Point of No Return
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 18
Original airdate : 15 April, 2010
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Jeremy Carver
Preceded by : 99 Problems
Followed by : Hammer of the Gods

Point of No Return is the eighteenth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural, and the show's 100th episode.


Dean has finally broken and is ready to give in to the angels and say yes to Michael, especially when it seems that the angels now plan to use an innocent, resurrected familiar face in Dean's place. However, Sam, Dean and Castiel find as they take on the angels that Zachariah's game plan for obtaining Michael's vessel is much more sinister.

Full synopsisEdit

Zachariah is drinking at a bar on Earth and sympathizing with another patron about his problems, apparently having finally been fired from the Host of Heaven for his repeated failures at getting Sam and Dean to say yes to Lucifer and Michael. Michael then manifests above the bar in his true form, which all but destroys the bar and kills all the human patrons. Zachariah expects Michael to kill him to complete his literal 'firing,' but Michael apparently instead offers Zachariah one last opportunity to deliver Dean to him, which Zach eagerly accepts.

Dean is in a hotel, packing away his most important belongings - his gun, his keys and his jacket - to be mailed off to Bobby. Sam arrives, having found Dean by tracking his 'farewell' stops, to stop him from going to the angels and saying yes to Michael. Sam is furious and disgusted that Dean is going to just walk out and let it end this way, and when Dean still refuses to wait a little longer so they can find another way of stopping Lucifer, Cass teleports Dean back to Bobby's with him and Sam. Bobby insists that saying yes to Michael still won't save enough people and that they need to find a better way, and Cass just stands by and glares after Dean with cold anger. But a despondent Dean is convinced that saying yes to Michael so that he can save a handful of humanity is their only remaining option other than letting Lucifer exterminate all of humanity. Angered at Dean's complete lack of hope and how he's just giving up, Bobby reveals that every day he's been contemplating suicide, but has never done it... because he promised Dean that he wouldn't give up.

Cass suddenly gets a signal on angel radio indicating something big is going down, and immediately teleports away to a remote wood. After fighting off and killing two angels sent there by Heaven, Castiel finds that the angels have resurrected someone who is buried at this spot, and pulls the unconscious person out of his grave and teleports him back to Bobby's. A shocked Sam and Dean recognize the person who that the angels have resurrected - it's Adam, the boys' half-brother who was killed by ghouls. (Jump the Shark) Cass immediately brands Adam's ribs with warding to stop the angels from finding him. When Adam wakes up, he already knows from the angels about who Sam and Dean are, and demands to be taken to Zachariah.

After Adam gets cleaned up, the team learn from him that the angels came to his personal Heaven to offer to resurrect him and then his mother if he would say yes to possession by Michael for the fight against Lucifer. Sam and Dean are confused by this news since Dean is Michael's true vessel, and Cass suggests that they've probably (and incorrectly, Cass adds negatively) given up on getting Dean to say yes, and have instead resurrected Adam as a substitute vessel; Cass notes that while it isn't as perfect as it would be with Dean, Adam does fit enough of the requirements to be an alternative vessel for Michael. Adam is about to leave to go find the angels, but Sam tries to convince him against it - warning him about the fallout Michael's battle with Lucifer will cause, then trying to tell him that angels can't be trusted. When Sam tells Adam that he'll give them some time if he has one good memory of his few times with John, Adam stays, but he makes it clear that Sam and Dean may be his blood but this doesn't make them his family.

The following night, both Dean and Adam are kept on lockdown so that neither of them can escape and get to Michael. Adam is constantly watched on the ground floor by Sam, Cass and Bobby, while Dean is locked up in Bobby's panic room downstairs. After catching Adam before he can attempt to escape, Sam tries to talk with him about John. Sam quickly find that contrary to the ghoul impersonation of Adam that he and Dean met, the real Adam in fact has a very strong and cynical attitude much like Dean. Sam goes down to the panic room to talk to Dean about the Michael situation. Dean says to Sam that after all the losses they've suffered, he's just gotten tired of fighting who he's meant to be, and intends to give in to Michael rather than let Adam take his place. Dean also reveals to a hurt and upset Sam that he doesn't feel that they can stick together anymore - after all the mistakes Sam has made with Ruby and the demon blood and starting the Apocalypse, Dean just doesn't have the same faith in Sam as before, and is convinced that he will say yes to Lucifer. Sam silently storms out in hurt and anger.

After Sam has gone back upstairs, Cass goes down to the panic room to check on Dean when he hears something crashing around down there. Cass can't see Dean through the panic room door's viewing panel, and opens the door to go inside. When Cass steps in, Dean reveals himself and banishes Cass using a hidden angel-banishing sigil, then with the panic room's door left open, he escapes. When Sam finds what has happened, he immediately heads out in search of Dean, leaving Bobby behind to watch Adam, who is asleep. But unbeknownst to anyone, Zachariah is talking to Adam inside his dreams. Zach informs Adam that he can't locate him due to Cass warding him, and needs Adam to tell him where he is. Zachariah reminds Adam of their promise that he could see his mother again if he says yes to Michael, and though Adam has become less certain that Sam and Dean really are bad news, Zachariah reminds Adam that he shouldn't consider the boys his family just because they're his blood. Adam then wakes up.

Elsewhere, Dean goes to a preacher in the street to get him to send out a prayer to tell the angels where Dean is. But Cass picks the prayer up first, and he immediately arrives, and silences the preacher before his prayer can alert Heaven. Enraged that Dean would surrender to the angels after Cass rebelled, fell, and gave up everything he had for him, Cass's anger boils over and he brutally beats Dean to a pulp in an alley, before knocking him out and teleporting back to Bobby's with him. But when Cass and Dean return, Adam has vanished into thin air. Cass realizes that Adam gave his location to the angels in a dream, allowing them to teleport him away and take him to the Beautiful Room. At the Beautiful Room, Adam is present with Zachariah and indulging in a platter of cheeseburgers that have been added to the Room for him. Adam is ready for Michael to arrive so he can say yes to him, but Zachariah then reveals he has indeed been lying and that was never the plan with Adam - Michael's real plan which Zachariah is now carrying out is that Sam and Dean would undoubtedly come after Adam once the angels had him, thus using Adam as bait to lure Dean into Zachariah's trap to be delivered to Michael. Adam is angered with the angels for playing and manipulating him, and refuses to play along with this, but Zachariah silences him by biokinetically crippling him with internal hemorrhaging.

Back at Bobby's, while Dean is recovering in the panic room from Cass's beating, Sam comes in to update him on the Adam situation. Sam, Bobby and Cass are preparing to launch an assault on the Beautiful Room to get Adam back from the angels, and Sam intends to bring Dean along since he figures they'll need all the help they can get. Dean is surprised and confused that Sam is actually letting him get so close to the angels; warning Sam that he will say yes to Michael if he gets the chance, and that he wouldn't make this decision with Sam if their current positions were reversed. Sam justifies it as being because he's confident that Dean will ultimately make the right decision and say no to Michael when the time comes, and because Dean is still his big brother no matter what.

Cass teleports Sam and Dean to the grounds outside the Beautiful Room in preparation for their assault, and Dean is surprised to find that the Beautiful Room is hidden in an abandoned factory in Van Nuys, California of all places. Cass plans to go in first to clear out the five angels guarding the Beautiful Room, giving Sam and Dean time to grab Adam and get out. Cass admits that it's probably suicidal for him to take on five angels, but he bitterly declares to Dean that at this point he'd rather die than have to watch Dean fail. Cass enters the warehouse and locates the office shack which leads to the Beautiful Room, before the angel guards attack. Cass kills one of the angels with its own blade, then he banishes the others, but himself as well in the process, using an angel-banishing sigil he's carved into his own chest. With the guards cleared out, Dean heads into the Beautiful Room to grab Adam while Sam takes Zachariah by surprise, but Zach sees through their plan and telekinetically pins Sam back, then forces Dean to watch as he biokinetically tortures both his brothers. Dean first angrily and then miserably pleads with Zachariah to stop it and let Sam and Adam go, and Dean then hopelessly agrees to say yes to Michael. Upon hearing this, Sam stares in shock, his last faith in Dean rapidly shattering, while Zachariah sends out an Enochian chant to summon Michael.

However, as the Beautiful Room begins to tremble with Michael's descent towards Earth, Dean, upon seeing Sam's devastated expression, suddenly gives his brother a confident smile and wink. Dean then declares to Zachariah that he has a few conditions before he lets Michael in, foremost that Michael has to outright disintegrate Zach before Dean says yes. An enraged Zachariah grabs Dean and declares that Dean is nothing and nobody in comparison to him; allowing Dean to get close enough to stab Zach through the skull with an angel blade, killing Zachariah once and for all. With Zach dead, Sam, Dean and Adam immediately run for the door as Michael arrives; Sam and Dean make it out, but the door shuts on Adam, trapping him in the Beautiful Room with Michael as the archangel manifests. Outside, when Dean is finally able to reopen the office door, he finds that Michael and the Beautiful Room, and Adam with them, are gone and there is just a deserted office room inside.

In the aftermath of what happened at the Beautiful Room, Sam and Dean are on the road, thinking about Cass and Adam and whether or not either of them are okay. Sam then brings up what made Dean change his mind about saying yes to Michael in that one moment. Dean admits that he really was going to say yes because of how the world is ending and the walls are coming down on them, but he just couldn't let Sam down after all the faith Sam held onto for Dean even when Cass and Bobby had given up their hope. With his resolve revitalized and stronger than ever, Dean rejects destiny's plans for the duo, and declares that they'll take the fight to Heaven and Hell and do it their way.








  • Point of No Return is Supernatural's 100th episode. It was celebrated shortly before filming began, on 30 January, with a party in Vancouver.
  • Dean's motel room number at the beginning of this episode is 100, possibly a reference to this episode's number.
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