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Needham Asylum
10x3 HellThroneRoom
Geographical information
Whereabouts : Fall River, Massachusetts
Production information
Filming location : TBA

The Needham Asylum is a decommissioned asylum building, which is utilised by the demons as a court for their King from on Earth.


The court's main room is a wide, dark, stony basement, with a wooden throne upon which the King of Hell sits while attending to matters of state with the demons. It also functions as a court room, where the King and other elite demons can pass sentence on demon criminals (Soul Survivor) or discuss and deal with other matters of state. (The Hunter Games, The Executioner's Song)

Beyond the court room, there are dull grey tunnels lit by dim candles and chandeliers, which lead to other parts of the complex. There are cold, dark, stony cells, where demon and human prisoners can be manacled to the walls and either tortured or kept locked up. (Girls, Girls, Girls, The Things We Left Behind)



  • It was initially mistaken by many fans to be located in Hell, before exterior shots later into Season 10 finally communicated it to be located on Earth on top of other clues.

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