Scott Carey
2x10 ScottCareyMain
Biographical information
Race : Human (Special child)
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Hunted
Actor/Actress : Richard DeKlerk

Scott Carey was one of the special children who were activated in 2005.


Scott was evidently among the children whose parent made a deal with Azazel in the past, for which Azazel entered that child's nursery when they were exactly six months old and fed them his demon blood to make them special children in adulthood for his master plan.

After being activated with the rest of the 1983 generation of special children in late 2005, Scott developed the ability to electrocute anything he wished through touch. He was also contacted by Azazel in his dreams, who told and urged him to use his power to do terrible things. Azazel's influence on Scott through his dreams led to Scott developing mental health problems, using his ability to murder his neighbour's cat.

Scott eventually saw a therapist, Dr. George Waxler, about his power and his dreams and how it was affecting him. On his way out after the session, he was stabbed and killed by Gordon Walker, who was tracking down and murdering the special children. (Hunted)

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a special child, infused with Azazel's demon blood as an infant, Scott developed the ability to electrocute anything he wished to through touch.

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