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Season information
Episodes : 22
Broadcast time : 28 September, 2006 - 17 May, 2007
Preceded by : Season 1
Followed by : Season 3

Season Two of Supernatural consists of twenty-two episodes that originally aired between September 28, 2006 and May 17, 2007 in the United States. The main focus/story arc of the season is Sam and Dean's search for the Yellow-Eyed Demon's other special children and his plans for them, and on their struggle to cope with their father's death.


After Dean mysteriously heals from his critical injuries and John dies and the Colt disappears just after, Dean and Sam are left to discover the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans for Sam and the other special children on their own. With assistance from new friends Ash and Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Sam and Dean set out to track down Yellow-Eyes' other special children and get to them before the demon does, while also both struggling to deal with John's death and a last secret about Sam he warned Dean with.

Eventually, the team discover that the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plan is to pit the surviving special children against each other, then send the surviving special child to open a devil's gate in a 100-mile railroad devil's trap to release a demon army from Hell for war against humanity. When Sam is killed in the Yellow-Eyed Demon's special-child death-match, Dean resorts to selling his soul with the crossroads demon for Sam's resurrection, and the team set out to stop the Yellow-Eyed Demon's plans. The team successfully kill the victorious special child and the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but not before Yellow-Eyes' now-leaderless demon army is unleashed upon the world.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
In My Time of Dying 1 23 28 September, 2006
After the car crash of the Impala, the Winchesters are landed in hospital, where Dean's spirit is left wandering the hospital in an out-of-body experience as his body comes closer to dying. Dean's problems only worsen when he discovers a reaper in the hospital is trying to force him to die and cross over. Meanwhile, John makes a deadly bargain with the Yellow-Eyed Demon for Dean's life.
Everybody Loves a Clown 2 24 5 October, 2006
As Sam and Dean emotionally struggle in the aftermath of John's death, the brothers continue hunting, and investigate a case in Wisconsin where a mysterious clown beguiles children into letting it into their homes so it can slaughter and devour their parents. Meanwhile, the case revives Sam's childhood fear of clowns.
Bloodlust 3 25 12 October, 2006
While investigating a series of killings, Sam and Dean run into fellow hunter Gordon Walker, who is hunting vampires in the area. While Dean immediately bonds with Gordon, Sam is more suspicious of him, and Sam's worry is confirmed when he discovers Gordon is hunting a peaceful vampire nest out of sociopathic hatred for the supernatural, leaving Dean to choose between Sam and Gordon.
Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 4 26 19 October, 2006
While visiting their mother's grave, Sam and Dean investigate a series of killings in town, and discover that a local college student has been raised from the dead and is killing those that wronged her in life; and the race is on for the brothers to find who has raised and is harbouring the zombie before it kills again.
Simon Said 5 27 26 October, 2006
Sam's visions lead him and Dean to a case in which people are being told over the phone to kill themselves and are happily complying. The brothers' prime suspect is local slacker Andy Gallagher, who has the ability to control people's minds with commands, but they are uncertain on whether or not Andy is the true culprit. Meanwhile, the suspicions that Andy is indeed behind the deaths cause Sam to fear that he too is destined to give in to the demonic side.
No Exit 6 28 2 November, 2006
Sam and Dean investigate a haunting at an apartment building, and discover that they are dealing with the ghost of America's first serial killer himself. The brothers' problems are only exacerbated when Jo joins them on the hunt for the spirit's lair against Ellen's objections.
The Usual Suspects 7 29 9 November, 2006
While investigating a ghost, Sam and Dean are caught by the police and arrested, and the brothers find Dean is now the police's prime suspect in the spirit's killing spree.
Crossroad Blues 8 30 16 November, 2006
Sam and Dean investigate a series of killings in town and discover they are dealing with a crossroads demon which grants a person's wishes in exchange for their soul in ten years. While Sam struggles to protect one of the demon's customers from the hellhounds as his contract comes due, Dean seeks the crossroads demon out to make it release its customers from their contract; but the demon instead makes Dean a tempting and disturbing offer.
Croatoan 9 31 7 December, 2006
Sam's visions lead the brothers to a small Oregon town, where they discover a demonic virus is spreading and turning the locals into murderous killers. The infected besiege Sam, Dean and a handful of uninfected locals up in a clinic, where tensions rise when Sam gets infected.
Hunted 10 32 11 January, 2007
After Sam learns of his father's last warning, he and Dean split up and go separate ways. Sam's search for the other demonic special children like him brings him to Ava Wilson, while Dean learns that the ruthless vampire hunter Gordon Walker is hunting the special children, including Sam.
Playthings 11 33 18 January, 2007
Sam and Dean investigate deaths at an old hotel involving the hotel's creepy collection of dolls, and discover that the owner's daughter's imaginary friend is a deadly and violent spirit.
Nightshifter 12 34 25 January, 2007
Sam and Dean's hunt for a shapeshifter robbing banks leaves the brothers locked in a bank surrounded by a SWAT team, with the shifter, a vault full of hostages, and a portly paranoiac who thinks the shapeshifter is an evil android.
Houses of the Holy 13 35 1 February, 2007
A series of people feeling they need divine redemption are killing evildoers in town after visits from supposed angels. When the Winchesters investigate, Dean is close-mindedly convinced that there's no such thing as angels, but Sam suspects otherwise.
Born Under a Bad Sign 14 36 8 February, 2007
Sam loses the last week of his memory and finds that he has killed another hunter in his lost week, leading the brothers to fear that Sam's demonic side may have finally emerged.
Tall Tales 15 37 15 February, 2007
Sam and Dean investigate when something at a university is punishing do-badders on campus in comical but deadly ways, but the brothers' childish bickering gets the better of them and they are forced to call Bobby in for help.
Roadkill 16 38 15 March, 2007
After Molly McNamara survives a car crash on a haunted highway and her husband disappears, she joins with Sam and Dean against the violent spirit as the brothers race to find the ghost's bones and vanquish it before it kills on the approaching anniversary of its death.
Heart 17 39 22 March, 2007
When a man is murdered on a full moon with his heart missing, Sam and Dean learn that there's a werewolf in San Francisco and seek to kill the creature before it claims its next victim. Meanwhile, Sam begins to fall for the woman that the brothers believe to be the werewolf's next target, only to then make a terrible discovery and face a heartbreaking task.
Hollywood Babylon 18 40 19 April, 2007
Sam and Dean go Hollywood when a death on a horror movie set is all too real, and the brothers find that the ghosts of Hollywood's past celebrities are attacking the movie's production crew.
Folsom Prison Blues 19 41 26 April, 2007
Special Agent Henricksen finally gets Sam and Dean arrested and in prison, where the brothers face a violent spirit that's killing the inmates one by one.
What Is and What Should Never Be 20 42 3 May, 2007
An encounter with a djinn sends Dean into a world where he has a regular job, a devoted girlfriend and a loving mother in the life he would have had, and leaves Dean uncertain if he really wants to leaves this world for his cold, hard life in the real world.
All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 21 43 10 May, 2007
Sam wakes up in an isolated ghost town with the Yellow-Eyed Demon's other special children for the demon's fight to the death to find the strongest of them. Meanwhile, Dean and Bobby search through a 3,000-mile haystack for Sam.
All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 22 44 17 May, 2007
While the Yellow-Eyed Demon sends Jake to initiate the final phase of his plan, Dean makes a harrowing sacrifice to save Sam's life, and the team set out for a final showdown with the Yellow-Eyed Demon which will leave much worse and further-reaching consequences.

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