5x1 NickMain
Biographical information
Race : Human
Status : Unknown; possibly deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Sympathy for the Devil
Swan Song
Actor/Actress : Mark Pellegrino

Nick was a human who served as Lucifer's substitute vessel during the Apocalypse, until Lucifer possessed his true vessel.


5x1 NickMourningBaby

Nick mourning as he looks through his deceased child's packed-away old belongings. (Sympathy for the Devil)


Nick lived in Pike Creek, Delaware, and he was originally married to a woman named Sarah and had a child with her. However, an unknown burglar, during a home invasion, murdered Sarah and the baby; butchering them in their beds, and leaving Nick bitter and alone. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Approached by the DevilEdit

One night in late 2009, after Lucifer was freed from his cage, the Devil, since he could not yet possess Sam Winchester, sought Nick out as a temporary substitute vessel in the meantime. Lucifer first manifested to a confused and frightened Nick as gusts of supernatural wind and as illusions of Nick's bloody wife telling him he was special. Over the following couple of night, the hallucinations Lucifer caused Nick as he circled his substitute vessel worsened to visions of Nick's baby blood in its crib and his baby's voice crying over the baby monitor.

Eventually, Lucifer properly manifested to Nick in his dreams, taking Sarah's appearance to talk to Nick directly. Nick was at first convinced it was an unreal and irrelevant dream upon hearing who Lucifer was and wanted to wake up, but he quickly became seriously interested as Lucifer began going into details about why he was talking to Nick.
5x1 LuciferContactsNick

Lucifer contacts Nick in his dream to convince Nick to let him in and become his vessel. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Lucifer told Nick about how he needed to possess Nick as a vessel, and tried to convince Nick that God deserved to be punished for not intervening to stop the deaths of Nick's family. As Lucifer's argument claiming that God was unjust and cruel made sense to Nick due to everything he'd lost, Nick was successfully turned over to Lucifer's side and said yes. Lucifer then immediately proceeded to take possession of Nick. (Sympathy for the Devil)


5x1 LuciferPossessesNick

Lucifer takes possession of Nick. (Sympathy for the Devil)

After Lucifer took possession of Nick, since Nick was not meant to be a permanent vessel for an archangel, Nick was incapable of serving as a proper vessel for Lucifer, and began to slowly burn away from containing Lucifer's immense essence. (Free to Be You and Me et al.) This forced Lucifer to consume gallons of demon blood to make Nick's possessed body sustain him and last longer. (Two Minutes to Midnight) By the time of Death's rising at Carthage, Missouri, Nick's body had developing red burn marks, (Abandon All Hope...) which worsened and spread over the following months. (Hammer of the Gods, Swan Song)

5x10 NickPossessedDeteriorating

Nick's possessed body showing noticeable signs of deterioration as it wears away from containing Lucifer. (Abandon All Hope...)

Nick was under possession by Lucifer for approximately a year or less, until Lucifer left Nick's body to possess Sam when the latter finally said yes to the Devil. Immediately after Lucifer disinhabited Nick, Nick's body was left motionless on the floor, his status and fate unknown. (Swan Song)


5x22 NickDisinhabited

Nick's disinhabited body left lying motionless on the floor after Lucifer possesses Sam. (Swan Song)

Nick was a grieving, miserable, tragic man who, with the deaths of his wife and child, had lost everything he'd held dear and couldn't let go or move on. Nick's pain, loss and anger from the deaths of his family was what allowed Lucifer to convince Nick that he deserved revenge on God for allowing that to happen to him, which in turn led to Nick saying yes to becoming Lucifer's vessel in the hope that Lucifer would be able to give him justice.



  • After Lucifer disinhabited Nick in Swan Song, it is unknown what happened to Nick; after Lucifer had left Nick's body and possessed Sam, Nick was left lying motionless on the floor. He may have been rendered catatonic from being possessed by an archangel (as was the case with Raphael's first vessel), but some fans have suggested that Nick was probably dead due to the damage his body had sustained from containing Lucifer.

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