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Historical information
Use(s) : Part of food
Repelling evil spirits
Affected creatures : Demons
Production information

Salt is a mineral substance composed primarily of sodium chloride, which can repel evil spirits.

Salt's effects on creaturesEdit

True to its regard in lore as being supernaturally pure and thus a defence against evil spirits, salt is harmful to ghosts and spirits of Hell and said spirits cannot cross lines of salt or enter rooms or buildings that have lines of salt on every entrance point. This in turn means salt can be used to make barriers or protective circles to trap spirits or keep them out.

  • Demons - Like ghosts, demons cannot cross lines of salt or enter buildings or rooms that have salt lines on all possible entrances, and demons cannot themselves physically do anything that would break a line of salt (such as opening a door to brush the salt away). If a demon's vessel ingests salt, it can cause pain for the demon or even force it out of the vessel, and buckshots of sal can hurt and force a demon back, though higher-tier demons are more resilient against salt.
  • Ghosts - Spirits cannot cross a line of salt (unless the line is in any way broken), and buckshots of salt can force a hit spirit to dissipate and can cause ghosts pain when they do. When putting a spirit to rest, salt is used to purify the ghost's bones before burning them to vanquish the spirit. It is also possible to expel ghosts from living humans they are possessing by forcing the possessed person to ingest salt.
  • Hellhounds - Like demons, hellhounds also apparently can't enter buildings through salt-protected entrance points or perform any action that would break salt lines, and are also repelled by being hit with salt buckshots.


Salt has long been held and regarded in cultures and religions as an important earthly substance of good, and is often referred to metaphorically in lore or used in rituals and traditions. According to demonology, demons and Lucifer have a weakness to and cannot stand salt, and that a demon cannot cross a line of salt laid out in front of it without first counting each grain. It is said that salt can be used as a talisman against evil or to dispel enchantment.


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