My Bloody Valentine
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 14
Original airdate : 11 February, 2010
Directed by : Mike Rohl
Written by : Ben Edlund
Preceded by : The Song Remains the Same
Followed by : Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

My Bloody Valentine is the fourteenth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


"Stupid Cupid. On Valentine's Day, the brothers are out for cherub blood when the laughing love god goes rogue, causing sweethearts to die - and kill - for love. But then a man dies from a Twinkie gorge-athon and the guys realize something more is going on."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

At the time of Valentine's Day, Sam and Dean come to a small town to investigate a possible case - two friendly dating townspeople, Alice and Russell, while going home from a date, abruptly ended up having frenzied sex, then began rabidly biting each-other's flesh off and ate each-other to death. Sam finds that the phenomenon wasn't caused by demonic or ghostly possession, leaving the brothers without any current leads on what they're dealing with. Meanwhile, Dean has become uninterested in sex, much to Sam's concern since Dean usually loves Valentine's Day for sex with "bars full of lonely women." Another incident similar to what happened to Russell and Alice occurs the following evening at an office block, where office worker Jim and his girlfriend Janice become single-mindedly obsessed with each-other; murdering Jim's boss for keeping them apart with Jim's project, before both shooting themselves so they can be "together forever."

Sam and Dean head to the local morgue to investigate the second pair of deaths, and while checking over the organs, Sam finds that both Jim and Janice's hearts identically have a mark in the shape of an Enochian symbol on them. Dean calls Castiel to the morgue for help by giving him the brothers' location by phone. Upon seeing the angelic mark on the hearts, Cass identifies it as a mark of union which is left on the hearts of those who are touched and brought together by the influence of a cupid - which Cass explains is not a pagan god but is in fact a type of angel (specifically the third class of cherubim). Based on the pattern that both sets of victims were couples who were brought together by a cupid, Cass assumes that this must mean a cupid has gone rogue and is using its pathokinetic touch to drive its touched targets to kill each-other.

Cass leads Sam and Dean to a single bar, where Cass expects the cupid will be drawn by human reproductive urges, so that Cass can tether and interrogate the cupid once it arrives. Throughout the case, the trio have all begun showing odd behavior; Dean's disinterest in everything he normally craves persists, while Cass has begun to feel an interest in eating burgers, and Sam is sensing something unusual about a mysterious man in black he passed by at the morgue. Cass finally senses the cupid's arrival, and he and Sam and Dean head out back, where Cass forces the cupid to manifest. The cupid appears in the form of a naked man, and it immediately proceeds to grab and discomfortingly hugs Dean, Cass and Sam in turn (which Cass explains is cupids' handshake). Cass and the Winchesters demand to know why the cupid's marked targets have been killing each-other, but the cupid appears to be innocent, and Cass confirms the cupid isn't responsible when the cupid lets Cass read his mind. When Dean asks about why Heaven cares about which humans meet who, the cupid reveals that another one of his kind was in fact responsible for bringing John and Mary Winchester together as a 'top-priority' order from Heaven. This provokes Dean into punching the cupid, which in turn upsets the cupid into disappearing.

After the trio have learned the cupid is innocent, Sam is called by local coroner Dr. Corman to the morgue about a new bizarre killing - Lester Finch, a previously-overweight man, went on a Twinkie binge the previous night, which escalated into him literally stuffing himself with Twinkies using a toilet brush, until he died of a gastric rupture. But this killing was not the death of a couple touched by the cupid, but of a single man who lacked the cupid's mark on his heart, which breaks pattern; and it is also just one of 27 deaths, both suicides and ODs, that have occurred in the last few days. On his way out from the morgue, Sam spots the mysterious man in black again, and whatever he senses about the man drives him into a crazed frenzy. Sam attacks and pins the man in the alley, and cuts him on the cheek with the demon knife; the reaction to the knife-inflicted wound confirms that the man is a demon, and that Sam can sense so since his old special child senses seem to be reactivating. The demon gets away before Sam can kill him, but he does leave a briefcase he had with him behind.

Sam takes the demon's briefcase back to the motel for him and Dean to examine, and when they crack it open, they find it contains Lester Finch's soul (which immediately escapes and vanishes). Castiel, who has gone on a hamburger rampage, declares that this explains what's really affecting the town - it isn't a malfunctioning love effect, but it is immensely amplifying people's hunger and other cravings for food, love, attention, sex, alcohol, drugs and others. This also explains Cass's hamburger rampage; his vessel's appetite has been affected by the phenomenon. Cass reveals that this phenomenon can only be caused by the horseman Famine himself; according to Cass, Famine is prophesised to, after his influence has taken hold, "ride into the land of plenty" to "poison the air" with his hunger, and must devour his victims' souls until he becomes strong enough "to march across the lands." Meanwhile in town, Famine (who is in the form of a very weak and elderly man confined to a wheelchair and life-support) is taken by his demon henchmen (who have been sent by Lucifer to care for Famine until he's ready) to a local Biggerson's restaurant; where Famine's mere presence causes all the staff and patrons to become crazed with their hungers, gorging themselves on food and drink and alcohol, immersing themselves in sex, massing stolen money and overdosing on drugs. After everyone at Biggerson's has died from over-gorging themselves on their hungers, the soul-harvesting demon arrives to inform Famine of Sam's presence and give him the location of Sam's motel. However, when Famine learns that the demon lost the briefcase, and with it Lester Finch's soul which was meant for Famine to eat, an enraged Famine telekinetically pulls the demon out of his vessel and devours him in his smoke form as a substitute.

Back at the motel, Dean sets about finding a way to stop Famine, while Cass just can't stop eating. Dean notes that the last horseman they met used a ring to channel his powers, and immediately fled when the Winchesters cut it off. Cass confirms that Famine will likewise have his own ring which he relies on for using his powers, and agrees that removing Famine's ring should stop him as well. However, Sam, who is struggling to keep himself under control as his special child senses continue to reactivate, states he can't go and has to be put on lockdown, since it's obvious by this point that Famine's influence has reawakened Sam's old demon blood addiction. Dean and Cass cuff and seal Sam in the bathroom until they can deactivate his addiction by stopping Famine, then go off to track Famine down. Dean and Cass stop at the morgue (where Dean is saddened to find that Famine's effect has caused Dr. Corman to drink himself to death), and wait for a demon to be sent to harvest Dr. Corman's soul. When the demon comes and takes Dr. Corman's soul, Dean and Cass follow the demon back to Biggerson's. Cass goes in with the demon knife to cut off Famine's ring finger, but Cass is incapacitated when Famine's effect causes Cass to forget about the entire plan for a pan of raw meat. Dean goes in himself when Cass takes too long, but he is quickly attacked and captured by Famine's demons.

Meanwhile back at the motel, as Sam waits for Dean and Cass to return, he is going extremely crazed as his demon blood craving worsens. Two of Famine's demons are sent to the motel to retrieve Sam, but the moment they break Sam's cuffs off, a frenzied Sam pounces on one of the demons and cuts her neck open to drink her blood. Doing so in turn reawakens Sam's special child powers, which he uses to knock the other demon back for him to drain afterwards. Back at Biggerson's, Dean is brought before Famine, who takes note of and is intrigued by how Dean has remained completely unaffected by Famine's effect even now when he's right in the horseman's presence. Famine scans Dean's soul, and reveals that the reason Dean's not feeling any hunger even in Famine's presence is because he's feeling completely dead inside and is just "going through the motions" with continuing the fight. Sam then arrives, charged up with demon blood, and demands that Famine let Dean go. Famine reveals that he deliberately sent his demons as a "snack" to activate Sam's powers, since as a special child addicted to demon blood, Sam is the one "exception" to the rule who can't die from gorging himself on his hunger, and this is just the way Lucifer wants Sam. Famine offers all of his demon henchmen to Sam for him to feed on. Though Sam uses his powers to pull all the demons from their vessels, he rejects his addiction and Famine's plans, so Famine consumes all the extracted demonic essences instead. But this is just what Sam plans; Sam uses his powers to cause the demons Famine has just devoured to burst out of Famine, defeating the horseman and freeing Cass from his effect.

After Famine has been defeated at the cost of getting Sam hooked on demon blood again, Dean and Cass lock Sam up in Bobby's panic room to detox. Cass unsuccessfully tries to assure a drinking Dean that Sam, who is screaming out in anguish from the withdrawal side-effects, will be fine once the demon blood has fully worn off. A forlorn Dean goes out onto the scrapyard to get some air alone. Increasingly worn down from all the defeats and hardships they're having, Dean looks up at the sky and quietly begs God for help. Dean gets no answer.









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