"Think of a million random acts of chance that let John and Mary be born, to meet, to fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet how each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random, it's not chance. It's a plan that is playing itself out perfectly. Free will's an illusion, Dean. That's why you're going to say yes."
―Michael's view on the Apocalypse and the universe and about his and Dean's destiny.[src]

5x13 MichaelJohnMain

5x22 MichaelAdamMain

Biological information
Race : Angel (Archangel)
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Lucifer (brother)
Raphael (brother; deceased)
Gabriel (brother)
Other angels (siblings)
The Darkness (aunt)
Status : Alive (imprisoned)
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : God (formerly)
Host of Heaven (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Jake Abel
Matt Cohen
First appearance : The Song Remains the Same

Michael is the eldest archangel and the commander of Heaven, who took over leadership of the angels after God disappeared following the rebellion, fall and imprisonment of Michael's beloved younger brother Lucifer. After Michael took over Heaven, he and the other high-tier angels schemed to help the Apocalypse occur so that Michael could defeat Lucifer and the angels could have Paradise. Though Lucifer was successfully released, his and Michael's battle was derailed when their respective true vessels - Sam and Dean Winchester - trapped both of them in Lucifer's cage.


According to the prophecy of the Apocalypse, after Lucifer was freed for war against Heaven and humanity, Michael would lead and command the Host of Heaven in the battle against Lucifer's forces. Michael would take and possess Dean Winchester as his true vessel for the Apocalypse, and he would subsequently meet with Lucifer on the Chosen Fields of Stull Cemetery for the final battle of good vs. evil between the two archangel brothers (and, symbolically, their two respective vessels as well). The battle between Michael and Lucifer would destroy half the Earth and kill an immense majority of the human race, and it would end with one of the two brothers defeating and killing the other. (Season 5)




Michael was one of the archangels originally created by God before the rest of creation was formed. (Season 11) He was in fact the first archangel, before being joined by three younger brothers: Lucifer, Raphael and Gabriel. (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5) Michael was God's most loyal and devoted son, and he personally reared and took care of his little brother Lucifer himself; (The Song Remains the Same) through this, while the archangels all loved each-other, Michael and Lucifer formed a special brotherly bond, one which would be repeated eons later in Sam and Dean Winchester.

Some time after the archangels were created, (Hell's Angel) their Father led them to war against the Darkness, as she was a threat to all of his future creation and wouldn't let him bring creation about. During the fight against the Darkness, Michael and the other archangels' combined strength in their attacks served to beat down and weaken the Darkness, enabling God to imprison her where she could do no harm by taking/creating a Mark from her and placing it on Lucifer. (We Happy Few)

After creationEdit

After the Darkness was imprisoned and the universe formed, God created thousands of lesser angels as his warriors and gardeners from where he ruled in Heaven. These other angels never met God, and received their orders from their respective higher-up superiors, while the archangels who had been created by God before the others personally interacted with their Father and outranked the other angels on the chain of command.

Humanity's creation, Lucifer's fallEdit

For a time, Michael and the other archangels lived in happiness with God in Heaven, (Swan Song) until God created humans and ordered all the angels to bow to them as his most beloved creations. (The End) While Michael, Raphael and Gabriel apparently obeyed God's order that the angels bow to humanity, Lucifer refused out of anger and envy that God was preferring humans to angels, and from this point onwards, Lucifer grew increasingly rebellious and disobedient, until eventually Lucifer's jealousy over God's preference of humanity grew out of control. (The End) Lucifer went to Michael and asked him to stand with him as his brother in his rebellion against God's commands, but Michael refused, and remained loyal to God. (Abandon All Hope...)

Eventually, after Lucifer corrupted humanity and turned Lilith from a human soul into the first demon, (When the Levee Breaks) God had Michael cast Lucifer into Hell, where Lucifer was imprisoned in a sealed, impregnable cage of God's design, to remain locked away for his crimes until the Apocalypse. (The End) Following Lucifer's imprisonment and the corruption he had caused, God departed from Heaven and went into hiding on Earth, (The Great Escapist) while Gabriel had run away and disappeared into hiding during the fighting amongst the archangels. (Changing Channels)

Taking overEdit

After God left, Michael and Raphael were left to take over control of Heaven in his absence. As explained by Metatron, the archangels wailed and despaired for a long time and wanted their Father back. But then they soon began to scheme to take over the universe for themselves. Needing the Word of God to pull off something like that, they sent Naomi after Metatron to make him give them the Word's secrets, causing Metatron to flee Heaven with the Word and go into complete hiding on Earth. (The Great Escapist)

With God having left, Michael secretly ran and controlled the Host of Heaven for millennia, not even telling the low-level angels that God was no longer in charge. (On the Head of a Pin, Lucifer Rising)

Beginning of the ApocalypseEdit

After the first of Lucifer's seals which kept Lucifer imprisoned was broken circa August 2009, (On the Head of a Pin) which in turn allowed Lilith's demons on Earth to begin breaking the other seals with the intention of freeing Lucifer, (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester) Michael and the other higher-up angels decided to allow Lucifer to be freed and the Apocalypse to occur, so that Michael could kill Lucifer and bring Paradise. (Lucifer Rising)

The Host of Heaven had Dean Winchester, who was in Hell at this time and was responsible for breaking the first seal, resurrected by an angel incursion (Lazarus Rising) for his purpose as Michael's true vessel after Lucifer was freed. (Sympathy for the Devil et al.) Though the high-level celestials actually wanted Lucifer to be freed, the low-level angels were not privy to these plans, and were deployed against the demons by the angel 'senior management' so as to make it look both to them and to others (in order to avoid a rebellion among the angels) as though the Host of Heaven were fighting to prevent Lucifer's rise. (Lucifer Rising)

5x13 MichaelContactsJohn

Michael appears to John in 1978 to possess him as a temporary vessel to stop Anna. (The Song Remains the Same)

Over the course of several months, 65 of the seals were broken by Lilith and her demons, and the last seal was unwittingly broken by Lilith's death at Sam Winchester's hands, freeing Lucifer and beginning the Apocalypse just as Michael and the other leading angels controlling Heaven had planned. (Lucifer Rising)

The ApocalypseEdit

After Lucifer was freed, Zachariah was immediately tasked with retrieving Dean and delivering him to Michael so that Michael could possess him for the battle against Lucifer. But Dean rejected the angels' plans and his destiny as Michael's true vessel, and the angels (who intended to capture Dean and force him to say yes to Michael if he wouldn't comply with their plans willingly) were unable to track Dean, due to Castiel branding Dean and Sam's ribs with Enochian warding which cloaked them from all angelic detection. (Sympathy for the Devil) Zachariah tried to find and capture Dean through several other methods, and sometimes succeeded, but Dean kept getting away before he could be taken to Michael. (The End et al.)

Saving the WinchestersEdit

5x13 Michael+DeanTalkAboutDeansDestiny

Michael and Dean have a talk about their destiny and about what free will is. (The Song Remains the Same)

When Sam, Dean and Castiel time travelled back to 1978 after Anna to stop her from killing John and Mary Winchester and derailing the brothers' births to retroactively stop the Apocalypse, Michael went back to 1978 and intervened in order to ensure history didn't change and the events leading up to the Apocalypse would stay the same. When Anna and Uriel came close to killing Mary, Michael manifested to John, and managed to possess him as a temporary vessel by using the promise of saving his wife to get John to say yes. Michael then proceeded to kill Anna before she could harm Mary, sent Uriel away, and knocked Mary out.

Michael and Dean then had a private talk with each-other about their destinies and about whether or not free will was real, with Dean initially being confident that he could conquer Michael's plans by making his own choices, while Michael believed that free will was nonexistent and that all the choices they made would only contribute to God's plans and lead them on towards their destinies. Michael proceeded to heal Sam (who'd been mortally stabbed by Anna in the fight before Michael arrived) and to send him and Dean back to their time, and he wiped John and Mary's memories of the angels and their future sons, before disinhabiting John. (The Song Remains the Same)

Zachariah's last chanceEdit

5x18 MichaelOffersZachariahOneLastChance

Michael contacts Zachariah to offer him one last chance to deliver Dean to him. (Point of No Return)

After Zachariah was dismissed from his post in Heaven due to his repeated failures to deliver Dean to Michael, as he was drinking away at a bar on Earth and awaiting his destruction, Michael arrived and manifested at the bar in his true form (causing the deaths of the human bar patrons due to normal humans' inability to take the sight and sound of Michael's true visage) to offer Zachariah one last chance to succeed in his task. Zach accepted, and was restored to his position among the Host of Heaven to carry out Michael's plan on how to capture Dean. Michael's plan was for the angels to resurrect and hold captive Sam and Dean's half-brother Adam Milligan under the illusion that Michael planned to use Adam as a substitute vessel, so that when the Winchesters came to rescue Adam from the angels, Dean would play right into Zachariah's hands.

Zachariah pulled off Michael's plan, holding Adam hostage in the Beautiful Room, and successfully got Dean right where he wanted him. When a defeated Dean seemingly agreed to say yes to Michael, Zachariah sent out a call to Michael to inform him that his true vessel was obtained and prepared, and Michael immediately descended from Heaven towards Earth for Dean. However, when Michael arrived at the Beautiful Room, Zachariah had been killed, and Sam and Dean were escaping. Michael trapped Adam in the Beautiful Room with him as he manifested in his true form, and then took Adam away and vanished. (Point of No Return)

5x22 Michael+LuciferFaceOff

Lucifer and Michael, the latter possessing Adam instead of Dean, prepare on the Chosen Fields (Stull Cemetery) for their final battle. (Swan Song)

With Heaven's efforts to make Dean say yes to Michael having failed for the last time, Michael gave up on possessing Dean, and instead possessed Adam as an alternative vessel for the battle with Lucifer. (Two Minutes to Midnight, Swan Song)

The endEdit

Eventually, just as Michael had possessed Adam as a substitute vessel to replace Dean, Lucifer finally possessed Sam when the latter said yes in a failed attempt to reimprison him. Now that both the brothers had their vessels, Michael and Lucifer met at Stull Cemetery to begin the Battle of Armageddon, the final confrontation between them. Before preparing to fight, Michael and Lucifer had a bittersweet reunion for the first time in millennia, which quickly turned to a heated argument between them over what Lucifer had done and how Michael blamed Lucifer for bringing them to this, then they prepared to battle.

But at the last second before Michael and Lucifer could start their battle and the end of the world, Dean arrived with Cass and Bobby to get Sam to resist Lucifer. When Michael was angered by Dean's interference, Cass temporarily banished Michael by molotoving him with holy fire, so that he couldn't stop Dean from saving Sam and stopping Lucifer. When Michael recovered and returned, Sam had retaken control over himself from Lucifer, and was using the Four Horsemen's rings to send himself with Lucifer inside him into Lucifer's cage.
5x22 MichaelTriesToStopSam

Michael tries to stop Sam and gets pulled into Hell with him. (Swan Song)

Still determined to fulfil his destiny by killing Lucifer here and now, Michael rushed to grab Sam and pull him back from the portal, but in doing so he ended up getting pulled into the portal with Sam; sending Michael/Adam and Lucifer/Sam falling into Hell, and trapping them in Lucifer's cage together. (Swan Song)



After Sam trapped himself, Michael, Adam and Lucifer in the cage to derail the Apocalypse, Castiel, Crowley and Balthazar all speculated that Michael and Lucifer would be taking their frustration over their entrapment out on Sam's soul, severely mutilating and damaging it. (Caged Heat, Appointment in Samarra) While it is known that Lucifer did indeed torture and abuse Sam's soul for reimprisoning him, it is unknown whether or not Michael contributed. (Meet the New Boss, O Brother Where Art Thou?, et al.) A year and a half after the Apocalypse was averted, Death rescued Sam's soul from Lucifer's cage, leaving Michael to remain locked away in the cage with Adam and Lucifer. (Appointment in Samarra)

The Darkness's returnEdit

In 2015, when the Darkness was released by the removal of the Mark of Cain, Michael and/or Lucifer apparently sensed it from within the cage. As reported by Crowley's demon henchmen, there was an almost-immediate terrified uproar from within the cage that echoed throughout Hell, indicating that either Michael or Lucifer was trying to get out some warning that the Darkness was free. (Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire)

It was heavily implied by Lucifer that Michael has gone mad inside the cage; commenting that Michael didn't adjust well to his imprisonment and is usually found "sitting in a corner singing show tunes and touching himself." Michael and Adam are also presumably currently alone in the cage after Lucifer escaped again. (The Devil in the Details)


Michael was a being who was personally driven to do whatever he thought it would take to prove to God that he was a good son, no matter the cost; in this respect, Michael was fanatically and blindly devoted to carrying out what he believed to be God's will (even if it meant killing his brother and destroying half the Earth with the Apocalypse); and he believed that no-one knew better than his Father, and wouldn't accept others' differing views regarding this over his own. Michael also didn't believe in free will, and was convinced that no-one, not even he, had any real choice at all in God's grand plan for them, nor that they could or even had the right to try and defy fate and God and make their own destinies.

A strong but strict leader, Michael led a very militant and rigid order over the Host of Heaven, which all angels were expected to conform to, and he did not permit angels to display emotions or question orders, and would punish disobedience or even regular failure with exile and/or smiting and death by literal 'firing.' Michael also kept the angels in the dark about God's departure, and he was apparently not above bureaucratic and political manipulation of humans and lower angels to achieve the archangels' goals of letting the Apocalypse occur so they could have Paradise. Despite his strict and harsh rules as leader of the angels, Michael considered himself a compassionate and generous being; he stated he wouldn't have callously left Dean catatonic after possessing and disinhabiting him as Raphael had done with his vessel.

Michael was also shown to be forgiving with his angel subordinates and willing to give them second chances; seen when he gave Zachariah one last chance to succeed in delivering Dean, even after Zach's repeated failures and when he was about to be sentenced to firing. However, like the other archangels, Michael, despite having obeyed his Father's command that the angels bow to humanity as his most beloved creations, had little - no respect for human life, and considered one single human to alone be an unimportant and arrogant "little maggot." Michael once killed an entire bar full of humans by manifesting in his true form, just so he could speak with Zachariah to offer him a final chance. However, unlike Lucifer, Michael does not seem to possess any real hatred for humans, and is simply prideful and contemptuous of them.

Though Michael was fully resolved in fighting and killing Lucifer in the Apocalypse, claiming that he had to and had no choice; he also truthfully admitted that he still loved Lucifer as the little brother he reared himself, and personally didn't want to have to kill him; but unlike Dean, Michael ultimately chose his destiny to kill Lucifer (which he believed to be his Father's will and ultimate plan) over his love for his little brother. It has also been shown that while Michael truly still loved Lucifer, he also harboured a lot of anger and blame towards his younger brother for everything he'd done and for his actions' consequences tearing their family apart and making their Father leave.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

5x13 MichaelDisintegratesAnna

Michael disintegrates and destroys Anna with a touch. (The Song Remains the Same)

As the oldest and strongest archangel created, Michael is one of the most powerful beings in existence. He possesses the basic angelic abilities such as teleporting himself and/or other humans and angels anywhere he wishes, rendering humans unconscious through a touch to their forehead or temple, and angelic possession of a consenting human vessel. Michael's one true vessel is Dean Winchester, but any human who is part of the Winchester bloodline is capable of serving as an imperfect but functional vessel for Michael. Michael can also transport himself and others backwards or forwards through time with ease, and he can easily heal and even resurrect humans from mortal bodily damage. Michael can manipulate humans' minds as well, erasing and altering some of their specific memories.

Michael is the strongest angel of all, capable of overpowering lower-level angels, and fallen regular-level angels are implied to not stand any chance at all in a confrontation with Michael. Michael is capable of very easily and simply destroying low-level angels with a touch, causing them to burn away and perish from the inside-out, and he can also easily kill mid-level angels even without a vessel. Michael is even potentially capable of defeating and killing Lucifer in battle.


5x22 MichaelBurnsInHolyFire

Michael is agonized and temporarily incapacitated by holy fire. (Swan Song)

Michael is an extremely difficult entity to defeat or even challenge, although his fellow archangels stand a chance at killing him. It is believed that Michael can be killed by an archangel blade, and it is also thought that Lucifer potentially stands a chance of killing Michael in battle. Michael cannot track humans who have been warded with Enochian against detection by all angels. While holy fire can't kill Michael, being burned by it will still cause him agony and temporarily banish him. He is also completely inferior to God, Death, or the Darkness, the latter who has shown to be able to effortlessly overpower and torture Lucifer, even ripping him from his vessel at one point. Higher ranking Leviathans may prove a bit of a challenge to him, but it remains unknown.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


5x1 MichaelLore

A lore book's artistic depiction of Michael wielding his (actually-figurative) Sword. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Michael is featured in Christian, Jewish and Islamic teachings as an archangel, and is the only angel whom the Bible directly identifies as an archangel (due to which he is sometimes referred to as 'Michael the Archangel'). The Book of Daniel mentions Michael three times. Michael is thought to be the angel who spoke to Moses through a burning bush and who delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses, and Michael also fought with Lucifer over Moses' body and won. In the New Testament, Michael is the leader of God's armies against Lucifer's forces, and was responsible for defeating Lucifer during the war in Heaven and for casting him and other rebel angels down. During Judgment Day, Michael serves as the weigher of souls.



  • It was initially unknown whether or not Michael and Lucifer were affected and diminished from in the cage by Metatron's spell as all the other angels in Heaven and on Earth were. However, it was revealed in The Vessel that Lucifer does indeed remain a full-powered archangel, and it can therefore be presumed that the same applies for Michael.

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