Production information
Season : 1
Episode : 21
Original airdate : 27 April, 2006
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Sera Gamble
Raelle Tucker
Preceded by : Dead Man's Blood
Followed by : Devil's Trap

Salvation is the twenty-first episode of Season 1 of Supernatural, and serves as part 1 of the season finale.


Meg returns to force John to surrender the Colt, and while John attempts to stop Meg from getting the Colt, Sam and Dean are left to save a family's baby from the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans.

Full synopsisEdit

At pastor Jim Murphy's church in Blue Earth, Minnesota, Meg comes to the pastor inside seemingly for confession, before revealing otherwise and revealing herself to be a demon. Jim knows what Meg is and flees into his supernatural-weapons chamber in the church (revealing Jim is a hunter), but Meg breaks in and kills Jim when he is unable to and refuses to give her John Winchester's whereabouts.

In Manning, Colorado, John talks with Sam and Dean about his hunt for the demon that killed Mary and Jess - the reason John took off and vanished was because about a year ago, the same demon resurfaced and began doing what it did to the Winchesters in 1983 all over again - appearing in towns one-by-one across the country to burn down the houses of families that had children exactly six months old. John also explains that he's found from his research that whenever the Demon is about to appear, it causes demonic omens in the form of certain natural phenomena in the town it hits: all the towns it hit in the last year had these signs, as did Lawrence and Palo Alto a week before Mary and Jess' respective deaths. Sam feels he is the source of the Demon's plans when it killed Jess and Mary, but John and Dean don't allow Sam to wallow. John explains that the omens have just started surfacing in Salvation, Iowa, indicating that that is where the Demon will surface next.

Later, as the Winchesters reach Salvation, John stops with Sam and Dean at the town edge, having just been called by Caleb to learn about Jim's death. Sulphur at Jim's church indicates a demon was responsible, but they can't know whether the Demon they're after is behind it or if it's a random unaffiliated demon. John is despairing at Jim's death (Jim was apparently a good friend to the Winchesters), and orders the three will split up to check Salvation's two respective hospitals' archives for all babies in town that will be exactly six months old this week, to try and pinpoint which family the Demon will go after. John declares to Sam and Dean that this all ends here and now at any cost, and then goes off to check Salvation's first hospital while Sam and Dean go to check the other.

John goes to one hospital to search the archives, while Sam and Dean hit the other. When Sam is alone, he gets one of his psychic visions, this one showing a mother putting her baby away for the night as a silhouette (no doubt the Demon) appears and watches. As Sam goes to find this household (from the train noises in the vision telling him it's near a railroad), the vision shows him the mother finding the Demon in her baby's nursery at night. Sam then recognises the house that the Demon will strike from his vision, and the mother and her baby passing by outside. Sam heads up to the mother, Monica, as a friendly passer-by and asks about her and her baby Rosie, and learns to his horror that Rosie is exactly six months old today - thus the Demon will do to the Holts what it did to the Winchesters tonight. While Monica heads back to her house with Rosie as her husband Charlie comes home, Sam's vision then starts again - it reveals that when Monica finds the Demon in Rosie's nursery at night, the Demon will kill her the same way it killed Mary - telekinetically pinning her to the ceiling, slitting her open above Rosie and setting her on fire.

Later, Sam has explained to John and Dean his new vision and what it reveals, and John is shocked about Sam's premonition ability (having apparently not been told about it by Dean earlier because of John's failure to contact the boys in his year searching for the Demon). Sam declares they have to save the family and stop the Demon from doing to the Holts what it did to the Winchesters, and John likewise intends to see the Demon destroyed once and for all. Meg then calls Sam and has him hand the phone over to John so she can talk to him. Meg reveals to John she's in Lincoln, Nebraska and has captured Caleb, and she kills Caleb as John listens. Meg plans to keep killing all of John's past friends and loved ones one by one unless and until John hands over the Colt. John seemingly gives in and agrees to surrender the gun, and Meg instructs John to meet her in Lincoln at midnight to give her the Colt.

John afterwards talks with Sam and Dean about it (with the two realising that Meg is a demon and this is how and why she survived her fall in Shadow, and is working for the Demon the two are after). John intends to go to Lincoln for the gun exchange as Meg wanted, but he plans to hand over a normal gun instead of the real gun, which should be easy since Meg hasn't seen the real Colt; while Sam and Dean will stay in Salvation to kill the Demon with the real Colt when it comes for the Holts. Though the brothers are reluctant to follow through with this, John reveals he is too and just wants this all to be over. John and Sam subsequently prepare for John's departure to meet Meg, and Dean gets John a fake gun to pass of as the Colt in the exchange while Dean and Sam keep the real Colt to kill the Demon with. John warns the boys that they need to make every shot count since the Colt's last four bullets are the only ones the gun can use to kill demons. John then drives off for Lincoln, leaving Sam and Dean with the Colt and the task of killing the Demon.

In Lincoln the following night, John arrives outside the warehouse where he's supposed to meet Meg, armed only with holy water should Meg double-cross him or learn that the gun is a fake. John then notices the warehouse's water tower and formulates a plan from scanning the building's water system outlets. John manages to hide from Meg's sights as she skulks around the warehouse and waits for John. John accesses the warehouse's water system via the water tower, and performs the Christian water blessings to turn the building's entire water supply into holy water.

Back in Salvation, Sam and Dean spy on the Holt family with the Colt in tow, waiting for the Demon to show with no realistic plan to get the Holts out of the house before the Demon kills Monica. Sam and Dean talk about how after nearly 23 years of hunting and searching they're finally at the confrontation with the Demon responsible for their mother's death, and how Sam has always been able to count on Dean, and Dean refuses to think that anyone other than the Demon is going to die tonight - not him and Sam, not John, not the Holts.

Back in Lincoln, John meets with Meg inside the warehouse, and Meg has brought another demon, Tom, along with her. After exchanging some threatening words, John hands the gun over to Meg, who in turn has Tom check it to confirm it's the real Colt. However, the demons realise the Colt is a fake and John has double-crossed them when Tom tests the gun on Meg to no effect. Tom and an angry Meg confront John about trying to trick them with a fake Colt, but before they can attack, John escapes and flees down into the tunnels beneath the warehouse. The demons give pursuit through the tunnels after John, but John manages to temporarily derail them by turning on a water outlet to block the way for the demons with holy water. John leaves the tunnels to find the demons have disabled his jeep so he can't get away. John flees among the warehouse district, trying to avoid the demons; but he is found and captured by Tom, who telekinetically pins him against a wall.

Meanwhile back in Salvation, Sam and Dean are still waiting and watching the Holts' house in the Impala, getting worried for John. Interference then starts up on the car's radio, winds start up outside and the Holt house's lights begin to flicker - the Demon is coming. Sam and Dean silently break into the Holt residence with the Colt to proceed to stop the Demon, but Monica's husband Charlie finds them in the living room and violently tries to protect his family against the burglary. As Dean tries to calm a fiercely attacking Charlie down, Monica comes down and sees the commotion, and immediately runs to the nursery to protect Rosie, while Sam runs up after her to stop her. Sam and Monica find the silhouette that is the Demon in the nursery (the Demon revealing its unique and iconic yellow eyes to Sam), and the Demon nearly kills Monica the same way it did Mary and Jess; but the latter is saved when Sam shoots at the Demon with the Colt and forces it to dematerialise. As the Demon's fires begin to manifest in the nursery, Sam rushes out with Monica while Dean takes out and saves Rosie. Sam and Dean flee the burning house with Monica and Rosie and reunite them with Charlie outside (Charlie cooling down with the Winchesters when Monica explains how the brothers saved them). As the Holt family reunite, Sam sees the Demon's silhouette in the burning nursery's window and tries to go in after it, but Dean stops Sam and the Demon vanishes among the flames.

Later, Sam and Dean have returned to their motel in Salvation. As Dean tries to call John unsuccessfully, Sam is brooding and angry with Dean for stopping him from going into the fire after the Demon to end it, after spending all their lives hunting it and everything the Demon's done to them in killing Jess and Mary; but Dean tries to remind Sam that while they both want to see the Demon dead, killing it is not worth them losing each-other. The brothers argue about how Mary and Jess are dead either way whether they kill the Demon or not - parallel to their argument in Pilot on Sylvania Bridge, but now the brothers have swapped roles. Dean gets Sam to cool down and get back to his smart and logical self by explaining how strained Dean feels sometimes, and by showing Sam how the two need each-other more than the Demon's death. Dean then tries to call John again, and Meg this time answers John's phone. Meg coldly declares over the phone to Dean that they'll never see John again, leaving the brothers in horror and shock.







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