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Oz is a world abundant in magic which is part of the fairy realm. It is home to witches and flying monkeys, and was apparently in a state of war between the good and evil magical entities there. A lot of the information about Oz was recorded by L. Frank Baum in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz books after his daughter Dorothy became trapped there.


In comparison to most other known parts of realms, Oz is a highly unearthly place, describable as "magical." Oz has a mountainous landscape, and orange and purple skies, although some of the natural conditions in Oz partially vary depending upon the area in Oz: the Emerald City was surrounded by beautiful, sun-dappled, peaceful-looking, lush green countryside and vegetation, and had idyllic sunny skies dotted with thin orange clouds; whereas the Wicked Witch's domain in Oz was much more dark, stormy and barren, with low, bloodred thunderheads blotting out the sky, and the lands being jagged, rocky plains with much less life. (Slumber Party)

According to Charlie Bradbury, time passes differently in Oz to how it does on Earth, the effects of which can slow down a person's ageing process while they're in Oz. (There's No Place Like Home) Oz apparently has its own very powerful form of magic, which is distinguishable by the green glow and energy produced when Oz magic is ultilized by witches, and which a witch can wield on Earth as well after learning witchcraft in Oz. A lot of the natural resources and materials native to Oz are innately imbued with its magic, such as poppies from the fields of Oz and the Oz steel from which the six keys were forged. (Slumber Party, There's No Place Like Home)


10x11 OzWizardsPortal

The Wizard of Oz crossing over to Earth using a mirror as a portal. (There's No Place Like Home)

There are several known methods of entering and/or exiting Oz. The key to Oz possessed the ability to temporarily open doorways between Earth and Oz, by turning any door that the key was inserted into the keyhole of into a portal between the two realms, until the door was physically closed again; (Slumber Party) however, the key has been rendered useless after it was broken by Dark Charlie and left on Earth where it couldn't be repaired. (There's No Place Like Home)

At least some powerful Oz witches, such as the Wizard of Oz, were capable of using their mastery of witchcraft to freely cross between Oz and Earth, using mirrors as portals. (There's No Place Like Home) According to Dorothy Baum, it is also possible for certain extreme natural weather phenomena on Earth such as tornadoes, whirlpools or the eye of a hurricane to transport people caught up in them into Oz. (Slumber Party)

Places and areasEdit

Emerald CityEdit

The Emerald City is a large city with tall buildings apparently constructed entirely of shining green emerald. (Slumber Party) It is the capitol of the good forces in Oz, and it is currently under the rule of Dorothy Baum, and was formerly also ruled by the Wizard of Oz before his death. (There's No Place Like Home)

The Wicked Witch's castleEdit

9x4 Oz-WickedWitchCastle

The dark area of Oz ruled over by the Wicked Witch. (Slumber Party)

The Wicked Witch's castle is a tall, black, dark castle, located in a barren part of Oz, which was presumably the Wicked Witch's home and domain before she came to Earth. The castle was filled with a massive, swarming army of the Witch's flying monkeys, even after the Witch's death. (Slumber Party)

Yellow-Brick RoadEdit

The Yellow-Brick Road was a long road, constructed entirely of yellow bricks, which wound throughout the lands of Oz and linked up at the Emerald City. (Slumber Party)


Pre-21st centuryEdit

Little is known about Oz's past before it was discovered by humans, although it was apparently under a reign of terror by the evil ones among the entities there such as the Wicked Witch, while the good entities of Oz formed a freedom-fighting resistance. (Slumber Party)

Oz was first accessed in the late 19th - early 20th century, when Man of Letters Clive Dillon discovered the key to Oz on Earth and used it to enter Oz, but became marooned there when the key was left behind on Earth. The Men of Letters afterwards sent L. Frank Baum into Oz with the key to rescue Clive, with Frank's daughter Dorothy stowing away on the rescue mission. After Clive had been split into his good and dark halves by a coven of witches using the Inner Key to Oz, Frank successfully returned with Clive's good half to Earth, while both Dorothy and Clive's dark half were unwittingly left behind in Oz. (There's No Place Like Home)

Afterwards, while Clive's dark half began practicing magic and rising to power within Emerald City, becoming the figure known as the Wizard of Oz, (There's No Place Like Home) Dorothy was found and cared for by three freedom fighters to bring about the good resistance's victory over evil in Oz; Dorothy was also magically protected against the Wicked Witch when the latter killed her only for her to be resurrected by the Good Witch of the North. At some point before 1935, the Wicked Witch left Oz to conquer the Earth as well, and Dorothy followed her to stop and kill her. (Slumber Party)

Recent historyEdit

After the Wicked Witch was finally killed, Dorothy and Charlie Bradbury used the key to Oz to enter Oz and secure the good rebels' victory. (Slumber Party) Shortly afterwards, the War for Emerald City began, and the good side was losing the fight, until the Wizard of Oz used the Inner Key on Charlie so that her dark half could win the war single-handedly. Dark Charlie succeeded, leaving Dorothy and the Wizard as rulers of Emerald city, before returning to Earth and breaking the key to Oz. It is presumed that after the Wizard was lured to Earth and killed, while Oz is now more or less inaccessible from Earth, it is safely under Dorothy's benevolent rule with the Wizard's manipulation gone. (There's No Place Like Home)

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