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Race : Demon
Status : Alive
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Appearance(s) : It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Actor/Actress : Don McManus

Samhain is a highly powerful demon, from whom Halloween originates; who can only be summoned from Hell at around Halloween once every 600 years, but when he does rise, his presence unleashes all sorts of monstrous phantoms from zombies to ghosts. His release also broke one of Lucifer's seals.



Nothing is known about Samhain's life as a human, nor how and when he died, went to Hell and became a demon. However, the fact that Samhain's rise from hell was one of Lucifer's seals would suggest that Samhain has existed as a demon since before Lucifer's imprisonment in the cage.

Samhain is reputed as the origin of Halloween: in ancient times, on the night of 31st October which was the only time of the year he could be freed every six centuries; people would wear masks to hide from Samhain, leave sweets out on doorsteps to appease him, and carve faces into pumpkins to worship him; many of the modern Halloween traditions came from when people feared Samhain on that night in the Dark Ages.

The last time before the 21st century when Samhain was on Earth was circa 1408; he had two witch servants - Tracy Davis and Don Harding, the former of whom was implied to be Samhain's lover (though he apparently didn't really reciprocate her feelings and viewed her as a "whore") - before he was exorcised, leaving his servants to wait for 600 years until they could raise their master again. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Breaking a sealEdit

4x7 SamhainSummoned

Samhain is successfully summoned and released. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

At the end of October in 2008, Samhain's witch followers' long-awaited opportunity to bring him back finally came. raising Samhain at this time would also, due to the first of Lucifer's seals having been broken earlier in the year, break another seal. Over the two days leading up to Halloween; Don Harding and Tracy Davis hexed and killed Luke Wallace as the first blood sacrifice in the ritual, and then Jenny as the second.

Don Harding intended to kill Tracy as the third sacrifice on Halloween night, but when he was killed by Sam and Dean Winchester trying to stop the ritual, Tracy used him as the third blood sacrifice and completed the ritual; and Samhain was released from hell again, proceeding to possess Don's corpse. Upon Samhain's return, Tracy reunited with her former-lover and the two kissed (despite the fact that Samhain was wearing her brother's body at the time), before Samhain killed Tracy by snapping her neck. However, as Samhain left, Sam and Dean avoided being noticed by him by masking their faces in blood.

4x7 SamhainSealsStudents

Samhain seals a party of students in a mausoleum, with the dead soon about to rise due to his presence. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Samhain wandered through the modern streets filled with masked trick-or-treaters, and headed to a mausoleum. He found a group of teenagers partying in one of the crypts, and proceeded to lock them in with the dead, which soon began to rise in the forms of zombies and ghosts due to Samhain's presence.

Sam and Dean soon caught up with Samhain at the mauseoleum, and whilst Dean neutralised the creatures in the crypt, Sam went after Samhain. Sam cornered Samhain, proving immune to his white light blast to the demon's surprise, and the two engaged in a physical fight. Sam tried to kill Samhain with the demon-killing knife until Samhain knocked it away, forcing Sam to use his special child powers to defend himself.
4x7 SamhainExorcised

Samhain in the process of being exorcised by Sam. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Sam telekinetically held a resisting Samhain back, then, with great mental stress, he successfully pulled Samhain out of his vessel and sent him back to Hell. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)


Samhain seems to be a quiet demon who doesn't speak much: he is often eerily silent, and speaks more through his actions than his words. However, in a physical altercation, Samhain has been observed to growl and bare his teeth almost ferally. From the vocal and facial expressions he has given, Samhain seems to mainly be a spite-filled and cruel being. He also seems to have a way of darkly taunting his prey in unnerving, creepy, chilling manners: seem in how he calmly, silently locked students in with the dead who would rise due to his presence and drifted off, and in how he stood at the end of a corridor with his back to Sam disturbingly, then as Sam advanced, suddenly whirled around with an offensive blast attack.


4x7 SamhainVisionBlurred

Samhain's blurred vision, which seems to particularly distort as he looks upon people who are masked and cloaked from him. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Samhain has a unique demonic eye colour not seen in any other demons: he has large, pale-grey irises with tiny, pinprick-sized pupils. Samhain also seems to have very poor, blurred eyesight, which could possibly be what causes masking one's face to fool Samhain.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Samhain is a very powerful and special demon unlike any other; who, when he is risen from Hell on Halloween night, has the ability to raise all sorts of other dark creatures everywhere he goes; with the creatures and the phenomenon following Samhain around like the Pied Piper. Samhain's presence causes the dead to rise as both zombies and as ghosts, acting hostile towards living humans, and Sam claimed that this was just the start: he believed that by night's end, Samhain would have "every awful thing [the Winchesters have] ever seen" summoned to him.

Besides his abilities to raise other forms of evil, darkness and undead with him and to him, Samhain also displayed basic demon abilities such as: demonic possession, and superhuman strength with which to throw grown men across rooms. Samhain has also displayed the same ability as Lilith to generate a destructive blast of white light at his enemies to obliterate whomever is targeted, an ability that has not been seen in any other demons.


As well as possessing unique special powers, Samhain also possesses special weaknesses: namely and most notably, people can apparently fool Samhain and go unnoticed to and cloaked from detection by him by masking their faces: Sam and Dean both successfully got ignored and passed over by Samhain when they smeared blood on their faces and played dead, and the trick-or-treating children in Halloween masks Samhain largely just passed by.

4x7 SamhainWoundedByDemonKnife

Samhain is cut by the demon-killing knife. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Samhain appears to be immune to or at least very resistant to iron, brushing his hand along an iron mausoleum gate without any reaction nor ill effects. Samhain is vulnerable to the demon-killing knife however; although he seemed to react less so than regular demons when he was cut by it, indicating he is strong enough to be more resistant to it, but still deadly susceptible.

Samhain was also susceptible to Sam's special child ability to psychokinetically harm, overpower, and even exorcise demons. Though it took Sam at the time much more strain and effort than with regular demons, Sam was still able to use his powers to telekinetically force Samhain back, pull him out of his vessel with great effort, and then send him back to Hell.


4x7 SamhainLore

Samhain depicted in a lore book. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Samhain is the name of a Gaelic festival which marks the end of the harvest season (autumn) and the beginning of the winter. It also has Celtic and pagan roots and origins. Samhain was believed to be the time when the veil between the worlds was weaker, enabling spirits and fairies called the Aos Sí (believed to be nature spirits and former pagan gods) to more easily come into the world. Offerings of food and drink were left out at night for the Aos Sí, under the belief that they needed to be appeased to ensure that people and their livestock survived through the winter. It was also believed that the souls of the dead would revisit their homes on Samhain.


  • In Supernatural, Samhain's name is pronounced as Sam-hayne. But in real life, the festival Samhain's name comes from is pronounced Saww-en.
  • According to Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, Samhain is a blue-eyed demon. Though Samhain's eyes are mainly grey, it is believed that either his irises are actually a very greyish shade of pale blue, or that his pupils are a very dark blue which is almost impossible to detect due to their tiny, pinprick size.
  • Some fans attempting to apply a classification to Samhain's eye colour have called him the Multicolour-Eyed Demon.
  • According to Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 4, Samhain has the title of Lord of the Dead.

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