Rebecca Warren
1x6 RebeccaWarren
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Unknown
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Skin
Actor/Actress : Amy Grabow

Rebecca "Becca" Warren, nicknamed Becky by Sam Winchester, is the sister of Zach Warren and a college friend of Sam.


Becky and her brother Zach knew Sam Winchester at Stanford University, and were good friends with him.


After Zach was charged and arrested for Emily's death, Becca took matters into her own hands and began trying to prove Zach innocent. She also contacted Sam to tell him about it, and the latter and Dean came to investigate (claiming Dean was a police officer).

Becca later discovered that Dean wasn't with the police, and became furious at Sam for tampering with the crime scene and jeopardising their chances of proving Zach to be innocent. A Shapeshifter mimicking the real Dean later visited Becca and told her about Shapeshifters, before attacking and beating her. The Shifter was then about to begin slashing and torturing Becca, when a SWAT team arrived and drove the Shapeshifter off.

The next day, the Shapeshifter attacked and knocked Rebecca out in the street, then took her back to its lair in the sewers, where Becca recovered in time to see the Shifter transform into her. Dean later found and freed Rebecca, and they returned to her house in time to save Sam and kill the Shapeshifter. Afterwards, Rebecca bid Sam and Dean farewell before they left St. Louis.

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