3x12 RubyMain1

4x22 RubyMain2-3

Biological information
Race : Human (Borrower witch) (formerly)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : Ca. 14th century
Died : Ca. 14th century (as a human)
May, 2009 (as a demon)
Notable affiliations : Lilith
Sam Winchester
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Katie Cassidy
Genevieve Padalecki
Other Actors/Actresses : Anna Williams
Michelle Hewitt-Williams
First appearance : The Magnificent Seven

Ruby was a demon who secretly conspired with Lilith to manipulate Sam Winchester into completing Azazel's endgame to free Lucifer. To this end, Ruby feigned going rogue from the demons and allying with Sam and Dean for two years, successfully manipulating Sam into using his demonic powers to unwittingly begin the Apocalypse.



Ruby was originally a human who lived centuries before, at the peak of the Black Death. She became a borrower witch by selling her soul to the demon Astaroth, and according to Astaroth, Ruby was one of her best witches. As a result of her deal, after Ruby died, her soul went to Hell, where she was extensively tortured and twisted and corrupted until she lost most of her humanity and became a demon. (Malleus Maleficarum)

After Azazel, in the early 1970s, concocted the master plan to create special children to free demons from Hell, secretly as part of an endgame to free Lucifer and bring the Apocalypse, Ruby was one of the few Lucifer-worshipping demons who were in on and part of Azazel's true endgame along with Lilith. (Lucifer Rising)

Allying with the WinchestersEdit

In early May, 2007, when one of Azazel's special children opened a devil's gate to free Lilith from Hell for Azazel's plan, Ruby was among the hundreds of demons who escaped from Hell and rose to Earth through the gate. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2, Season 3)

After taking possession of a human body, around a week after the opening of the devil's gate, Ruby tracked Sam Winchester - Azazel's last surviving special child who would be vital in breaking the final one of Lucifer's seals to free Lucifer from his cage - in Lincoln, Nebraska while he, Dean and Bobby Singer were hunting the Seven Deadly Sins there. (The Magnificent Seven)

3x2 RubyRevealed

Ruby reveals to Sam that she's actually a demon. (The Kids Are Alright)

Ruby sought to gain the Winchesters' trust in order to manipulate Sam into using his demonic special child powers (so that he would be strong enough to kill Lilith and break the final seal when the time was right). (Lucifer Rising) When the Seven Deadly Sins threatened to kill Sam while the Winchesters were fighting them off, Ruby intervened, and helped and saved Sam by using a demon-killing knife in her possession to kill three of the Sins, before leaving. (The Magnificent Seven)

Ruby shortly after contacted Sam again to influence and encourage him to look more into his late mother's family, whom Azazel had attempted to kill off to cover up Sam's special child identity. When Ruby claimed to be a hunter and refused to reveal who she really was, Sam became frustrated and suspicious with her, forcing Ruby to reveal to Sam her true identity as a demon. When Sam became even more distrustful of Ruby as a result, she calmed and talked Sam down by lying to him that she could help Dean escape his one-year demon contract for his soul. (The Kids Are Alright)

3x4 RubyThreatenedWithColt

Sam threatens an unfazed Ruby with the restored Colt. (Sin City)

When Bobby was attempting to restore the Colt's demon-killing power with little success, Ruby contacted Bobby to help, and she managed to help him develop new bullets for the Colt capable of exercising the gun's supernatural-killing power. Ruby then delivered the restored Colt to Sam, who ruthlessly used the gun to kill two demons. Ruby was impressed at Sam's new ruthlessness, and encouraged Sam that he would have to keep it up in the war against the demons, and got Sam to continue reluctantly trusting her by reminding him of her claim that she could save Dean from his contract. (Sin City)

Later, when Sam and Dean were investigating a witch coven in Sturbridge, Massachusetts that were being empowered by Astaroth, Ruby tried to warn the brothers off, only to meet intense hostility and distrust from Dean. Ruby later used her sophisticated knowledge on witches from when she was one to save Dean from a killing spell that Astaroth was attempting on him, at least partially gaining his trust, and subsequently helped Dean and Sam fight off and kill Astaroth, but not before the brothers learned from Astaroth of how Ruby had once been human. After Astaroth and the witches were killed, Ruby and Dean had a heart-to-heart about how all demons were originally human, and Ruby admitted that she'd lied to Sam about being able to save Dean and that Dean himself would also become a demon after his time was up and he went to Hell. (Malleus Maleficarum)

3x9 RubyVsAstaroth

Ruby fights against her former mentor Astaroth. (Malleus Maleficarum)

While Sam and Dean were besieged at the Monument Sheriff's Office by a horde of Lilith's demons, who seemingly wanted Sam dead so Lilith could take over the demons on Earth, Ruby broke in to help the brothers fight the demons off, but when she learned that they didn't have the Colt to kill the demons, she instead qualmlessly suggested a demon-killing spell that involved cutting Nancy Fitzgerald's heart out, to Dean's shock, disgust and protest. When Dean vehemently refused to go through with Ruby's idea despite Sam being more open, a frustrated Ruby gave up and left the brothers to deal with the demon siege on their own. After Sam and Dean defeated the demon horde, Ruby went to them to show them how Lilith had wiped out the police station and everyone there anyway, then gave the brothers hex bags to hide them from Lilith and left. (Jus in Bello)

3x12 RubyTeachesWarRules

Ruby lectures Sam and Dean about the rules of war against the demons after the incident at the Monument police station. (Jus in Bello)

At the start of May, 2008, when Dean's last day before his contract was up came, Sam resorted to summoning Ruby for help finding Lilith to save Dean from his contract, and Ruby encouraged Sam to reawaken and use his demonic special child abilities, but Dean tricked an enraged Ruby by trapping her under a devil's trap and taking her demon-killing knife. Ruby managed to escape the devil's trap and follow Sam and Dean to New Harmony, Indiana to get her demon knife back from Dean, becoming caught up there in the brothers' fight to get past the demons to Lilith so as to kill or force her to relinquish Dean's contract. However, at some point, at around midnight when Dean's contract was up, Lilith took over Ruby's vessel and sent Ruby back to Hell. (No Rest for the Wicked)

Training Sam's powersEdit

Later on in May, 2008, Ruby returned to Earth again, initially possessing a secretary as her new vessel. Ruby claimed that before returning, she'd been heavily tortured in Hell on Lilith's orders to try and force her to declare loyalty to Lilith, and Ruby had eventually managed to get released and returned to Earth by tricking the demons into incorrectly believing she had broken and turned back over to Lilith. After returning from Hell, Ruby went back to Sam to continue influencing him to use his special child powers under the guise that she was his ally, but Sam initially rejected Ruby's help. Sam was also angry at how Ruby was possessing innocent people's bodies, so Ruby disinhibited her secretary vessel and instead possessed the recently-deceased body of a coma patient. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

4x9 RubyReturnsToSam

Ruby, initially possessing a secretary, returns to Sam. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

With Sam now more trusting of Ruby and open to her advice, Ruby convinced Sam to be patient in tracking and killing Lilith to avenge Dean, and Ruby and Sam began training with Sam's special child powers so that Sam could gain the ability to psychically pull demons from their vessels and send them back to Hell. To fuel and develop Sam's demon-pulling powers so that they'd eventually be strong enough to even kill high-level demons like Lilith, Ruby also began feeding and getting Sam on demon blood, which gradually became an addiction to Sam. When Sam was at his lowest point, he and Ruby even started a sexual relationship. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

4x1 RubyWitnessesWinchesterReunion

Ruby watches Sam's reunion with an unaware Dean after Dean's resurrection. (Lazarus Rising)

On 18 September, four months after Dean's death, while Sam and Ruby were in Pontiac, Illinois searching for Lilith, Bobby and a mysteriously resurrected Dean found them (unaware that the girl with Sam was Ruby due to Ruby's new vessel). Afterwards, Sam searched for information from the demons on who or what was behind Dean's resurrection and why it was scaring them, and Ruby and Sam decided that now that Dean was back, they would keep that they were developing Sam's special child powers behind his back secret from him, and also tone down Ruby's involvement so it would be a lesser lie to Dean. (Lazarus Rising)

Shortly afterwards, Ruby was scared and terrified to learn that angels were behind Dean's resurrection and thus that Heaven was becoming more active and involved in the affairs of the further-down realms, and so wanted to lay lower in her involvement with Sam to avoid getting discovered and smote by the angels. (Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester) Meanwhile, shortly afterwards, Dean eventually learned of what Sam and Ruby were doing developing and testing Sam's special child powers against demons behind Dean's back, and Sam lied to Dean that they would stop, but he and Ruby continued meeting in private and developingand enhancing Sam's powers. (Metamorphosis)

4x4 Ruby+SamExorciseDemon

Ruby and Sam training and developing Sam's demon-exorcising powers. (Metamorphosis)

Later, when Ruby learned that the demons were after an escaped mental patient, Anna Milton, to capture her alive, Ruby passed word on to Sam and Dean so they could investigate. During this case, when the brothers found Anna and learned that she could hear angels speaking in Heaven and could see demons' true faces behind their vessels', Ruby went to warn and help the brothers protect and rescue Anna when Alastair came after them for Anna. Ruby hid Anna in safety at a warded cabin, then temporarily possessed a maid at Sam and Dean's motel to covertly give them her and Anna's location. After Sam and Dean arrived and Ruby repossessed her coma-patient vessel, their problems with Anna were exacerbated when angels Castiel and Uriel also came after Anna to torture and kill her. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

4x10 RubyDealsWithAlastair

Ruby feigns a deal with Alastair of handing Anna over for her and the Winchesters' lives. (Heaven and Hell)

After escaping the angels, Sam, Dean, Ruby and Anna used hex bags to hide from both Heaven and the demons and set about learning who Anna really was and why the angels wanted to punish and kill her. Through the psychic Pamela Barnes, the team learned that Anna was a graceless fallen angel who had been reborn as a human after removing her grace and falling, and they set about finding Anna's grace and reuniting her with it to restore her celestial powers with which to fight the angels and demons off. However, the team found that the angels had already reached and captured Anna's grace. (Heaven and Hell)

To restore Anna's grace and overcome the pursuing forces of both Heaven and Hell that were after Anna, Ruby, as part of a secret plan by Sam, went to a crossroads and summoned Alastair by destroying her hex bag to expose her location, and Ruby feigned offering to give Alastair Anna's location in exchange for Ruby's and the brothers' lives. Alastair instead captured Ruby and viciously tortured her, and Ruby, as part of Sam's plan, took Alastair and his demons to the barn where the Winchesters were hiding with Anna. Sam and Ruby's plan worked when the demons and angels got distracted fighting over which side would get Anna, long enough for Anna to regain her grace and force Uriel and Castiel to back off. (Heaven and Hell)

4x10 RubyTorturedByAlastair

Ruby under torture by Alastair. (Heaven and Hell)

After this, Sam began drinking demon blood less and less and becoming more reluctant, which Ruby was unhappy with, trying to convince Sam that he needed to intoxicate as much blood as possible to enhance his powers enough to kill Lilith before she broke the 66 of Lucifer's seals needed to release Lucifer from his cage. Sam initially refused Ruby's demands, but after a particularly harrowing case in Sioux City, Iowa, Sam was driven to agree and start drinking more demon blood and training with his special child powers with Ruby more and resume their hunt for Lilith. (Criss Angel Is a Douchebag)

4x16 Ruby+SamLocateDean

Ruby and Sam track Dean after the latter is abducted by the angels. (On the Head of a Pin)

Later, Ruby arranged for a meeting between herself and the Winchester brothers to pursue a current lead on Lilith, but before Ruby could arrive at the rendezvous at the Winchesters' motel, Dean was abducted by Castiel and Uriel to help in interrogating a captured Alastair. Though Ruby was reluctant to get involved in matters involving Heaven and though that Dean interrogating information from Alastair would be beneficial in the war against Lilith over Lucifer's seals, she agreed to use a tracking ritual to locate where the angels were holding Dean and Alastair. Ruby also got Sam to start drinking more demon blood again and convince him to put away his doubts about it. (On the Head of a Pin)

From this point onwards, Sam's need to drink the demon blood he was consuming to enhance his powers began to amplify and worsen, eventually becoming a full-blown addiction. (The Rapture)

Completing the endgameEdit

4x21 RubyAboutToFeedSamBlood

Sam begins falling to his demon blood addiction and is about to feed from Ruby after escaping Dean and Bobby's detox. (When the Levee Breaks)

While Ruby was supposedly investigating a lead on Lilith's whereabouts, a fully addicted Sam was enduring a demon blood detox in Bobby's panic room, until he escaped and returned to Ruby at a motel. Ruby discovered that Sam's demon blood appetite and through it his abilities and training, had now developed and amplified enough that he would be strong enough to take on and kill Lilith. Ruby claimed to Sam that while only two more of Lucifer's seals had to be broken to free him, killing Lilith before she could break the 66th seal would derail Lucifer's release since only Lilith could break it. However, in actuality, as part of Azazel's secret endgame to release Lucifer, Ruby and Lilith intended to have Sam use his special child abilities to unwittingly break the final seal and free Lucifer by killing Lilith in an attempt by Sam to avert the Apocalypse. Dean subsequently tracked Sam and Ruby down and tried to kill Ruby, recognising she was a bad influence and was manipulating Sam and causing his demon blood addiction, but Sam chose Ruby over Dean and left with her to track Lilith down. (When the Levee Breaks)

4x22 Ruby+SamTortureDemon

Ruby and Sam torture Lilith's demon chef for Lilith's location. (Lucifer Rising)

After settling at an isolated cabin as temporary base in their search for Lilith, Sam and Ruby captured Lilith's demon chef and tried to use Sam's demon powers to force her to give them Lilith's location, but Sam faced an emotional crossroads to Ruby's impatience when the demon gave its innocent vessel's personality back control. After Sam and Ruby learned from research on a demonic possession by Azazel in 1972 that Lilith would be at St. Mary's Convent for the breaking of the final seal, they began driving to there, and Ruby tried to convince a reluctant Sam to drink the demon blood of Lilith's chef's vessel to fuel his abilities enough to kill Lilith. Sam was initially reluctant, but when he was falsely led to believe that Dean had given up on helping him, he gave in, to Ruby's pleasing. (Lucifer Rising)

Sam and Ruby then arrived at St. Mary's Convent, using Sam's powers there to wipe out Lilith's demon subordinates and capture her. Though Dean arrived and tried to warn and stop Sam, having learned that killing Lilith was what would break the final seal, Ruby locked Dean out and urged Sam to ignore Dean's yells and kill Lilith while he had the chance. Sam listened to Ruby and used his special child powers to maximum on Lilith, successfully destroying her and unwittingly breaking the last of Lucifer's seals. (Lucifer Rising)

4x22 RubyDeath

Ruby is destroyed with her own demon knife, but not before completing her mission to bring the Apocalypse. (Lucifer Rising)

As the door of Lucifer's cage began to form and open beneath them, Ruby revealed to a shocked and distressed Sam her true allegiances to Lucifer and Azazel's endgame and her deceit and manipulation, and how Sam had, by killing Lilith, just begun the Apocalypse rather than stopped it, but she tried to calm and soothe a distressed and distraught Sam about releasing Lucifer. Dean then broke in and intervened, stabbing and killing Ruby with her demon-killing knife while Sam held her in place. Though Ruby had died, her mission to complete the endgame to free Lucifer had succeeded. (Lucifer Rising)

Alternate realitiesEdit

In an alternate universe where the supernatural and the Winchesters and their lives are fictional, Ruby's counterpart in this reality is a human actress called Genevieve Padalecki, who portrayed Ruby in the show Supernatural and was married to Sam's counterpart, Jared. (The French Mistake)


Ruby was a manipulative, deceptive and aggressive demon with a banterous and insensitive, black sense of humour, and who preferred and relied upon manipulation and trickery to reach her goals rather than directly participating or fighting. During her ruse as a traitor to Hell who was helping the Winchesters stop Lilith, Ruby was seen as a "devious, cowardly little slut" who was not above deserting her allies if she became angered or upset enough with them, and who preferred to avoid meeting or getting near those she feared such as angels and Alastair. However, in spite of her cunning, devious, ill-tempered and manipulative personality and tactics to reach her goals, Ruby did show herself to be highly brave and loyal towards her ultimate cause of freeing Lucifer, ultimately remaining loyal to this cause and not giving it away before it was time, even in spite of making herself an outcast and target by her own demon kind and in spite of the many risks to her life and the close encounters with those she feared that it meant.

Ruby claimed to be different from other demons in that she remembered what it was to be human even though she wished she didn't and that this compelled her to help protect and defend humanity; however, this was apparently at least partially false, since her true intentions behind helping the Winchesters were to free Lucifer and bring the Apocalypse. Ruby did seem somewhat insecure about the knowledge of her past as a human, as she initially didn't tell or talk to Sam and Dean about it, and she appeared briefly upset when the brothers learned from Astaroth that Ruby had once been human.

During the year in which Ruby and Sam worked to save Dean from his crossroads contract, Ruby sought and worked to help and save the Winchesters if and when it was necessary in order to gain the brothers' (particularly Sam's) trust. However, Ruby did not always present herself to Dean and Sam as an accommodating ally; as she frequently belittled and insulted them (Dean particularly), she became ill-tempered and impatient with them to the point of brief desertion when they did not use her suggestions or agree with her, and she could lose her temper and snap at and attack them when Dean pushed her temper too far.

After her return from Hell and during the period of the breaking of Lucifer's seals, Ruby seemed to have softened from her time and involvement with Sam, and she seemed to be significantly less banterous and cold than before. Ruby had also apparently grown genuinely fond of Sam; she was less harsh and insensitive with Sam than she had previously been, and she tried to comfort a distressed Sam about unwittingly releasing Lucifer and convince him he' done the right thing, even though by this point pretending to be on the Winchesters' side was no longer necessary.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Ruby appeared to be an average, low-level demon, who feared and was far outmatched by low-tier angels and higher-level demons. However, Ruby was still strong enough to hold her own against other demons, even in hordes, and she was also able to walk on hallowed ground.

Ruby had the basic demonic powers and abilities of invulnerability to conventional means of killing, superhuman strength and stamina, telekinesis, sharp electronic manipulation of machines and vehicles, and demonic possession of a living or dead human body. Ruby could also teleport to and from places instantly, and could walk on hallowed ground and enter churches. Due to being a witch when she was human, Ruby had great and sophisticated knowledge of spells, rituals and witchcraft and how to track and fight witches and combat and neutralize their killing spells.


Like any other demon, Ruby could be trapped within a devil's trap unless and until the trap was broken, she could be expelled from her current vessel by exorcism, and she could be killed by the demon knife. Ruby could also be easily overpowered, expelled or sent back to Hell by high-level demons such as Lilith and Alastair.

Forms taken (possession)Edit



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