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Species information
Type : Creature
Notable distinctions : Children and creations of Eve
Usually posthuman and superhuman lifeforms
Related to : Eve
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Various
Native range : Earth
Purgatory (souls only)
Production information
First appearance : Skin

Monsters - also colloquially referred to as freaks by hunters, and referred to as Fallen Beasts in the Word of God - are a class of supernatural lifeforms inhabiting the Earth, which originate from Eve. Monsters are neither demon nor angel nor god, and are not spiritual entities but rather living, corporeal lifeforms. There are many different monster species, although some of them do share several common traits - including that most monsters can appear human, and that they feed on humans as prey and/or use humans for reproduction. When monsters die on Earth, their souls go to Purgatory. Although monster technically refers to the creatures descended from Eve, it is also sometimes used as an umbrella term to refer to supernatural beings in general.



Monsters usually either physically closely resemble humans or can disguise themselves in human form. Many monsters such as vampires, rougarous, arachne and djinn may appear human, but possess a distinguishing characteristic such as retractable fangs, mottled skin, unusual eyes, a retractable wrist spike or tattoo-like skin patterns. Multiple monsters also possess shape-changing abilities. Some such as shapeshifters (and ghouls under certain conditions) can transform into whatever human form they want, while others such as skinwalkers and werewolves have more strict and limited shapeshifting ability. There are several known monsters, among them wraiths and dragons, which possess a monstrous, animalistic and inhuman true form, but can hide it and disguise themselves as humans; although in cases such as wraiths, sirens, shapeshifters and Jefferson Starships, their monstrous nature can be seen and exposed via their reflection in mirrors and/or viewing them through cameras.

Many but not all monsters possess different and often carnivorous diet habits in comparison to humans, and most monsters feed on humans to survive (although some such as vampires and werewolves can survive without harming humans, by redirecting their feeding habits onto animals). Some monsters, such as rougarous and ghouls, outright consume meat and flesh from humans or animals, while others specifically only feed on certain parts of a human or animal's body. Vampires and djinn consume blood specifically, wraiths feed on brain fluids, and werewolves and skinwalkers always devour their killed victims' hearts. Certain monsters such as dragons and ōkami have also been known to on some level have an affinity for human virgins.

Life and death cycleEdit

Each and every monster species reproduces through at least one of two different methods. Several monsters such as vampires, skinwalkers and Jefferson Starships reproduce by infection; that is, they can transform humans into more of their own kind. The method through which a monster turns a human depends upon the species; werewolves, Starships and skinwalkers turn humans with a bite, and arachne turn people by infecting them with their venom, while vampires turn humans by infecting their bodies with their vampire blood. Other monsters such as rougarous and shapeshifters instead reproduce by gene; they can conceive children with humans, and the child born of this union will, with certainty, be of its monster parent's species. A few monster species such as arachne and werewolves are capable of both the above methods of reproduction.

A monster's lifespan appears to depend upon its species. Some monsters, such as vampires, do not age and can live forever barring being slain; while others such as rougarous and shapeshifters seem to age normally just like humans. The Alphas seemed to all be immortal regardless of whether or not their progeny are, seeing as the Alpha Vampire, Shapeshifter and Skinwalker were all still alive in modern times despite being at least 10,000 years old. It is possible to kill monsters, but many monsters are immune to some of the conventional methods of killing that would normally kill a human or animal, and thus certain requirements are needed to kill a monster. For example, it may only be possible to kill a monster via decapitation, or by destroying the heart, or by inflicting mortal injury with silver, or by burning to death with fire.

Like humans, monsters also possess souls which serve as the part of them that survives and lives on after they've died. However, monsters' souls, instead of going to either Heaven or Hell in the afterlife like humans' souls do, go to Purgatory, where they hunt and prey upon each-other for eternity. It was implied by Eve that the reasons monsters' souls go to Purgatory in death is because as her creations, monsters' souls belong to her. It is possible to kill a monster in Purgatory despite the fact that they're already dead and in their afterlife.

It is possible to resurrect deceased monsters such as vampires, by retrieving their soul from Purgatory and reuniting it with their corpse, then performing a spell to restore the monster's body to life.


Although different monster species possess their own unique abilities and attributes, monsters do share some common abilities, such as superhuman levels of strength, speed and endurance when threatened or in danger. Monsters can also use some of their non-human characteristics such as fangs and claws as weapons through which to defend themselves and/or kill their human enemies and victims. A common power among monsters is their ability to change form to disguise themselves and their monstrous nature and masquerade as humans.


It is implied that most monsters are immune to most conventional means of killing and that certain requirements are needed to successfully kill a monster; said requirements depending upon the monster species. Many monsters such as shapeshifters, wraiths and skinwalkers are highly vulnerable to silver, which burns their skin upon contact and can kill them if they're shot or stabbed in the heart with it. Monsters such as vampires, arachne, ghouls and Jefferson Starships can be killed by decapitation, or alternatively in ghouls' and djinn's case by major brain damage. Shredding monsters alive via means such as wood chippers can also logically kill them regardless of their immunity to most conventional methods of killing. The Colt, being capable of killing any but five things in all of creation, can kill monsters such as vampires that are mortally shot with it. The Turducken formula was designed by the Leviathans so that vamptonite (human blood tainted with the formula) will kill off human-eating monsters (such as vampires, ghouls, werewolves and shapeshifters) that imbibe vamptonite.


Compared to most other supernatural creatures converted from humans, almost all monsters seem to be incurable and unable to become human again. There is a cure for people recently infected with vampirism, but it will only work if administered before the transformation is completed by drinking blood.


Early historyEdit

Each and every monster species was created by Eve, when she created the Alphas on the Earth to produce more of their kind. (Season 6) It was indicated by the Alpha Vampire that monsters such as vampires have existed on the Earth alongside humanity since prehistoric times when humans still sheltered around fires from the dark. (Family Matters) According to Eve, she and the natural order had an agreement on how humans and monsters coexisted on the Earth without destroying each-other, which meant that they would keep each-other's populations controlled - monsters would turn or kill a few humans every once in a while, and humans such as hunters would in turn kill a few of the monsters. (Mommy Dearest)

Over humanian history, although monsters were incorporated into many cultures' folklore and beliefs, by the 20th century, most humans other than hunters lived unaware or in denial of the existence of monsters. Monsters in turn lived mostly in hiding as scavengers, masquerading as humans and trying to feed and kill covertly without drawing hunters' attention.

Recent historyEdit

Following the aversion of the Apocalypse in 2010, after taking over Hell as King, Crowley and his demons began capturing and torturing large masses and numbers of monsters and even some of the Alphas in Crowley's search for a means of reaching Purgatory. (Season 6) This in turn angered Eve into planning to return to Earth and to turn all humans into monsters as retaliation against Hell. (Mommy Dearest) As part of Eve's plans, the Alphas ordered their monster children to begin making more and more of their kind and amassing monster armies for Eve's plans. (Season 6) Eve and the Alphas' plans and actions in turn caused monster activity around the world to become erratic and out of control, resulting in many monsters' behaviour patterns changing and monsters migrating to continents where they weren't normally found - among these effects were werewolves wolfing out on half moons, nocturnal monsters attacking in daylight, (Exile on Main St., All Dogs Go to Heaven) and monsters only found on foreign continents such as lamias, ōkami and arachne appearing in North America. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Eventually, Eve was raised by dragons back to Earth from Purgatory to direct her plans to overrun humanity with monsters. (Like a Virgin) Eve subsequently created at least two new monsters on Earth; releasing the Khan Worm near Sandusky, Ohio, (...And Then There Were None) and developing and testing a massive pandemic of Jefferson Starships in Grants Pass, Oregon. (Mommy Dearest) Eve's presence on Earth also caused violent spikes in monster activity to follow her wherever she went. (...And Then There Were None) Eve was ultimately killed using phoenix ash, and the Jefferson Starships all killed before they could spread beyond Grants Pass, (Mommy Dearest) and monster activity apparently afterwards subsided back down to normal.


Monsters seem to be generally viewed as animals by most other supernatural species that are aware of them.

Judging from Crowley's enraged comment directed at the Alpha Shapeshifter, demons seem to view monsters as beasts.

Though monsters such as the Alpha Vampire were willing to deal and work with the Leviathans after they were freed from Purgatory, the Leviathan shared the low view of their monster descendants, to a much more extreme level. The Leviathans despised the monsters as "roaches" and "pathetic mutts" unworthy of being called Leviathan, and wanted them all exterminated so they wouldn't have to share humanity as a food source with them.

Most monsters view and treat humans as little more than prey and food, and are willing to harm and kill humans to survive. However, there are still a rare few individuals amongst monsters who do not wish to see humans harmed and attempt to live peacefully alongside humans without attracting attention.