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Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 2
Original airdate : 14 October, 2014
Directed by : Thomas J. Wright
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Preceded by : Black
Followed by : Soul Survivor

Reichenbach is the second episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Crowley notices Dean is becoming more and more aggressive. Dean tells him that's the side effect of being a demon, but Crowley knows it's something more – the Mark of Cain needs to be fed. Meanwhile, Sam is captured by Cole, an angry man who blames Dean for his father's death years ago and wants revenge. Cole tortures Sam, hoping he'll tell him where Dean is hiding."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up where Black left off, after Sam has been captured by Cole, Dean continues his dark joyride alone as though nothing has happened, hitting seedy places and women and brutally beating up anyone who so much as tries to get in his way; while Cole interrogates Sam for Dean's location, and tells Sam the story of what his past with Dean is. On 21 June, 2003, a thirteen-year-old Cole awoke in the night to the sounds of a scuffle in the house, and came downstairs to find his father slashed and gutted to death in the hallway by Dean with a silver knife; leaving Cole grieving over his father's corpse and silently glaring vengeance at Dean as the latter spared him.

Back in the present, after hearing Cole's story of why he is hunting Dean, Sam is sympathetic, but still refuses to give up his brother's location even after Dean told Cole to go ahead and kill him. Attempting to get Cole to understand that Dean wasn't always the evil inhuman thing he is right now and would have had a good reason when he killed Cole's father, Sam tells Cole the truth about the supernatural monsters and demons that exist and which the Winchesters hunt. Cole doesn't believe Sam, and resorts to trying to torture information on Dean's whereabouts out of Sam. The torture session is momentarily halted when Cole gets a call from his wife and son on his cellphone. While Cole is distracted taking the call in another room, Sam manages to get to Cole's dropped keys and escapes. Sam steals a truck that Cole can't sabotage, and subsequently begins following Dean's trail to track him down; unaware that Cole had deliberately allowed him to escape so that Sam would unwittingly lead him to Dean, and is following right behind him.

Crowley, noticing Dean has been behaving increasingly violently since he became a demon, takes him to a bar to talk with him about his "anger management issues." Crowley tells Dean that he needs to regularly kill in order to feed and satiate the Mark of Cain, and suggests that he, instead of being randomly violent towards anyone who annoys him, direct his murderous tendencies to Hell's benefit by killing those whom Hell wants dead: Crowley explains that a man, Lester Morris, recently sold his soul in exchange for the death of his wife, Mindy (whom he'd caught cheating on him with a football league man, and who is now divorcing him and getting half his money), and suggests that Dean take up the job of being the demon to kill Mindy.

Dean heads to Mindy's house at nightfall, preparing to follow through with the deal to kill her, when he finds Lester waiting outside as well so that he can watch her die. Dean first semi-warmly introduces himself to Lester as the demon hitman sent after Mindy, then forces the truth out of Lester that he'd in fact cheated on Mindy first. Dean then gets brutal and violent with Lester, and kills him with the First Blade. When Dean returns to Crowley and nonchalantly reveals that he killed Lester instead of Mindy, Crowley is furious at Dean for his insolence, since what he did broke Lester's deal and lost Hell Lester's soul. Crowley angrily demands that Dean stop fooling around and acting like he's a human, and accept that he's one of the demons now; but an unfazed Dean icily responds, "Or what?", and undermines and humiliates Crowley in front of his henchmen, and Crowley coldly ends their relationship because of Dean's uncontrollability.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Hannah are still on the road and are recovering from the incident with Daniel and Adina (with Cass's powers continuing to weaken), when Sam calls Cass to tell him to meet him in Beulah, North Dakota because Dean and Crowley were there. Cass is clearly shocked, angered and distressed when Sam updates him on Dean's transformation into a demon, and agrees to go and meet Sam there. Hannah and Cass drive for Beulah in the night, and talk about Cass's relationship with the Winchesters along the way; Hannah admits that she thinks the Winchesters are a bad influence on Cass, but Cass defends them, saying they are his friends. While they're driving, Cass begins to pass out, losing control of the car and crashing into a tree. A mechanic, Kim, tows their car and offers to give Cass and Hannah a place at her house to sleep for the night while she repairs their ride. Cass quickly falls asleep as Hannah inspects the fridge. The next morning, before Cass and Hannah leave with their car fixed, Cass meets and bonds with Kim's young daughter over dreams, as Kim and Hannah look on and comment on how great a guy Cass is.

Cass falls asleep while Hannah's driving their car; and when he wakes up, the car is parked at the playground where the portal to Heaven is located, and he finds that Hannah has gone through to talk to Metatron. In Heaven, Hannah heads to the dungeon to talk with Metatron, who is still behind bars and now more insane than ever. As Metatron taunts Hannah, the latter demands to know if any of Cass's original grace was leftover after the Fall. Metatron claims there is, and he'll tell Hannah where it is if she lets him out of the dungeon, claiming that he's lost interest in the Earth and will leave it alone. However, Cass then arrives before Hannah can agree to any deal, warning her that deals like this always end badly and that Metatron can never be trusted anyway, and declaring he would rather die than be the reason Metatron escapes. Hannah listens, and once she's gone, Metatron confirms that he was lying yet again when he'd said he wouldn't do any harm if she'd freed him. However, just before Cass leaves, Metatron warns that while it could take centuries for him to escape, the dungeon won't hold him forever, and he intends to kill everyone once he's free.

Back on Earth, while Dean is at a bar, pondering what Crowley said to him, Sam has finally tracked his wayward demonized brother down (with Crowley having betrayed Dean's location, because of how out-of-control Demon Dean has proven to be for Hell after he deliberately messed up Lester's deal and ended his friendship with Crowley), and steps into the bar to confront him. Sam pleads with Dean, intending to use the demon cure to get his human brother back, but Dean says that the fact that he doesn't want to be cured is the reason he ran off with Crowley in the first place, and he chillingly warns Sam that this is his last chance to let him go and leave Demon Dean to do what he wants. Before the brothers can fight over Dean's fate, Cole launches an attack on the bar, knocking Sam out and finally facing off against Dean. When Cole confronts Dean with what he did to the former's father eleven years ago, Dean doesn't deny it, but is also completely unmoved and nonchalant and doesn't bother to remember it. Cole takes out a knife and engages Dean in a fight; though Cole's military training and martial arts skills are very impressive, they're no match for Dean's demonically-enhanced fighting abilities, with Dean being able to almost laugh off all of Cole's strikes. Dean also reveals to Cole during the fight that Sam was telling the truth about him being a demon, when he instantly regenerates a slash to his face and flashes his black demon eyes. Once he's finished toying with Cole, Dean easily beats him to a pulp, but changes his mind about his threat to kill Cole, and lets him pass out from his injuries. But while Dean was distracted fighting Cole, Sam has recovered, and manages to take Dean by surprise and slip the demon cuffs on him, incapacitating him.

After Dean has been captured, Sam hands the First Blade over to Crowley for safekeeping so that Dean can't come into contact with it again. Before leaving, Crowley takes one last look at a cuffed Dean, who is glaring pure vengeance at him. However, after Sam has left to take Dean back to the bunker to be cured, Crowley is left sadly browsing through his photos of him and Dean on their joyride in the bar, before leaving with his demon henchmen to move on and hide the Blade. Elsewhere, a severely-beaten and bloody but alive Cole staggers into a library, and demands every demonology book the librarian has. Elsewhere, Sam is driving off in the reclaimed Impala for the bunker with Dean cuffed in the backseat. Sam reminds Dean that he spared Cole's life and uses it as proof that Dean isn't too far gone, but Dean declares that he didn't spare Cole out of mercy at all; he did it because it means that Cole will now have to live with the fact that he spent half his life training for his showdown with Dean only to get completely beaten up like he was nothing; it was the worst thing Dean could have possibly done. Dean also darkly promises, "And what I'm gonna do to you Sammy... well that ain't gonna be mercy either."













  • The song playing at the strip club scene (Cherry Pie) previously appeared on Supernatural in The Song Remains the Same in Dean's stripper dream (albeit performed by a different singer).


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