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Season 10
Supernatural Season 10 Intro HD00:07

Supernatural Season 10 Intro HD

Season information
Episodes : 23
Broadcast time : 7 October, 2014 - Present
Preceded by : Season 9

Season Ten of Supernatural will consist of twenty-three episodes that are originally airing from October 9, 2014 onwards in the United States.


The tenth season will primarily focus on Sam going down dark paths on the road to recovering his wayward demonized brother, while Dean lives it up as a demon and Crowley struggles with the new Dean's antics. Meanwhile, Castiel helps deal with rogue angels and the rebuilding of Heaven as his grace continues to fail.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Black 1 196 7 October, 2014
Weeks after being transformed by the Mark of Cain, Dean is running amuck with Crowley and living it up as a demon, while Sam hits rock bottom in the search to find out what happened to his brother. Unbeknownst to either of the Winchesters, Cole Trenton, a man who has a grudge against Dean, is hunting them to try and get revenge. Meanwhile, as Castiel's condition with his diminishing grace worsens, Hannah asks for his help dealing with a duo of rebel angels, and Cass faces a crisis of conscience between supporting the angels' rebuilding of Heaven or the beauty the rebels see in the Earth.
Reichenbach 2 197 14 October, 2014
As Dean grows increasingly more aggressive and out of control due to the Mark of Cain's effects, Dean's antics begin to cause serious problems for Crowley with Hell, forcing Crowley to seek out unlikely help. At the same time, Sam has escaped and has resumed the search for his brother, unaware that Cole is trailing him. Meanwhile, as Castiel's grace continues to fade and his condition gets worse, Hannah resorts to seeking help from Metatron.
Soul Survivor 3 198 21 October, 2014
After capturing Dean, Sam takes him back to the bunker to cure him, but things go awry and Sam is in danger when Dean gets loose in the bunker and plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with his brother. Meanwhile, as Castiel's diminishing state gets closer to critical, he and Hannah continue on the road trip to the bunker, but run into trouble with a vengeful Adina. At the same time, Crowley is resuming control of Hell.
Paper Moon 4 199 28 October, 2014
While recuperating from the ordeal with curing Dean, Sam and Dean catch wind of a series of werewolf attacks. When the Winchesters investigate, they meet a familiar face: Kate, the werewolf they let go, who is keeping a dangerous secret about the killings and her little sister.
Fan Fiction 5 200 TBA

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