7x21 ProphetMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Human)
Notable distinctions : Predestined from before birth
Activated by prophet line
Glowing golden eyes
Advanced prophesising
Ability to read the Word of God
Related to : Human
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Multiple (primarily Abrahamic religions)
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : The Monster at the End of This Book
A prophet was a human chosen and destined to act as a 'mouthpiece' for divine will. There would be multiple potential prophets around the world for every generation, but only one at a time could be the activated prophet. A prophet who is activated for the purpose of reading the Word of God is referred to as a keeper of the Word. After the Fall, Metatron deactivated the prophet line so that no more prophets will be called.

Role to HeavenEdit

Prophets and Heaven's security over them was apparently held as a very high priority by angels, who took it as a serious duty to guard, watch and protect the prophet. (The Monster at the End of This Book, Reading Is Fundemental, What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) It is standard protocol among the Host of Heaven that if and when the Word of God is found and a keeper prophet activated, then the angels are to take the keeper into the desert to translate the Word in solitude. (Reading Is Fundemental) Each and every angel apparently also knows the name of every past, present and future potential prophet, (99 Problems, A Little Slice of Kevin) although they cannot know the names of potential prophets who have yet to be born. (A Little Slice of Kevin) The Host of Heaven can apparently have or resort to a level of control and superiority over prophets for Heaven's own purposes, shown with how Zachariah manipulated Chuck Shurley for his plan, and put him under house arrest to stop him interfering in the Host's plans. (Sympathy for the Devil)

Before the Apocalypse was derailed, a prophet would have an archangel tethered to them as a protector, so that if and when the prophet was threatened or was in close proximity of a threat such as a demon, the archangel would immediately descend to Earth to smite and obliterate the threat. (The Monster at the End of This Book, Lucifer Rising, Sympathy for the Devil) However, it would appear that following the archangels' downfall, with Michael and Lucifer locked away in the cage, and Raphael and Gabriel dead, the archangels' duties of acting as prophets' protectors were incapacitated. (Reading Is Fundemental onwards)


7x21 KevinProphetActivated

A prophet is activated by the release of the Leviathan Word of God. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Each potential prophet is born and raised as an ordinary human. (Reading Is Fundemental, A Little Slice of Kevin) It was implied by Castiel and Samandriel that all potentials (past, present and future) are all preordained to be potential prophets in future. (99 Problems, A Little Slice of Kevin) Though there were multiple potentials in every generation, only one living prophet at a time could be the activated prophet. (A Little Slice of Kevin) A potential could be activated as a prophet either when the previous prophet died, to take their place; (Sacrifice) or when the Word of God was released, to guard and translate the Word as a keeper of the Word. (Reading Is Fundemental)

When a prophet was activated, they would be granted one or several divine and supernatural abilities and attributes, through which to serve as a divine mouthpiece on Earth. For this purpose, at least some prophets could possess the power of prophecy - in this case, the prophet would have painful dreams of future events to come that were in relation to the prophet's role and purpose as God's voice (i.e., Chuck Shurley's dreams from 2005 to 2010 showed him the events in Sam and Dean Winchester's lives during those years, for Chuck to write down as a new gospel in the form of his Supernatural book series). (The Monster at the End of This Book, Lucifer Rising) Angels such as Zachariah were capable of controlling and tampering with a prophet's prophecies and what they saw and what prophecies they got, (Sympathy for the Devil) but said angels' control over a prophet's clairvoyance nevertheless did not seem to be absolute. (Swan Song)

7x21 ProphetReadingWordOfGod

A prophet's blurred vision as the prophet reads the Word of God. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Prophecies were much more far-reaching and powerful than simple psychic visions and premonitions, to the point that the future events a prophecy predicted would very likely find some way to happen as predicted, and were nearly (but not completely) impossible to defy or derail. (The Monster at the End of This Book, Lucifer Rising Season 5) For example, both Chuck's prophecies of the Winchesters and the Book of Revelation's prophecy of the Apocalypse both initially started playing out very accurately down to every minor detail; (The Monster at the End of This Book, Lucifer Rising) but as the Winchesters, Castiel and Bobby Singer began to work more and more against destiny with free will in the effort to derail the Apocalypse, both sets of prophecy and how their predictions came true began to become less and less accurate, (Lucifer Rising) until the prophecy of the Apocalypse was outright and completely derailed at the end by Michael and Lucifer's defeat at Sam and Dean's hands. (Swan Song)

Somewhat alternatively to the power of prophecy, a prophet who was activated as a keeper of the Word of God would instead possess a connection of sorts to the holy tablets that contain the Word. The keeper would possess the ability to read and decipher the information written on the tablets in the ancient language; although doing so was apparently unpleasant and difficult for the prophet, and was likened by Kevin Tran to 'reading through someone else's glasses.' The time it took the keeper prophet to decipher a piece of information on the Word of God could apparently also vary from just a few moments (Reading Is Fundemental) to several months, (Season 8, Season 9) the difference in how long it took being implied to depend on how heavily the information had been ciphered. (Holy Terror) The keeper of the Word also possessed the ability to repair the tablets containing the Word when they were broken into pieces, simply by slotting the broken pieces together to mystically rejoin the tablet together. (Reading Is Fundemental, Sacrifice)

8x23 WordRejoined

The prophet makes the broken Word of God tablet whole again. (Sacrifice)


The Host of Heaven have apparently used prophets as mouthpieces for heavenly will on Earth for thousands of years - St. Luke who wrote some of the gospels of the Bible was confirmed as being a prophet. (The Monster at the End of This Book) The prophet line was still active into the 21st century; with Chuck Shurley serving as the prophet from 2005 to 2010, and writing the Winchester Gospels about Sam and Dean Winchester during that period. (The Monster at the End of This Book, Season 5) After the Winchester brothers successfully derailed the Apocalypse by trapping Michael and Lucifer within Lucifer's cage, Chuck mysteriously vanished into air and was not heard from again; believed to be because either he was God in disguise, or because with the Winchesters' story finished, Chuck's work on Earth was done. (Swan Song)

Circa 2012, when the Word of God tablet on the Leviathan was found and released, Kevin Tran was activated as a prophet and a keeper of the Word. (Reading Is Fundemental) Kevin remained the prophet for the following two years, (Season 8, Season 9) until he was killed by Gadreel in late 2013. (Holy Terror) After Kevin died, Metatron stated he'd "flipped a switch" in Heaven to deactivate the prophet line, so no more prophets would be called after Kevin's death. (Road Trip)

Known prophetsEdit

8x7 PotentialProphetsCaptured+Gathered

The seven present day potential prophets, captured and gathered by Crowley. (A Little Slice of Kevin)




A prophet is a person (and, in religion and cults, often an important figure or even a founder) who claims to have been contacted by the divine or supernatural, and who subsequently serves as an intermediary with humanity for passing the new knowledge given to the prophet by the divine onto other people. There have been many claims of prophethood throughout multiple religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism and many others.



  • The prophet line in Supernatural is in several ways similar to the Slayer line from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - the prophet line too consists of normal humans chosen by supernatural will; and only one prophet will be the active prophet at a time, and when that prophet dies then one of the other chosen potentials will be activated as the new prophet to take the old one's place.
  • The two seen activated prophets on the show displayed different abilities - Kevin never showed the ability of prophecy that Chuck exhibited, only his powers involving the Word of God. Some viewers have suggested that different prophets have different abilities for their own unique functions, or that the power of prophecy is now negated with free will ruling the universe after the derailment of the Apocalypse.

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