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"So I'm a fake. Do you have any idea how much pancake makeup and soft lighting it took to get God to work a ropeline!? He hated it! And you know, humans sense that. So they prayed harder and longer, and fought more wars in his name; and for what!? So they could die of malaria, leukemia?! And all the while, blaming themselves; 'Oh, if only I'd been more prayerful, God would have loved me, God would have saved me!' You know what!? God didn't even know their name!! But I do. Because I've walked among them! And I can save them."
―Metatron expressing his intentions in impersonating God and becoming humanity's new Messiah, and his low view on humanity's one-sided devotion to God.[src]

Metatron is an angel and the Scribe of God who wrote the Word of God down. He was driven out of Heaven and into hiding on Earth after the archangels took over Heaven, until in 2013, he used a powerful spell to cast all the other angels from Heaven in revenge for his own exile. With all the other angels locked out, Metatron became the new controller of Heaven, and he began powering himself up using the angel Word of God and intended to become the new God among both angels and humans. However, Meatron was ultimately depowered by Castiel and imprisoned in Heaven's dungeon.



Like all other angels, Metatron was created by God sometime before humanity. Metatron was originally a regular-ranking angel working in Heaven's secretarial division, before God chose Metatron as his Scribe. (The Great Escapist) After being chosen as the Scribe of God, Metatron was taken to God in person, and God had Metatron write the Word of God on various subjects, races and beings down on a compendium of tablets (as instructions for how to avoid serious devastation to the universe if any of these beings became a serious threat in future without God to stop them). (Sacrifice) As a result of writing the Word for God, Metatron accumulated much of the significant knowledge and information in the Word of God on the angels, demons and Leviathans, including the Trials of God. (Clip Show)

After Metatron finished writing the Word of God down, God left Heaven and disappeared, leaving all of those among the Host of Heaven who knew, including Metatron, scared and upset. In God's absence, the archangels took over Heaven, and they eventually began to scheme to take over the universe. Metatron realised that the archangels would need the Word of God to do that, and would therefore likely use him, the one angel who knew the Word. As a result, to avoid being captured and reprogrammed by the angels' intelligence devision to the archangels' purposes of universal domination, Metatron was driven to cut himself off from Heaven and flee into hiding on Earth. (The Great Escapist)

On Earth, Metatron lived amongst the Native American Two Rivers Tribe in Colorado (although he kept himself isolated from most human contact due to being unable to take humans' constant emotion in the long term). Metatron granted the Tribe immortality and an extended lifespan, in exchange for being sheltered by the Tribe and given humanity's stories and books (due to Metatron developing an awe and fascination with humans' immense imagination in their storytelling). During Metatron's centuries on Earth, isolated with human stories and sheltered by the Two Rivers people, he had cut himself off from angels and Heaven so completely to avoid being found by the archangels, that he was oblivious and unaware in 2010 when the Apocalypse was started and derailed, and when the archangels' reign over Heaven subsequently fell. (The Great Escapist)

8x21 MetatronFoundByWinchesters

Metatron is discovered by Sam and Dean. (The Great Escapist)

Revenge against HeavenEdit

In 2013, Metatron was finally tracked down and found by Sam and Dean Winchester, isolated with books at a hotel run by the immortal people that had composed the Two Rivers Tribe. After learning from the brothers about what had been going on with the angels and how the archangels were now gone, Metatron decided to catch up on current events and get involved; starting by rescuing Kevin Tran from Crowley. (The Great Escapist)

Afterwards, when Metatron learned that Heaven was in a state of chaotic division and turmoil in the aftermath of the archangels' downfall, he contacted Castiel and manipulated Cass into helping him. Though Metatron convinced Castiel that the former intended to complete the Trials of God to lock all the angels away in Heaven (so as to force the angels to sort their issues out), in actuality, what Castiel thought were the trials would actually be the components of a spell which Metatron planned to use to lock all the other angels out of Heaven, as revenge for how the archangels had driven him out. (Clip Show, Sacrifice)

8x23 MetatronTakesCastielGrace

Metatron extracts Castiel's grace to complete the spell and bring about the Fall. (Sacrifice)

Metatron and Castiel completed the first part of the spell by killing the Nephilim Jane, (Clip Show) but Castiel had to complete the second component (taking a cupid's bow) on his own when Metatron was captured and taken back to Heaven by Naomi. When Naomi drilled into Metatron's mind and learned of his true intentions to banish all the other angels from Heaven, she went to Earth to warn Castiel of the truth; and while she was gone, Metatron managed to break free of his bindings, and kill Naomi when she returned. Metatron subsequently extracted Cass's grace as the third and final part of the spell, rendering Cass mortal and powerless in the process. With all thee components completed, Metatron then activated the spell, causing the Fall; which expelled all of Heaven's other angels to Earth and closed all but one of the gates of Heaven. (Sacrifice)

Control over HeavenEdit

Following the Fall of all the other angels to Earth that Metatron's spell caused, Metatron was the one angel that still had access to Heaven, and so had all of Heaven to himself. Though he claimed to have initially enjoyed it, Metatron soon grew lonely and tired of his solitude as the only remaining angel in Heaven, and so he supposedly planned to gather a handpicked select few of the fallen angels to his cause; bringing them back to Heaven as reward. (Holy Terror) Metatron also planned to eventually become the new God both in Heaven and among humanity, viewing and treating his crusade's progress along the way as a story that he wanted to work and be dramatic. (Season 9)

9x9 MetatronGivesGadreelFirstTask

Metatron gives Gadreel his first order, murdering Kevin Tran, as Metatron's new second-in-command. (Holy Terror)

To this end of rebuilding Heaven, Metatron went to Earth and approached Gadreel (who'd been possessing and hiding in Sam since he'd been freed in the Fall), and wanted Gadreel to join him as his second-in-command. After they had several more meetings and discussions, Gadreel took up Metatron's offer. For his first objective, Metatron assigned Gadreel to retrieve the Demon and Angel Word of God tablets from the Winchesters, and to assassinate Kevin Tran to end the threat of a prophet translating from the Word a means of stopping Metatron. Gadreel completed both objectives, (Holy Terror) and Metatron then afterwards began testing him by assigning Gadreel to kill both Thaddeus (Gadreel's torturer in Heaven's dungeon) and Abner (Gadreel's befriended cellmate from the dungeon of Heaven). (Road Trip)

War for HeavenEdit

9x18 MetatronWritingHisStory

Metatron in his office in Heaven, writing his story of how he plans for the war for Heaven to end. (Meta Fiction)

After Metatron regained the demon and angel Words of God via Gadreel, (Road Trip) he connected himself to the angel tablet to harness its innate power for himself; nullifying most of Metatron's angelic weaknesses, and giving him strength and power equivalent to God's. (Meta Fiction, Do You Believe in Miracles?) Metatron also began planning to rebuild Heaven with him as the new God, by gathering a following among the fallen angels to lead back to Heaven (through a secret doorway in Metatron and Gadreel's possession which was the one means for other angels of accessing Heaven after the Fall) with him as their new ruler. (Meta Fiction, King of the Damned - Do You Believe in Miracles?)

To this end, Metatron sent Gadreel on Earth to recruit fallen angels to Metatron's own angel faction in Heaven, gathering masses of the angels using the Horn of Gabriel and killing all but one among the angels that refused to join Metatron. However, as part of his story, Metatron also wanted his own villain and antithesis to fight against him and attempt to retake Heaven for the angels, and chose Castiel as his villain. Metatron kidnapped Cass to Heaven and tried to convince him to play his part in Metatron's story as the villain in exchange for a reward, but Cass refused and intended to succeed in overthrowing Metatron. Shortly afterwards, after Gadreel was captured by the Winchesters, Metatron had a hostage exchange and traded Castiel for Gadreel. Castiel subsequently began gathering an angel army among the fallen angels to lead a war against Metatron to retake Heaven. (Meta Fiction)

9x22 MetatronContactsCassFaction+AccusesCastiel

Metatron contacts Castiel's angel army to accuse and frame Cass for the angel suicide-bombings. (Stairway to Heaven)

After a time, while Metatron and Castiel both each had a large army of angel followers, Castiel's initially outnumbered Metatron's. However, this was in fact what Metatron wanted for his story's climax - to make it seem as though Cass as the villain would defeat Metatron, only for Metatron to then find a way of successfully defeating Cass. To defeat Castiel in the approaching war for Heaven, Metatron recruited an elite ground forces division among his followers, whose true purpose - unknown to anyone else; not even Gadreel - was to infiltrate Castiel's ranks, then commit suicide bombings against Metatron's angels and frame Cass as the secret mastermind behind these war crimes. Metatron's scheme succeeded when one of the elite ground unit angels made a failed suicide-bombings on his and Gadreel's lives and killed neutral leader Tyrus on Metatron's orders; fully convincing the other angels that Castiel was indeed responsible, and causing Cass's entire angel army to abandon him and join Metatron's side in Heaven. (Stairway to Heaven)

Move on humanity and downfallEdit

9x23 MetatronGoesViral

A video of Metatron performing miracles for humanity goes viral on the internet. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After taking leadership over the majority of the angels as the new God and returning them to Heaven as his new subjects, Metatron next set about turning his sights to becoming humanity's new God. As part of this intention, Metatron went to Earth, under the disguise of a homeless man named Marv, and began publicly performing miracles to humans and painting himself to humanity as a new Messiah. Metatron succeeded in leading humans to believe and see him as the Messiah, and he quickly gained praise and worship from a homeless encampment in Muncie, Indiana and got them to begin murdering in his name.

Dean eventually tracked Metatron down to the homeless camp, intending to attempt to kill him with the First Blade or at least occupy him long enough for Castiel and Gadreel (the latter having defected to Cass and the Winchesters' side after learning the truth about Metatron's orchestration of the angel suicide-bombings) to depower Metatron by destroying the angel Word of God. However, while Dean's strength was enhanced by the Mark of Cain, he was severely outmatched by Metatron's Godlike strength from the angel tablet, and Metatron succeeded in mortally wounding Dean in combat.

9x23 MetatronImprisoned

Castiel and Hannah imprison an overthrown and depowered Metatron in Heaven's dungeon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

Just after Metatron killed Dean, Castiel successfully found the angel tablet in Heaven and broke it; severing Metatron's connection to the Word of God, and removing his Godlike strength and reverting him to a regular angel. Metatron immediately returned to Heaven to deal with Castiel and kill him, but using Metatron's angel radio tannoy, Cass tricked Metatron into revealing his true colours and his low opinion of humans and angels over angel radio to all of angelkind. This caused the angels in Heaven to immediately revolt against and quickly capture a depowered Metatron, and look to Castiel as a leader again. Though Cass thought about killing Metatron, he instead chose to spare Metatron's life and had him locked away in Heaven's dungeon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)


10x10 MetatronBehindBars

Metatron behind bars in Heaven's dungeon, more deranged than ever. (Reichenbach)

After Heaven was retaken by the angels, Metatron's sentence to Heaven's dungeon was made permanent. (Black) Approximately two months after Metatron was locked up, Hannah went to him to demand help saving Cass's dying grace. Metatron tried to deceive Hannah into freeing him from the dungeon by offering to return Cass's missing original grace if she let him out, but Cass intervened and stopped Hannah before she could decide to go through with it. However, Metatron was confident that Heaven wouldn't hold him forever, and intended to kill everyone once he was free. (Reichenbach)

Later again, Cass had Ingrid temporarily transfer Metatron from Heaven's dungeon into Cass's temporary custody on Earth, and chained Metatron up in the Men of Letters' bunker to demand that he tell Sam and Dean how to remove the Mark of Cain from a resurrected and re-humanized Dean. Metatron claimed to the brothers that they would need the First Blade as the first step towards curing the Mark, but refused to give them the next several alleged steps without gaining something in return for each step.
10x10 MetatronChainedUpInDungeon

Metatron chained up in the bunker's dungeon by Sam and Dean for interrogation on how to remove the Mark of Cain. (The Hunter Games)

Dean responded by locking himself in the bunker's dungeon with Metatron and torturing him under the Mark's sway; first physically pounding him with his fists and super-strength, then cutting Metatron up with an angel blade. Sam and Cass managed to stop Dean before he could actually kill Metatron, and Cass subsequently took a bloody and weakened Metatron to be returned to Heaven's dungeon. (The Hunter Games)



Metatron's demeanor is unusually human-like for an angel; he openly expresses more human emotions, as well as a sophisticated vocabulary and understanding of many human quips, sayings, comments, sarcasm and joking references, as well as intricate knowledge of human fiction. Metatron also possesses a fascination and affinity for fiction and stories as 'the true flower of free will'. In this respect, Metatron holds awe and amazement towards humanity for their chaotic creativity and storytelling, but this seems to be where the positive side of Metatron's opinion towards humans ends; Metatron has admitted to finding humans' constant expression of emotions wasteful and exhausting, and he has also expressed repulse and disgust at humanity and considers them beneath him and other angels; and he believes that humans will always blindly serve and follow their God like sheep.

Also, despite his humanlike persona and his open displays of sympathy, joy, admiration and compassion, Metatron has also proved to be very deceptive, vengeful, bitter and manipulative, at least with other angels; tricking and manipulating Castiel to his own goals, and even causing the devastating Fall as revenge upon the angels for driving him from his home. Metatron is very intelligent, logical, cunning and manipulative as well. Metatron also seems to have a twisted and loose hold on reality; regarding the world as a story and his own underlings as his characters for his story, and being unable to tell the value and seriousness of life and reality from the drama of fiction.

After powering himself up with the angel tablet to try and become the new God, Metatron showed himself to be incredibly cruel, capricious, lying, immoral, arrogant, unscrupulous and power-mad. He was perfectly willing to orchestrate the deaths of enemy angels, humans and even his own angel followers without any of them knowing just to perfect the plot and drama of his story, and he viewed humans and other angels as his playthings and entertainment. Metatron proved himself while playing "the new God" to be a twisted and insane psychopath, who lacked any ethical centre and saw nothing wrong with the war crimes that he'd committed just to make his own story more entertaining. Metatron also, after empowering himself with the angel tablet, narcissistically viewed himself as a better and more caring God than his Father had been.

Metatron was extremely arrogant and overconfident, and fully convinced no matter how intelligent and capable his enemy was that the story ending he intended for himself would be achieved, and he underestimated his opponents' intelligence and capability trumping his own. This was what allowed Castiel to trick Metatron into causing his own downfall. Despite his vicious and unscrupulous true colours, Metatron did still seem to honour his word, as he returned Castiel to the Winchesters as part of a hostage exchange, even after the Winchesters had made a failed attempt to double-cross and capture him (although Metatron may have also just released Cass to play his role in Metatron's story). Metatron also, despite his extreme arrogance and overconfidence, proved to be very cowardly and weak at heart, shown when he lost all his leverage and couldn't stall his enemies with lies and fake clues any longer.

After becoming human through the loss of his grace, Metatron's personality hasn't changed much; he has become amazed and fascinated by all the new human feelings and sensations he experiences, but is still the same sadistic, lying, cowardly, vengeful madman.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Metatron possessed the powers and abilities of regular-ranking angels, as well as some powerful attributes as the Scribe of God; including the ability to, unlike other regular-level angels, retain his celestial powers when completely cut off from Heaven. Like other angels, Metatron was capable of teleporting himself and others from one spot to another and even between Heaven and Earth (and in this respect was the one angel still capable of teleportation to and from Heaven after the Fall), of possessing a human vessel to manifest on Earth in corporeal human form, and he was able to generate bursts of destructive, demon-burning white light. Metatron was also able to heal humans' injuries and physical damage, he could upload his own knowledge and experiences directly into other angels' minds, and he could remove and erase angel warding without being affected by it at once. Metatron could even grant humans immortality and an extended lifespan and halt their ageing.

Empowered by the Word of GodEdit

9x18 MetatronBlowsOutHolyFire

Metatron, empowered by the angel tablet, is able to overcome holy fire and simply blow it out. (Meta Fiction)

After Metatron linked himself to the angel Word of God to harness its power, it gave him strength and power said to be equivalent to that of God. It nullified Metatron's angelic weaknesses, rendering him strong enough to resist holy fire and to overcome his weakness to it by simply blowing it out. It also gave Metatron superhuman strength surpassing that granted by the Mark of Cain. When the angel tablet was broken by Castiel, Metatron lost the Godlike power the tablet gave him and was reverted to an ordinary angel.


Like other angels, Metatron could be harmed and killed by the First Blade or an angel blade. He also appeared to be unable to escape the Men of Letters' bunker's demon dungeon when bound down inside. Metatron lost these weaknesses and was rendered invulnerable after he empowered himself using the Word of God, but regained them after he was reverted to a regular angel by the tablet's destruction. It would also seem that, while nowhere near as effective as an angel-harming weapon, physical punches from a bearer of the Mark of Cain could cause Metatron pain.

Metatron could be rendered powerless and mortal by removing his grace. After the loss of his grace, Metatron is powerless and is now susceptible to all the conventional injuries, pain and ailments that affects humans.


In Judaism, Metatron or Mattatron is an archangel, primarily appearing in the Books of Enoch. In Rabbinic tradition, Metatron serves as the celestial scribe and the highest of the angels. According to medieval apocrypha, Metatron is Enoch, ancestor of Noah, ascended and transformed into an angel. It is said that Metatron writes what happens in Heaven and what good deeds people do on Earth in the Book of Life. Metatron also rules over the Tree of Life, and guards the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.



  • In A Little Slice of Kevin, the Word of God on demons erroneously referred to Metatron as an archangel. However, Metatron confirmed in The Great Escapist that he was actually a run-of-the-mill caste angel.
  • Metatron implied in Road Trip that Metatron's current vessel is not his first one since fleeing to Earth, as he knew with Gadreel what it was like to cross paths with a previous vessel since disinhabiting them and possessing a new one.
  • Metatron claimed in Stairway to Heaven to have twice before made God laugh, and implied that God was very difficult to humour.