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Biological information
Race : Angel (Archangel)
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Michael (brother)
Lucifer (brother)
Gabriel (brother)
Other angels (siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : Before humanity
Died : 2011
Notable affiliations : God (formerly)
Host of Heaven
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Demore Barnes
Lanette Ware
First appearance : The Monster at the End of This Book

Raphael was an archangel of Heaven, who supported his older brother Michael's scheme to free Lucifer and bring the Apocalypse in hopes of having Paradise. After the Apocalypse was derailed, Raphael intended to restart it, resulting in a civil war in Heaven between Raphael and Castiel for the future of the Earth. Raphael was ultimately stopped when Castiel used the power of Purgatory's monster souls to destroy the archangel.




Raphael was a 'traditionalist' angel, with very little emotion in his monotone demeanour and no respect for human life, who was almost single-mindedly determined to ensure the Apocalypse happened so he and the other angels could have Paradise. Raphael expected all lower angels to conform to the archangels' ways and bow to them or die, and would smite practically anyone who stood against him, although he was willing to be forgiving with and offer second chances to his fellow angels when they disobeyed, depending upon the current state of events. Raphael also exhibited a lack of regard or care for humanity; he had no qualms over threatening, harming or even killing humans when it would further his goals, and he callously left his first vessel, Donnie Finnerman, catatonic after initially disinhabiting him. Despite ruthlessly supporting the Holy Host's goal of achieving the Apocalypse so as to kill Lucifer and gain Paradise, Raphael did not share Michael's fanatical belief in God and proving to God that they were good sons, and was pessimistically convinced that God must be dead, due to being tired and worn out by all that he and Heaven have experienced and all the horrors and hardships that have occurred on the Earth.

As an archangel, Raphael thought highly of himself; considering it very merciful on his part when he didn't destroy those who got in his way or annoyed him, and being aware of his and his brothers' feared reputation among the lower-level angels. Raphael could also be extremely arrogant and stubborn in reaching his goals; as when questioned how he could be so certain that the Apocalypse was God's will, he replied, "because it's what I want." Raphael could be power-hungry as well, as he declared at the climax of the race to reach Purgatory and take its nigh-Godlike power, "If anyone's going to be the new God, it's me." Despite his pride and honour as an archangel, Raphael could be unscrupulous in his goals and willing to stoop to the enemy's level if not lower; during the heavenly civil war, he ordered all of Castiel's allies (even those not actually involved in the war) be assassinated as an emotional strike against Cass, and he even worked as partners with Crowley after the latter was double-crossed by Cass, despite how conspiring with demons was considered beneath angels. Raphael was also shown just before his death to not be above begging for his own life when confronted by a more powerful opponent whom he has no chance of fighting against.

During the civil war in Heaven following the derailment of the Apocalypse, Raphael's demeanour became less robotic and his behaviour more sly, temperable and aggressive due to his anger over the loss of his and the angels' chance at Paradise.

Special abilitiesEdit









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