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2x2 RakshasaMain
Species information
Type : Creature
Notable distinctions : Shapeshifting and invisibility
Sleeps in squalor
Requires invitation to enter
Main weaknesses : Brass
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Hinduism
Native range : Earth
Production information
Appearance : Everybody Loves a Clown

Rakshasas are a race of ancient Hindu creatures, which can shapeshift or become invisible, and feed on human flesh.


Rakshasa are mischievous and homicidal imps known for living in squalor, sleeping on a bed of insects and feeding on human flesh. These creatures tend to hunt for adults, leaving the children unharmed.

They also possess several abilities to allow them to hunt humans, such as disguising themselves as humans, while they also can distort their human features to reveal their true nature. In addition, they can turn invisible, vanishing in a mist-like blur, possess the strength to overpower and maul humans with ease, and have above human sense, as one was able to over hear Dean's entire conversation, despite being outside the range of human hearing distance.

They can only be killed by brass, allowing it to quickly and completely recover from being damaged from anything else, and cannot enter a house without first being invited. One method a Rakshasa uses is tricking children to invite them in so they can kill their parents.

Hunts and encountersEdit