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Metatron's spell
8x23 AngelsFalling
Procedural information
Ingredients/procedure : Nephilim's heart
Cupid's bow
Angel's grace
Use(s) : Sealing the gates of Heaven
Banishing all angels from Heaven
Users : Metatron
Production information
Appearance(s) : Clip Show

Metatron's spell was an extremely powerful spell which, when completed, would expel all angels other than the caster from Heaven and close the majority of the ways into Heaven. It was cast by Metatron in 2013, causing the Fall.


The spell to cast all angels from Heaven consisted of three components, which had to be completed in order from first to last in order to be able to activate and cast the spell. (Clip Show, Sacrifice, Season 9) The three phases of the spell apparently did not have to all be completed by the same undertaker, as Castiel completed the first two parts while Metatron completed the third. (Sacrifice)

  • Nephilim's heart - The first part of Metatron's spell was to cut out the heart of a Nephilim. However, when Metatron and an unwitting Castiel were undertaking the spell, it would appear that simply killing a Nephilim with an angel blade to complete this part of the spell would have sufficed, or at least that cutting out and taking a Nephilim's heart post-mortem would still work. (Clip Show)
  • Cupid's bow - The second part of Metatron's spell was to take the bow of a cupid, by means such as using an angel blade to cut the cupid's bow out. (Sacrifice)
  • Angel's grace - The third and final part of Metatron's spell was to extract and capture the grace of an angel, by means such as an angel blade. Once all three components of the spell were completed, the spell could be cast and activated. (Sacrifice)



8x23 MetatronSpellAngelFalling

An angel falling to Earth and losing its wings when affected by Metatron's spell. (Sacrifice)

After all three components of Metatron's spell were completed and the spell was activated, it would immediately cast out every angel in Heaven at the time and send them falling to Earth, and would lock all the angels out of Heaven (excluding the caster if he or she was an angel). (Sacrifice, Season 9) According to Crowley, the Angel Word of God indicated that Metatron had designed the spell to be irreversible once it's cast. (Heaven Can't Wait)

When activated, the spell could apparently bypass Heaven's dungeons' locks in the process of expelling Heaven's angels, as it caused even the imprisoned angels in Heaven such as Gadreel to fall to Earth. (Holy Terror) Metatron's spell would also close Heaven off to dead human souls as well as angels, and thus souls that died afterwards which were meant for Heaven would instead remain in the Veil. (Captives) There is only one known way of accessing Heaven that would still remain open after Metatron's spell was cast. (King of the Damned - Do You Believe in Miracles?)

When Metatron's spell banished the angels from Heaven down to Earth, it also severely injured, damaged and weakened the affected angels and their true forms; to the point that the angels that fell would lose their wings and some of their angelic powers such as teleportation, (Sacrifice, Season 9) and it could even kill some of the angels that fell due to the damage they sustained. (Holy Terror)


8x23 AngelsFall2

Metatron's spell brings about the Fall in 2013 when it banishes all angels to Earth. (Sacrifice)

In 2013, with a duped and unwitting Castiel's help, Metatron aimed to cast the spell to banish all angels from Heaven, as revenge for how the archangels had driven Metatron from his home in Heaven. (Sacrifice) Castiel completed the first two parts of the spell, respectively when he killed the Nephilim Jane in self-defence (Clip Show) and when the cupid Gail willingly gave up her bow to Cass. Metatron subsequently captured Castiel and extracted his grace to complete the last part of the spell, and the spell was then activated; (Sacrifice) locking all the angels other than Metatron out of Heaven and weakening and banishing them to Earth, (Sacrifice, Season 9) and resulting in every human soul who died from then onwards remaining on Earth, trapped in the Veil, instead of going to Heaven. (Captives)


  • While the three parts of Metatron's spell weren't Trials of God, the first and third parts of the spell do loosely mirror the first and third Hell-sealing trials respectively:
    • Both the first Hell trial and the first part of Metatron's spell involve killing a creature related in some way to the affected supernatural race.
    • Both the third Hell trial and the third part of the spell involves turning one member of the affected supernatural race into a human.

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