Party on, Garth
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 18
Original airdate : 30 March, 2012
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Adam Glass
Preceded by : The Born-Again Identity
Followed by : Of Grave Importance

Party on, Garth is the eighteenth episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.

Full synopsisEdit

Garth comes to Junction City, Kansas, investigating a possible case: Trevor McAnn was found disemboweled and dead in the local woods by his brother Ray and his friends. Garth initially suspects that Jenny Greentree, a real-life woman who froze to death in the woods and has a local ghost story centred around her, is responsible, and digs up, salts and burns her bones. But before Garth can leave town, another, identical killing occurs in the woods; this time it's Ray, who was, in his grief, hunting in the woods for whatever killed his brother. At a loss, Garth calls Sam and Dean to town to help him with the case. The Winchesters are still recovering from the events of The Born-Again Identity - with Meg informing them that Castiel has remained catatonic without any change in his condition, while Sam is adjusting to finally being cured of his cage-match scars.

When Sam, Dean and Garth meet up and examine Ray's body, the brutal disembowelment suggests the killer to be a monster like a werewolf, while the presence of EMF readings on the body indicates a spirit was responsible. Sam's research reveals that the two victims' father is Jim McAnn, owner of the local Thighslapper Ale microbrewery, and the trio go to question him. They learn that originally, Jim and co-owner Randy Baxter had a third partner, Dale Lampert, but he committed suicide a few months ago and his widow Cindy is suing the company. They also learn that Jim has two other children - Lillian, and the brewery manager Marie - and that Randy has no children himself but is godfather to all four of Jim's kids. The following night, yet another one of Jim's children is killed, and this time it's Lillian - but while the killer was completely invisible to Jim, both Lillian and her young daughter Tess were able to see it, and it's revealed to look like a pasty-skinned, dark-eyed Japanese girl with clawed hands.

When Dean and Garth arrive at the McAnn house to investigate Lillian's death, Garth is able to get the traumatized Tess to talk to him and Dean in private about what she saw, and she admits that she accidentally drank some of her mother's vodka shortly before she saw the creature. Dean and Garth figure from this that whatever the creature is, it's invisible and can only be seen by a person if they're drunk. Garth also notes that his faulty EMF meter has been acting up all day but has definitely been picking up EMF readings from Bobby's flask, but Dean denies the possibility that Bobby has stayed behind as a ghost and doesn't want to hear about it. Meanwhile, Sam is questioning Cindy Lampert; he discovers from her that just a few weeks before Dale killed himself, Jim and Randy sold the company out from under him against his strongest wishes, but Dale responded by sending them a gift to show he forgave them: it was a Japanese sake bottle, kept completely untouched inside a spell-inscribed box. Sam remembers seeing this box earlier, in Jim's office at the microbrewery.

Sam tells Dean to meet him at the brewery, and they break into Jim's office at night to grab the spellbox and bottle. Looking over the security footage, Sam and Dean discover that a few nights ago, Trevor broke in, opened the spellbox and drank from the sake bottle. When the duo intentionally get themselves drunk on the office's liquor and then look back over the footage, they see that the creature was released when Trevor opened the bottle, then followed him off from there. Randy arrives and catches Sam and Dean drunk in the office red-handed, but Garth arrives and knocks him out before he can call the cops on them. After both consulting a local sushi chef about the spellbox inscriptions and doing online research, Sam and Dean discover that the creature is a shojo: a Japanese alcohol spirit, which can be spellbound to act as an assassin for carrying out the spellcaster's revenge. The trio realize that Dale must have known about the spellbound shojo, and given it to Randy and Jim so that the shojo would avenge the wrong they'd committed against him, by killing Jim's children who are also Randy's godchildren.

Since a shojo can only be killed by a Shinto-blessed samurai sword, Dean buys a samurai sword from a local pawnshop and returns to the sushi chef to have him bless it for him, while Sam watches Marie in case the shojo comes after her now that she's the only McAnn child still alive. Back at the motel, Garth has pieced together that Randy - whom he's kidnapped after he caught Sam and Dean at the brewery - is the illegitimate biological father of the brewery janitor Lee through an affair with Lee's mother when she was Randy's secretary, meaning that Marie is not the shojo's only remaining target and Lee is in danger as well. Garth immediately gets drunk on mini-liquors, then calls Sam and Dean about it and heads off for the brewery to reach Lee before the shojo does. Garth, shortly followed by Sam and Dean, reaches the brewery and finds Lee, but the shojo attacks them, knocking Garth out and defeating Sam. Dean is the last line of defense for Lee's life, but the shojo manages to knock the sword out of his hand - but before the shoo can kill either Dean or Lee, the sword suddenly slides back into Dean's hand, and he's able to stab the shojo and destroy it.

The next morning, Sam, Dean and Garth pack up at the motel and get ready to leave town. Once Garth has gone and the boys can talk privately, they bring up all the strange paranormal phenomena that's been happening around Bobby's flask ever since Bobby died. Dean can't convince himself that Bobby is gone and has moved on anymore, while Sam is convinced that they'e just grieving like normal people would for once and figures that the shojo probably caused the sword to slide by accident. Sam and Dean finish packing up and leave the motel room to drive off in their car - while Bobby watches on, frustrated that he can't get Sam and Dean to realize that he's still here, before vanishing with a ghostly flicker.








  • Bobby's return in this episode was successfully kept as a closely-guarded secret by cast and crew alike; Jim Beaver was not credited in the episode credits, and Jim, with help from his daughter Maddie and producer Jim Michaels, constructed an elaborate story that he was working on a French film about the abominable snowman.
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