8x23 AngelsFalling
Production information
Season : 8
Episode : 23
Original airdate : 15 May, 2013
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Jeremy Carver
Preceded by : Clip Show
Followed by : I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Sacrifice is the twenty-third episode and season finale of Season 8 of Supernatural.


With Crowley poised to undo all the good the brothers have ever done as hunters, Sam and Dean play one last game against the King of Hell to complete the final trial to stop the demons forever, but Dean is uncertain that Sam can do this and survive. Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron work to close the gates of Heaven and stop Naomi and the angels, but Naomi delivers a terrible warning about what will happen if Castiel does this.

Full synopsisEdit

After the events of Clip Show, Crowley targets Sheriff Jody Mills by meeting her on a blind date, then uses a hex to make her begin choking on her blood. Dean and Sam call him to demand that Crowley stop killing everyone they've ever saved. Crowley forces the brothers to surrender, and the Winchesters agree to halt the trials and hand the Word of God on demons over to Crowley, if Crowley gives them the angel Word in exchange. Sam and Dean have Kevin dig up the hidden half of the demon tablet (which Kevin has, ironically, buried at a roadside under a sign advertising a restaurant with a Devil mascot) and make the tablet whole again, then Dean gives Kevin the key to the bunker so Kevin can take shelter there.

Sam and Dean afterwards head to the rendezvous to exchange the two tablets with Crowley - it's Bobby's old scrapyard, which has been left decaying and abandoned after Bobby's death, much to Dean's sadness. When Crowley arrives, he summarises the official deal - Sam and Dean stand down from the trials forever, in exchange for the angel tablet - before throwing out a 15-foot contract for Sam to seal the deal. Before Sam signs it, Dean wants to read the entire contract despite its comical length. But while Dean is reading up the contract, he gets close enough to Crowley to pull off his and Sam's plan - Dean slips a pair of demon handcuffs on Crowley, which bind Crowley's powers and stop him escaping or smoking out. This allows Sam and Dean to keep the demon Word, and take the angel tablet along with Crowley, and they plan to use Crowley for the final trial of curing a demon to close Hell forever.

After capturing Crowley for the third trial, Sam and Dean take him to a remote abandoned church for the demon-curing ritual, and keep him held down inside with the a devil's trap and the Men of Letters' demon bindings. They already have the demon subject and the hallowed ground needed to perform the ritual, but Dean notes they still need purified blood from the caster - Sam already knows what he's going to confess for the purified blood, and heads into the church to get things ready while Dean stays out with the Impala.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron are pursuing the second one of the trials for closing Heaven; to take a cupid's bow. They come to a bar in Houston, Texas, where the bartender Dwight Charles is scheduled according to angel radio to be touched by a cupid soon. However, news of Cass and Metatron's whereabouts, and indirectly the Scribe of God's re-emergence, reaches Naomi in Heaven. While Cass and Metatron are waiting at the bar for the cupid to show up to touch Dwight and his to-be partner, Naomi and her angels arrive for Metatron. This results in a brief standoff, before Metatron is taken back to Heaven with Naomi for her to extract all of God's most powerful secrets from Metatron's brain.

Castiel seeks Dean out for help with the Heaven trials to him. Dean is reluctant to leave Sam alone with Crowley for the third trial, but Sam tells him to go, and Cass and Sam both encourage Dean that managing to permanently shut down Heaven as well as Hell would be a good win. Dean reluctantly agrees to go help Cass, and orders Sam to in the meantime start the ritual and to get it finished with or without Dean. After purifying his blood with a secret confession in the church's confession box, Sam administers the first blood dosage. At the bunker, Sam and Cass have gone to Kevin with the angel tablet to translate the third angel trial. Kevin refuses because of how long and hard translating half the demon tablet alone was and because Dean had told him he was officially out. But Cass aggressively grabs Kevin and makes it clear to him that there's no getting out for them and that it's Kevin's duty for life as a prophet to fulfil his task and translate the Word. Kevin relents, and Cass and Dean leave him at the bunker to translate the angel tablet while they return to Houston for the cupid's bow.

At the bar in Houston, Cass and Dean talk over drinks (which they get free of charge from Dwight as gratitude since he thinks Cass saved him in the skirmish with the angels) about Cass and Metatron closing the gates of Heaven. They both note that if Cass succeeds and the trials lock all the angels away in Heaven, this will be the last time they ever see each-other. Dean is also worried about what'll happen to Cass when the trials' completion sends him back and locks him up with the other angels, since a lot of angels will probably want revenge on him for all the damage he's caused to Heaven in the past, and Cass admits the angels probably will indeed kill him. Dwight is then touched by the cupid and the cupid is revealed; but to Dean's surprise, instead of regular customer Rod making Dwight and delivery woman Gail get together, Gail makes Dwight and Rod get together. Once Gail is alone out back, Dean and Cass go to confront her for her bow. Gail admits she can't stand how infrequent and unorganised her orders and the chain of command is now, and so she willings lets Cass cut out her bow if it'll help put the angels back together.

Meanwhile back at the church, Sam is continuing the hourly blood injections on Crowley. During the second injection, Crowley manages to bite Sam on the arm, and draws enough blood to, unnoticed to Sam, send out a makeshift distress signal to any demon out there who hears it. As the hourly injections of purified blood continue, at first they seem to have no effect, but by nightfall Crowley's behaviour has begun to become slightly carefree and cloudy-minded. But then, the church comes under attack by a powerful demon who intercepted Crowley's distress call - it's Abaddon. After Abaddon knocks Sam back, instead of freeing her King, she begins violently attacking and hitting the defenceless Crowley to vent her disgust that a crossroads demon like Crowley has become the King of Hell while she was absent. As Crowley tries to turn Abaddon back on Sam by warning her about the trials, Abaddon dismisses it for later and declares to Crowley that right now she wants "a regime change." Before things can go any further, Sam recovers, and douses Abaddon in holy oil before setting her on fire; the holy fire burning Abaddon's vessel and forcing her to smoke out and flee. Sam subsequently resumes the ritual, and with each injection, Crowley's behaviour continues to become more and more human. Eventually, Crowley has gone into an anguished emotional state over what he is and why he does what he does; breaking down and screaming that all he wants is to be loved, and delusionally saying that he and Sam have a special kinship bond. By the time of the eight and final dose, the humanisation of Crowley's behaviour has advanced further; he's now more lucid, and tearfully wondering how he can ever find redemption for the things he's done as a demon, and Sam encourages him that finishing the curing ritual would be a start.

Back in Heaven, after finishing her search into Metatron's brain, Naomi is appalled and furious after seeing what Metatron's true plans are. Naomi demands to know why Metatron would do something like that, and Metatron justifies it as being his vengeance on Naomi and the archangels for them ruining the paradisiacal harmony God had left them with and running Metatron out of his home in Heaven. Naomi immediately teleports to Earth to find Dean and Cass, and an unattended Metatron is able to break loose in Heaven. Back in Houston, Kevin calls Sam and Cass to tell them that neither of the Heaven trials Metatron has had Cass do are on the angel tablet. Naomi then arrives to peacefully talk to them; Cass is reluctant to believe or talk to her due to how manipulative she's already proven herself to be, while Dean is more willing to listen. Naomi warns Cass that Metatron has lied to and manipulated him, and that the tasks Metatron has had Cass undertake aren't the Heaven-sealing trials at all - they're part of a powerful spell, designed to banish all angels from Heaven and leave the entire Host of Heaven wandering the Earth, as Metatron's revenge for his own exile. Naomi has also realised and confesses that Cass was right, and somewhere along the way she and the other angels lost their way and forgot their last mission to protect humanity. Naomi has some other news from Metatron's mind as well, this time for Dean - the price of completing the trials is the ultimate sacrifice, so if Sam succeeds in finishing the third trial and closing the gates of Hell, he will die. Naomi then gives Cass an offer to let her hear him out in Heaven and be welcomed back, before teleporting back to Heaven.

Following Naomi's warning, Dean instructs Kevin to continue translating the angel tablet to learn if she was telling the truth, then has Cass teleport him straight back to the church where Sam and Crowley are. Cass decides he's right and he can fix his home, and teleports off to Heaven to fight Naomi; only to find Metatron has killed Naomi with her own brain drill, and that Naomi was in fact telling the truth about Metatron's machinations. Metatronturns on Cass, and as the third and final part for his spell, Metatron drains Castiel's grace, rendering him human and powerless, and apports Cass back down to Earth.

Meanwhie, back at the church, Dean bursts in and stops Sam, just in time before the latter can carry out the last step to cure Crowley and complete the final Hell trial. Dean warns Sam about how completing the final trial will kill him, but Sam doesn't care - Sam reveals that the "greatest sin" he confessed to purify his blood was that he'd let Dean down too many times in the past, since he feels that he's shaken Dean's trust in him so many times that Dean would rather turn to angels and vampires than his own brother. Dean defiantly promises Sam that it has never been like that and that he hasn't and never would put anything at all before his brother - not Benny's life, (Taxi Driver) not even stopping Crowley and all the other demons that killed their mother. Sam seriously considers it, then asks how they can free him from the trials. Dean encourages Sam to just let it go, and the burning energy inside Sam fades away - the trials are over.

But suddenly, once Sam has let go of the trials, he abruptly doubles over in pain. At the bunker, as Kevin watches, the bunker's machinery all activates in response to something, and the war room's electronic map lights up to indicate the entire world has just come under a single supernatural phenomenon. Back at the church, as Dean is leading an agonised Sam out to the Impala, they both look up and see in the sky what Metatron has just done, as does Cass upon waking up in the wilderness of Colorado - streaks of light begin descending from the sky in the thousands, as angels are sent falling to Earth, their wings burning away. The Winchesters from the church, and Castiel from the Colorado woods, can only look on as all of angelkind falls, and a bleak and uncertain new age has begun.








  • The alias Crowley uses on his blind date with Jody Mills is Rodric; this was previously revealed in Weekend at Bobby's to be Crowley's real middle name from before he became a demon.


  • In the scene where Sam and Dean are preparing at the Impala outside the church for Sam to begin the final trial, the church doors open and close between shots.
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