Pamela Barnes
4x1 PamelaBarnesMain
Biological information
Race : Human (Psychic)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : Early 2009
Notable affiliations : Bobby Singer
Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Traci Dinwiddie
First appearance : Lazarus Rising

Pamela Barnes was a psychic and an old friend of Bobby Singer; who assisted Sam and Dean Winchester in affairs concerning the angels and demons warring over Lucifer's seals, being permanently blinded the first time due to seeing Castiel's true form.



Little is known about Pamela's background, although she apparently knew Bobby Singer, and was reputed by him as the "best damn psychic in the state." Pamela was also apparently previously in a relationship with a man called Jesse, getting a "Jesse Forever" tattoo on her lower back, but would later say that "it wasn't forever." (Lazarus Rising)

Losing her eyesEdit

In September, 2008, after Dean Winchester was mysteriously resurrected from Hell, the news apparently reached Pamela through the forces on the other side. Bobby shortly afterwards brought Dean and Sam to Pamela's place to seek her help finding the entity responsible for bringing Dean back.

4x1 AngelTrueFormBurnsOutEyes

Pamela's eyes are burned out due to seeing Castiel's true form. (Lazarus Rising)

Pamela performed a séance in an attempt to get a look at the entity and see what it was. She got the entity's name, Castiel, and heard it warn her to turn back, but she ignored the warning and saw Castiel's angelic true form; burning her eyeballs away and leaving her permanently blinded. Sam immediately called an ambulance around to take Pamela to hospital. (Lazarus Rising)

Recovering Anna's memoriesEdit

Some time after Pamela was blinded, when Sam and Dean searched for answers concerning who and what Anna Milton really was and why the angels wanted her dead; they called Pam around to Bobby's house for her help, in hopes she could unearth Anna's early memories of fearing her other father. After making a friendly introduction with Anna, Pamela put her under hypnotism to reawaken Anna's repressed memories.

4x10 PamelaFakeEyes

Pamela shows off her plastic eyeball replacements to Anna. (Heaven and Hell)

Though Anna's psychokinetic bursts went out of control during the process, Pamela succeeded in restoring Anna's memory of who she really was: an angel who had become human by ripping out her own grace. Pamela afterwards, still a bit petulant about angels over the loss of her eyes, asked Dean to take her back home and away from the whole Anna situation. (Heaven and Hell)

Astral projectionEdit

When Sam and Dean were seeking to stop the kidnapped reaper of Greybull, Wyoming from being killed by demons to break one of Lucifer's seals, they called Pamela over so that she could use astral projection to send the boys' spirits into the Veil to rescue the reaper. Though Pamela was at this point getting sick of repeatedly being dragged back into the whole angel-demon war, she still agreed to help at Dean's insistence in order to help stop the seals from being broken. Pamela proceeded to put Sam and Dean's bodies to sleep and send their spirits into the Veil, and whispered a compliment to Sam about him having "a nice ass," then stayed with the boys' unconscious bodies while their spirits were in the Veil.

After a while, Pamela, though blind, was still able to sense a demon assassin coming into the room, and tried to bring Sam and Dean's spirits back to their bodies while fighting the demon's attacks off. She succeeded in bringing Sam back to his body, getting stabbed by the demon in the process (though the mortal wound's effects were delayed by the lack of reaping activity in the town), before Sam used his demonic abilities to exorcise the demon.

4x15 PamelaDeath

Pamela's death. (Death Takes a Holiday)

Pamela shortly afterwards brought Dean back to his body from the Veil as well, but only moments later, her stab wound began to take effect with Tessa having restored death to the town. Sam and Dean both comforted Pamela as she died, with Dean saying she was going to a better place before they both dismissed that as a lie but agreed that everyone has to go sometime. Pamela then used her last breaths before succumbing to her wound to privately whisper a warning in Sam's ear: she sensed what Sam did to the demon, and tells Sam that he is wrong to think anything good will come out of his powers and what he is doing. (Death Takes a Holiday)


5x16 Pamela+DeanInHeaven

Pamela and Dean meet again in Heaven and talk about Dean's destiny. (Dark Side of the Moon)

After Pamela's death, her soul resides in Heaven, eternally reliving a show at the Meadowlands in her own personal Heaven.

A year after Pamela's death, she saw Sam and Dean again when Ash brought her to his personal Heaven to see the brothers (who had been killed by vengeful hunters for starting the Apocalypse). While Ash and Dean calculated a way of reaching Heaven's Garden, Pam and Dean discussed Dean's situation as Michael's true vessel; Pam suggested that Dean might not have to fight it so hard, arguing that if Dean were to say yes and Michael's battle with Lucifer were to happen, the millions collateral would come to Heaven like she did. Pamela then gave Dean a goodbye kiss and flirted with Sam one last time before Ash sent the boys off through Heaven to reach the Garden. (Dark Side of the Moon)


Pamela was a funny, witty-tongued and unapologetic flirt, who regularly both displayed a strong sexual attraction towards Dean and also flirted with Sam. When helping the Winchesters out, she grew somewhat embittered towards matters concerning angels after losing her eyes, and also began to grow sick of Sam and Dean pulling her back into the angel-demon business; but she still went through with helping the boys out however she could while she could, showing just how loyal she was. Pamela could also be friendly and caring to scared new people, as she initially was with Anna, though becoming a bit more cold after Anna's memories and true identity as an angel were unearthed.

Pamela showed when she was dying that she was slightly nihilistic and didn't believe there was any better place waiting for the dead in the afterlife, but also accepting that "everyone has to go sometime." However, after her death, Pamela is now much more happy and optimistic in Heaven, enjoying her afterlife in her personal Heaven, and suggesting to Dean that the Apocalypse might not be such a bad thing if everyone who dies in it comes to Heaven and enjoys it as much as she does.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Pamela primarily possessed mediumship-based psychic abilities; she could contact spirits on the other side by Ouija, and she could perform séances to reach out and get a look at spiritual entities. Pamela was also capable of using her psychic powers on living humans via hypnotic techniques to achieve specific results; she could this way perform astral projection to allow people to leave their bodies and enter the Veil, or unearth long-repressed and buried memories.

Though very mild, Pamela did have a low level of supernatural perception; being able to sense a demon was in the same room by its foul presence, and sensing the demon blood and demonic powers Sam had inside of him after he used these abilities against a demon in Pamela's presence.


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