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Geographical information
Whereabouts : Lebanon, Kansas
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Filming location : TBA
The Men of Letters' bunker, also jokingly dubbed the Batcave, is a bunker which houses all of the Men of Letters' knowledge and can only be accessed with a special key. It originally belonged to the Men of Letters before the order's extinction, and afterwards became a base for the Winchesters in 2013.


The Men of Letters began construction of the bunker in 1932, and it took three years to finish it and declare it operational. The bunker's first operatives were Peter Jenkins and James Haggerty, the former of whom was killed by the Wicked Witch, in the Men of Letters' bunker's first case, six months after the bunker became operational. (Slumber Party) The Men of Letters afterwards stored all of their collected knowledge and artefacts in the bunker as a safe hiding place for them, and proofed and protected the bunker against every form of outside supernatural threat so that nothing and no-one could enter without the Men's key to the bunker. (As Time Goes By)

After the Men of Letters seemingly became extinct following Abaddon's attack against the order in 1958 to try and get the key to the bunker, (As Time Goes By) the bunker was left sealed and abandoned but untouched, remaining locked and in perfect condition over the decades, until in 2013, Sam and Dean Winchester found the bunker and accessed it with the key. (Everybody Hates Hitler) The Men of Letters' old bunker subsequently became something of a home and a base of operations for the Winchesters. (Everybody Hates Hitler onwards)


The Men of Letters' bunker has a massive amount of and multiple layers of warding against all outside supernatural beings and forces, so that the only way for one to enter the bunker is by unlocking the bunker's door with the key and entering through. (Season 8, Season 9) Due to the bunker's warding, all known supernaturals including angels and demons cannot enter the bunker without the key; (Season 8) although it would appear that once a demon or angel has entered the bunker once, they can enter and exit freely without being affected by the shielding. (Stairway to Heaven, Do You Believe in Miracles?)

While the bunker's warding protects against intrusion by all outside supernatural forces, it has no effect on supernatural creatures and forces already inside the bunker; such as ghosts who died there, (Captives) or spells performed or portals opened from inside the bunker, (Dog Dean Afternoon, Do You Believe in Miracles?) or the strength and powers of supernatural beings like angels, demons and fairies that have access to the bunker. (Season 9) It was indicated that a side-effect of the bunker's supernatural shielding is that it produces a type of Bermuda Triangle against signal-tracking around itself; so that while phone communications between the bunker and an outside party are clear and normal, the phone signals within the bunker cannot be tracked closer than a twenty-mile radius. (Pac-Man Fever)

Layout and facilitiesEdit

The Men of Letters' bunker has one single door in or out, which opens out onto a balcony inside the bunker that overlooks a circular room which seems to serve as a war room and/or communications place, complete with ham radios and telegraphs and switchboards. Just beyond this war room is the bunker's large library, which houses many books and artefacts collected by the Men of Letters over the centuries. The bunker also houses at least two bedroom facilities along with a shower unit with a working water supply and pressure, and fully-stocked kitchens.

Room 7B in the bunker houses archived material collected by the Men of Letters, and it also has a secret entrance (opened by pushing two shelves back) to a dark, isolated dungeon which is warded with supernatural protection - this dungeon's supernatural-warding and binding allows it to be used both to trap and hold demons and to stop any supernaturals getting in unauthorised. The bunker has a small laboratory in Room 28 on Level 2, which houses a large, mid-20th century computer machine installed in 1951 along with several potion spells and ingredients. The Men of Letters' bunker even includes a large garage for storing vehicles, which apparently also has a sealable driving tunnel in and out.




  • The bunker's exact location is at the geographic centre of the contiguous lower 48 states.
  • It is said that the bunker is built on a WPA power plant sitting on a river.

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