Production information
Season : 1
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 13 September, 2005
Directed by : David Nutter
Written by : Eric Kripke
Followed by : Wendigo

Pilot is the first episode of Season 1 of Supernatural, and the show's pilot.


"'Take me home.' Along a lonely Californian highway, a mysterious woman in white lures men to their deaths - a terrifying phenomenon that may be the brothers' first clue to their father's whereabouts."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

22 years ago, John and Mary Winchester live happily at their home in Lawrence, Kansas with their two sons (their 4-year-old child Dean and Dean's baby brother Sam). One night, Mary is awoken by Sam's crying, and sees a silhouette in Sam's nursery, whom she assumes to be John until she horribly realises otherwise when she sees John asleep downstairs. John is awoken when Mary screams from Sam's nursery, and John goes to check on Sam and finds Mary telekinetically pinned to the ceiling and slit open above Sam. Mary and Sam's nursery then suddenly burst into flames and explode as John flees the burning house with Dean and Sam.

In the present day, Sam is all grown up and studying law at Stanford University, and lives in Palo Alto with his girlfriend Jessica. The night after Sam and Jess celebrate at a Halloween party, Dean (who Sam apparently hasn't spoken to in some time) breaks into their home to ask Sam to help him find their father John, who has gone missing on a hunt. It is apparent that after Mary died, John raised Sam and Dean in the lifestyle of hunting supernatural creatures and spirits in a crusade to find and kill the entity that murdered Mary. Sam wants a normal life and nothing to do with the Winchesters' crusade, but he agrees to spend the weekend looking with Dean for John, and be back to Palo Alto in time for his Stanford law school interview on Monday. The brothers go to investigate the case in Jericho, California that John disappeared on (a series of nearly a dozen disappearances on the same highway in Jericho, California over the last two decades), their only current clue to what's their dealing with being a voicemail from John with eerie EVP of a woman saying, "I can never go home."

On Centennial highway in Jericho, the latest victim of the phenomenon is claimed when lone driver Troy Squire picks up a strange young woman in ragged white - the girl directs Troy to her address which turns out to be an abandoned house, then she disappears, before attacking and killing Troy in his car on a nearby road bridge. Sam and Dean drive in Dean's Impala to find John and continue the case (using illegally-obtained money on the road trip to pay for food), and they investigate Troy's death and disappearance on the road bridge past the police cordon by using fake badges to pose as US Marshals. Den and Sam then go into town to ask Troy's girlfriend Amy about when she last contacted him, and they learn from Amy's friend about a local urban legend that a murdered woman's spirit on the highway causes anyone who picks her up as a hitchhiker to vanish forever. Suspecting the case to be a ghost, Sam and Dean research past fatal incidence on Centennial, and they learn about a probable match: a housewife called Constance Welch, who killed herself in 1981 by jumping off the same road bridge Troy vanished on when her two children drowned in the bathtub. Sam and Dean return to the road bridge the following night, where they argue about finding John and the creature that killed their mother. The brothers then glimpse the woman in white that is Constance's spirit jumping off the bridge, before the spirit possesses Dean's car and causes it to chase Sam and Dean off the bridge.

Sam and Dean go the next morning to check into a local motel, and they find one of the motel rooms was rented by John before he vanished and is filled with his notes, info and protection on the case, but he obviously hasn't returned to the room for days. The brothers also find from John's footnotes what the mystery about Constance's ghost's killings is - she is a type of spirit which lures in unfaithful men on the road and kills them. Sam sets about going to ask Constance's widowed husband Joseph where her body was buried so the Winchesters can destroy her corpse and put her spirit to rest; but he is left to do this on his own when Dean gets arrested by the local police, who have learned Sam and Dean are frauds and aren't Marshals. Dean is kept in custody by the sheriff as a suspect in the Centennial killings, and the sheriff gives Dean John's journal (retrieved as evidence) and demands that Dean tell him what a sequence of numbers John has written in the journal as a message to Dean means.

Sam goes to Joseph Welch, posing as a reporter, and asks about Constance Welch and her death and where she's buried. Sam pieces together that as the woman-in-white type of ghost that Constance is are created when they kill themselves due to lover's unfaithfulness, this must mean that Joseph was having an affair at the time Constance died, which drove Constance to murder their children in temporary insanity and then commit suicide on the road bridge. Joseph denies it and furiously orders Sam off his property. At the police station that night, when Dean is left alone in the interrogation room, he uses a clip from John's journal to pick his handcuffs and escape custody (taking the journal with him). Sam is driving in Dean's car to the abandoned house (revealed to be the Welch family's old home before Constance's and the children's deaths), when Dean calls him for a status update and Dean reveals that the numbers in John's journal are coordinates mean that John has left Jericho without burning Constance's bones to finish the case. Constance's spirit then attacks the car and targets Sam, possessing the car to trap Sam inside and drive him to the old abandoned Welch house.

Constance declares again she can never go home, before pinning Sam down in the car and forcefully trying to seduce him. Constance manages to force an unwilling kiss off Sam, then she almost kills him by driving her hand into his chest before Dean arrives and tries to dissipate Constance with gunshots. This distracts Constance long enough for Sam to drive the Impala car straight through the wall into the old Welch house. In the house, Constance attacks the brothers, before the drowned, vengeful spirits of her children manifest, defeating their mother's guilty spirit and dragging Constance to Hell. The reason Constance said she could never go home was because she was afraid to face her murdered children and be taken for judgment.

Dean and Sam leave Jericho, and Sam learns from the coordinates in John's journal that they lead to Blackwater Ridge, Colorado. Dean plans to head to there to continue the search for John, but Sam refuses to come and wants to retain his normal life with Jess, and so returns to Palo Alto. Sam returns to his and Jess' quiet apartment to get some sleep, only to find Jess telekinetically pinned to the ceiling above their bed before she bursts into flames, just like Mary 22 years ago. Dean arrives and saves Sam from the fires as Jess perishes and their apartment burns down. In the aftermath of the fire and Jess' death, identical to the brothers' mother's, Sam arms up Dean's Impala's trunk arsenal and declares they have worked to do; Jess' death having driven Sam to resume the supernatural-hunting crusade for the entity with Dean.









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