiel, subsequently launched an assault at Crowley's monster prison, where Meg held off and killed the prison's hellhounds to buy the others time. Meg was then captured and tortured, until Dean killed Meg's demon torturers and freed her. Meg, Dean and Sam then tracked down and captured Crowley with a devil's trap, and Meg began torturing Crowley biokinetically to see if he could indeed restore Sam's soul.
6x10 MegTorturesCrowley

Meg, allied with the Winchesters, biokinetically torturing Crowley. (Caged Heat)

When they learned Crowley couldn't, the Winchesters allowed Meg to proceed with killing Crowley in revenge for betraying Lucifer, but Crowley broke free, only to then be vanquished when Castiel feigned burning Crowley's original human bones. Meg then quickly escaped. (Caged Heat)

Caring for CastielEdit

Approximately a year or more after the assault against Crowley, when Meg learned that Dean was with Castiel (who had died since their last encounter and apparently resurrected yet again), she contacted Dean, saving him from two demons in the process, and joined Dean and Castiel (the latter of whom was amnesic and believed he was a human healer called Emanuel) on a road trip to reach Sam and use Castiel's powers to save Sam from his fatal insanity. During the trip, Meg agreed to not tell Emanuel the truth about his former identity as Castiel. Upon reaching the demon-occupied Northern Indiana State Hospital where Sam was, Dean and Meg told Castiel the truth of his status as an angel and helped him remember how to use his celestial powers, and Cass subsequently killed the demon guards and cured Sam - at the price of Cass becoming catatonic - by taking Sam's mental torment into himself. Meg afterwards got a job as the catatonic Castiel's nurse at the hospital to monitor and watch over Cass. (The Born-Again Identity)

7x21 MegNurseMasters

Meg as Castiel's nurse at the Northern Indiana State Hospital. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Meg stayed at the hospital as nurse monitoring the catatonic Castiel for some time, until Castiel was eventually awoken by the unearthing of the Word of God, but left insane, broken and unpredictable from Sam's mental scars combined with his own guilt. Meg contacted Sam and Dean about Castiel's awakening and had them come over, by which time Meg seemed to have adjusted to Castiel's new insane personality and habits. The brothers refused to tell Meg about the new Word of God tablet they'd found, to Meg's offence and frustration. Shortly after, Kevin Tran arrived and tried to take the tablet, and was discovered to be a newly-activated prophet who could translate and repair the Word. Castiel's old angel garrison, led by Hester, subsequently attempted to take Kevin and the Word, forcing Meg, Castiel and the Winchesters to flee cross-country with Kevin and the tablet to Rufus Turner's cabin and hide there from the angels' detection. The group initially remained hidden at the cabin, until Meg unknowingly alerted the angels to their location by killing two demons that had been tracking the group. After Meg killed Hester to save Castiel and the garrison returned Kevin home after he'd translated the Word of God, Meg fled and went back into laying low. (Reading Is Fundemental)

7x23 MegAfterFightingLeviathans

Meg just after fighting off the Leviathans at SucroCorp. (Survival of the Fittest)

Eventually, Castiel found Meg and teleported her with him out of hiding and back to Sam and Dean at Rufus' cabin. Meg was scared and upset upon learning the brothers had attempted to summon Crowley due to Crowley's hatred of Meg, and Crowley then arrived to exchange his blood with the Winchesters for their bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen to kill the Leviathan leader Dick Roman. Crowley warned that he intended to take Meg back to Hell to torture and destroy her, but would not do so until later to avoid upsetting Castiel into staying out of the fight against the Leviathan. Dean subsequently tried to get a pacifistic Castiel to join in the battle against the Leviathan, but Castiel refused and was only upset by it, with Meg calculating to the brothers that Castiel could help them find the real Dick Roman among his Leviathan doubles and false targets. Meg, Castiel and the Winchesters subsequently launched an assault against the Leviathan-occupied SucroCorp, with Meg fighting off and taking down the Leviathan guards while Sam, Dean and Castiel broke in to find Dick and Kevin. After Meg incapacitated the Leviathan guards, two of Crowley's demons arrived and took her to him to be tortured as he had planned. (Survival of the Fittest)

Lucifer's cryptsEdit

8x17 MegRescued

A captive Meg is found and rescued by the Winchesters. (Goodbye Stranger)

After Meg was taken into the demons' captivity, over a year after being captured at the end of the Leviathan crisis, when Crowley hoped to find the one of Lucifer's crypts that held the Word of God on angels, his demons tortured and interrogated Meg for the crypts' locations on Earth. Meg only gave the demons vague locations for the crypts and deliberately gave them the wrong crypts' locations, to get brief reprieves from the torture and chances to escape. Eventually, while Meg was being held by the demons in the Murray Hotel while they were excavating the latest of Lucifer's crypts there, she was found and rescued by Sam, Dean and Castiel. Meg gave the trio the information about the angel tablet in Lucifer's crypts that Crowley was after, and was annoyed to learn they hadn't once tried to find her, and intended to have sex with Castiel if they survived the fight against Crowley. (Goodbye Stranger)

The following night, Meg led Sam, Castiel and Dean to the crypt containing the angel Word of God, and while Dean and Cass searched inside for the tablet, Meg and Sam proofed it from outside against Crowley's coming attack. Meg tried without success to learn from Sam about the trials the group kept referring to, and learned of and talked about how Sam had temporarily had a normal life with Amelia Richardson. When Crowley and his demons arrived to get the angel Word, Meg fought the demons off and kept them out of the crypt with an angel blade, while Sam went to get Dean and Castiel.
8x17 AngelBladeKillsDemon

Meg is killed by Crowley with an angel blade. (Goodbye Stranger)

Crowley tried to get Meg to turn on the Winchesters by revealing to her that if they completed the trials they were talking about, it would seal all demons, her included, back in Hell forever. However, Meg remained loyal to the Winchesters simply because they intended to kill Crowley. Crowley eventually overpowered Meg in their fight, but by then, Castiel had escaped to safety with the angel tablet, as Meg and Crowley deduced upon seeing Sam and Dean escaping without Cass. Meg then struck at Crowley once more with her angel blade, aggravating Crowley into stabbing and killing Meg with his own angel blade. (Goodbye Stranger)


"Look, I'm simpler than you think. I've figured one thing out about this world – just one, pretty much. You find a cause, and you serve it; give yourself over, and it orders your life! Lucifer and Yellow-Eyes, their mission was it for me. [...] Obviously, these things shift over time. We learn, we grow. Now, for me currently, the cause is bringing down the King. And I know I'll need help to do it."
―Meg proves her immediate loyalty to the Winchesters.[src]

Meg was an aggressive, intelligent, violent, confident and cruel demon, notable for her seductive sexuality, her sharp-tongued self-confidence and her sadistic behavior. Meg devilishly enjoyed toying and playing twisted games with her victims and opponents and their emotions, and tormenting and angering them on a psychological level.

Despite her cruelty and ruthlessness, Meg at times showed an affectionate side for some of her masters and allies: she and Azazel had a strong father-daughter bond, Meg's initial motivation behind taking down Crowley was revenge on him for Lucifer's downfall, and Meg displayed genuine feelings for Castiel and a desire to have meaningful sex with him beneath her usual sexual innuendo. Meg also understood how love could change someone with how Sam had longed for a normal life, although she still couldn't understand why one would stop to help a run-over animal. Despite her softer side, Meg was nevertheless capable of great hatred and vengeance towards her enemies, given the right circumstances, enough to even override her loyalties to her masters in her bloodlust for revenge against her foes. Meg also disliked inequal treatment of her among her allies and comrades well, shown in her alliance with Dean and Sam.

8x17 MegVsCrowley

Meg fights against Crowley with an angel blade. (Goodbye Stranger)

Despite her cunning, vengeful, malicious and sometimes selfish nature, while Meg did sometimes change sides as indirect part of her overall cause, she apparently did so not out of cowardice or motivation but out of recognition that people, allegiances and missions must change and adapt and evolve over time if they are to continue and survive. Meg in fact showed great bravery and strong loyalty, even sacrificing herself to indirectly help the Winchesters and Castiel in stopping Crowley. During her alliance with the Winchesters, some of Meg's original vicious and aggressive tendencies faded and toned down, although she remained ruthless and not at all adverse to fighting and killing.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Though a mid- or regular-ranking, black-eyed demon, Meg was highly formidable against opponents, easily defeating, fighting and killing multiple hunters. As a demon, Meg possessed the standard demonic attributes of superhuman strength, telekinesis, invulnerability to conventional methods of harming and killing, and demonic possession of a living or dead human's body as a vessel. Meg was also capable of torturing others with biokinesis and telekinesis to cause them internal pain, and unlike lower-level demons, she could walk on hallowed ground. Meg has displayed significant knowledge of using and manipulating spells, rituals and magic.


Like any other demon, Meg could be burned and fought back by holy water and couldn't escape a devil's trap, and she could be expelled from her vessel and sent back to Hell by an exorcism. She could also be harmed and even killed by the demon-killing knife or by an angel blade.

Forms taken (possession)Edit



8x17 MegTalksWithSam

Meg's new blonde look after being rescued from Crowley. (Goodbye Stranger)

  • Meg's real name is unknown, as the name used to refer to her is after her Season 1 vessel, Meg Masters. In Born Under a Bad Sign, Meg mentioned she has many names.
  • Between Season 5 and Season 8, the face of Meg's vessel becomes noticeably more bloated, said to be due to medication her actress, Rachel Miner, was taking to treat a serious back injury she suffered during the filming of Caged Heat.
  • In Goodbye Stranger, Meg's vessel's hair colour has changed from its normal brunette colour to blonde; Meg explained this as being done by Crowley when holding her captive and torturing her, and she claimed she did not like the hair change.

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