Season 1
Supernatural Season 1 Intro HD

Supernatural Season 1 Intro HD

Season information
Episodes : 22
Broadcast time : 13 September, 2005 - 4 May, 2006
Preceded by : -
Followed by : Season 2

Season One of Supernatural consists of twenty-two episodes that originally aired between 15 September, 2005 and 4 May, 2006 in the United States. The main focus/story arc of the season is Sam and Dean's search for their missing father and the Winchesters' hunt for the mysterious creature that killed Sam and Dean's mother years earlier, and also on Sam's mysterious psychic abilities.


Sam and Dean Winchester were raised by their father John to hunt and defend themselves against ghosts, demons, monsters and other supernatural creatures, after their mother was mysteriously killed by a supernatural fire which burnt down their house when they were children. When John goes missing, the boys reunite and return to a life on the road; searching for and collecting clues to their father's whereabouts and saving innocent people from supernatural threats along the way. Meanwhile, as Sam is haunted by his girlfriend Jess' death by the same creature as the boys' mother, he begins to develop mysterious psychic abilities and premonitions linked to the creature.

Sam and Dean eventually find and reunite with John, and discover that John has been hunting for a demon which is the creature responsible for their mother's death years earlier and Jess' recent death, and that the only thing capable of killing the demon is a legendary gun created by Samuel Colt. The Winchesters eventually retrieve the gun and go after the demon, but fail to kill him and are subsequently involved in a car accident caused by another demon.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Pilot 1 1 13 September, 2005
Twenty-two years after his mother was killed by a mysterious supernatural creature, Sam Winchester has escaped to an ordinary life with his girlfriend Jess from fighting and hunting the supernatural with his brother Dean and his father John. But when John disappears, Sam is pulled back into the Winchesters' supernatural-hunting life, and he and Dean are led by their search for their father to an eerie Californian highway, which they soon discover is haunted by a woman in white - a violent and deadly spirit that lures unfaithful men to their deaths.
Wendigo 2 2 20 September, 2005
Sam and Dean follow the coordinates left in John's journal to the woods of Lost Creek, Colorado, where they help a family seek out a group of missing campers and soon find themselves being hunted by a deadly, cannibalistic wendigo.
Dead in the Water 3 3 27 September, 2005
Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious drownings in Lake Manitoc, and fear that they are the work of a vengeful spirit; and a young eyewitness traumatised into silence by his past encounter with the spirit may be able to lead Sam and Dean to the spirit's next victim.
Phantom Traveller 4 4 4 October, 2005
A demon forces a plane to crash, killing all but seven of those onboard. Sam and Dean soon learn that the demon is going after the plane crash survivors and killing them by causing similar plane crashes, and board a plane one of the survivors is on to find the demon and attempt an in-air exorcism.
Bloody Mary 5 5 11 October, 2005
Sam and Dean travel to Toledo, Ohio, the place where the Bloody Mary myth originated, to investigate a mysterious and gruesome death where the victim's eyes have burst. The brothers soon discover that the town is being plagued by a Bloody Mary esque ghost which lives in mirrors and gouges out the eyes of anyone who summons her by saying her name three times.
Skin 6 6 18 October, 2005
When Sam's college friend is charged with the gruesome torture of his girlfriend, the Winchesters investigate and discover that a murderous shapeshifter is mimicking men and butchering their lovers. Sam and Dean are soon sent into a race against time to save another local woman, whom Dean likes, from the shapeshifter when the creature takes Dean's form and targets the woman.
Hook Man 7 7 25 October, 2005
In a quiet Iowa town, Sam and Dean investigate a dark, hook-man spirit which is targeting and butchering those around a local minister's daughter.
Bugs 8 8 8 November, 2005
Sam and Dean investigate a new housing development after a worker there is killed, and discover that the land has a curse attached which causes the local insects to attack, and the curse threatens a local family.
Home 9 9 15 November, 2005
When a dark, vicious evil threatens a newly-moved-in family, Sam and Dean return to their old childhood home to discover and stop the malevolent spirit before it's too late.
Asylum 10 10 22 November, 2005
Sam and Dean investigate a long-abandoned mental asylum, rumoured to be haunted by spirits which drive the intruders murderously insane.
Scarecrow 11 11 10 January, 2006
Sam and Dean's conflict and disagreement over the mission to find John finally drives them to split up and go their separate ways. Sam goes to hitchhike straight to John, and meets a mysterious, spunky girl; while Dean investigates a series of annual disappearances in the strangely blessed town of Burkitsville, and suspects a local creepy scarecrow and the town's origins are involved.
Faith 12 12 17 January, 2006
After an accident with a rawhead leaves Dean fatally injured, he is miraculously healed by faith healer Roy Le Grange. But what seems like a holy miracle turns out to be something darker when Dean and Sam discover a reaper is behind Roy's healing, and that for each life Roy saves another must end.
Route 666 13 13 31 January, 2006
Sam and Dean investigate when a giant, evil spirit monster truck terrorises the roads of Cape Girardeau, forcing a series of African-American drivers off the roads to their deaths.
Nightmare 14 14 6 February, 2006
As Sam's psychic and supernatural abilities continue to advance, the brothers investigate a death in a family which Sam's dreams foretold, and Sam discovers that he is just one of many psychic children that are part of something bigger.
The Benders 15 15 13 February, 2006
Sam is captured by a vicious backward family who hunt humans as sport instead of animals, while Dean attempts to find Sam before it's too late.
Shadow 16 16 28 February, 2006
Sam and Dean go to investigate a mysterious murder in Chicago involving an ancient form of black magic, and discover that Meg is responsible and they reunite with John against the threat. However, when they try to stop her, Meg unleashes vicious shadow demons on the Winchesters.
Hell House 17 17 30 March, 2006
Sam and Dean investigate a reputedly haunted old farmhouse and attempt to discover the truth behind a bizarre case of a homicidal spirit, but their efforts are encumbered by a pair of goofball paranormal investigators.
Something Wicked 18 18 6 April, 2006
John sends Sam and Dean on a hunt for a bogeyman-esque creature that is attacking children in their beds at night and landing them dangerously ill in hospital, and Dean soon learns that the Winchesters have seen this particular foe before and that he must confront his past mistake and finish the job.
Provenance 19 19 13 April, 2006
Sam and Dean enter the rich world of New York in their investigation into an old, haunted painting of a family which is leaving death and blood in whatever house buys it.
Dead Man's Blood 20 20 20 April, 2006
After an aged hunter is killed by a group of deadly vampires, John joins with Sam and Dean in battling the vampires, and in getting an unearthly gun from the vampires that could be the key to defeating the Yellow-Eyed Demon.
Salvation 21 21 27 April, 2006
Meg returns to force John to surrender the Colt, and while John attempts to stop Meg from getting the Colt, Sam and Dean are left to save a family's baby from the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans.
Devil's Trap 22 22 4 May, 2006
After discovering from Meg where the demons are holding John prisoners, the brothers race off to rescue their father, resulting in a showdown between the Winchesters and the Yellow-Eyed Demon.

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