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Rowena MacLeod was a powerful rogue witch, and was the mother of Fergus Rodric MacLeod before his human self died and his soul became the demon Crowley.




Rowena is an intelligent, sly, manipulative, cunning and deadly person, who took pride in her deceit and manipulation of her son towards the way of thinking she wanted of him as "who [they] are." Dangerous and ruthless, Rowena could be frighteningly vicious and deadly when someone got in her way, when she loathingly disapproved of someone, or even when someone just annoyed her: she gruesomely killed Raul upon declaring his forced-prostitution establishment to be complete "filth," she had a nasty habit of using a mind-control spell on people who were uncooperative with her desires despite knowing full well that the spell killed them by boiling their brains, and she advised a highly brutal, graphic and vicious punishment for a whining crossroads demon to use as a tyrannical threat and warning to all demons not to dare waste Crowley's time with whining.

Rowena was something of an ambitionist who believed in, and encouraged from her son and students, ruthlessly fighting and striving for power. Although, Rowena herself was highly carefree and displayed disregard and disinterest towards authority, preferring to use her magic to be free and to do what she wanted when she wanted, and deliberately disregard both Hell and the Grand Coven along with their rules, without fear of the consequences. Rowena could be warm, sweet and encouraging towards her son and towards people she saw strength and potential as witches in, taking great pride in seeing those she cared about achieve as much as and more power than she could have had hopes for, and she at times revealed a slight lonely side from having spent centuries on the run without any contact with her son or any coven of her own. However, when her son and students consciously rejected all her hopes for them or when they disappointed her badly enough, Rowena could very quickly turn nasty, disowning and berating.

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