Season 3
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Season information
Episodes : 16
Broadcast time : 4 October, 2007 - 15 May, 2008
Preceded by : Season 2
Followed by : Season 4

Season Three of Supernatural consists of sixteen episodes that originally aired between October 4, 2007 and May 15, 2008 in the United States. The main focus/story arc of the season is Sam and Ruby's efforts to get Dean out of his Faustian deal before his one-year time is up, and the war among the hunters against the released demons.


Following the Yellow-Eyed Demon's death and the release of his now-leaderless demon army from the devil's gate, Sam desperately searches for a means of saving Dean from his crossroads deal contract before his contract comes due at the end of Dean's one-year time. Sam is joined in his efforts to save Dean by the seemingly anti-heroic demon Ruby, who possesses an interest in Sam and his demonic side.

The Winchesters also have to deal with the war and damage brought on from the release of the demons from the devil's gate, and how other hunters such as Gordon and Kubrick are blaming them for the damage and are after them, and Dean must deal with Sam's growing coldness and ruthlessness and the fact he has only one year left to live before going to Hell. The brothers also encounter Bela Talbot, an unscrupulous dealer of the supernatural who becomes a regular thorn in the boys' side. Sam, Dean and Ruby eventually learn that Lilith, the demon army's new leader, is the demon that holds Dean's Faustian contract and go to try and kill her to release Dean from his deal; but Lilith escapes, and Dean's time runs out and he is taken to Hell by Lilith's hellhounds.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
The Magnificent Seven 1 45 4 October, 2007
While Sam and Dean both deal with the knowledge that Dean has only one year left to live in very different manners, the brothers team up with Bobby and a hunter couple in the search for the scattered demons that were released from the devil's gate, and the team find themselves up against seven powerful and deadly demons which embody and control the darker sides of human nature.
The Kids Are Alright 2 46 11 October, 2007
Dean visits an old girlfriend, Lisa Braeden, and discovers that she now has a son who shares many traits with Dean, leading Dean to quickly bond with the kid and suspect that he may in fact be the boy's father. Meanwhile, the other kids in town are being replaced by eerie, emotionless and deadly doppelgangers, and Ruby makes contact with Sam again and reveals who she really is.
Bad Day at Black Rock 3 47 18 October, 2007
Sam and Dean come into possession of a real lucky rabbit's foot from John's supernatural lock-up, which grants them incredibly good luck and fortune. However, Sam's good luck is quickly turned around for the worse when the rabbit's foot is stolen by an unscrupulous supernatural-dealer, leaving Dean to get the rabbit's foot back before Sam suffers the worst bad luck of death. Meanwhile, two hunters who suspect Sam of being behind the demon army's war efforts against humanity trail Sam and Dean.
Sin City 4 48 25 October, 2007
When a quiet Ohio town becomes immersed in vice, crime and violence, Sam and Dean investigate, suspecting demonic involvement behind the change. The brothers' suspicions are confirmed when Dean becomes trapped with one of the demons in a sealed basement, leaving Sam to find and reach Dean and the demon before the other demons do. Meanwhile, Bobby and Ruby work to rebuild the Colt.
Bedtime Stories 5 49 1 November, 2007
Sam and Dean investigate and discover a series of killings and other violent incidents that appear to parody fairy tales, and a Snow White-esque little girl seems to be behind it. Meanwhile, Sam seeks out the crossroads demon in his search for a way to save Dean's soul.
Red Sky at Morning 6 50 8 November, 2007
Sam and Dean investigate a series of drownings on dry land linked with the appearance of a ghost ship and a drowned sailor, and they run into Bela, also investigating the case, again and are forced to work with her to discover the ghost ship's past and put a stop to the deaths before someone else dies.
Fresh Blood 7 51 15 November, 2007
Sam and Dean discover that a vampire is picking women up from nightclubs and turning them into unknowing fellow bloodsuckers by giving them his blood as a drug. The brothers' problems go from bad to worse when Gordon returns to kill Sam and gets turned into a vampire and becomes an even more deadly threat.
A Very Supernatural Christmas 8 52 13 December, 2007
At Christmas time, Sam and Dean investigate a bizarre case where a pagan god anti-Claus is dragging victims up their homes' chimneys to devour them. Meanwhile, Dean wants to have a traditional Christmas celebration since it's his last Christmas before he goes to Hell, but Sam is against it and doesn't want to face that Dean will die.
Malleus Maleficarum 9 53 31 January, 2008
Sam and Dean investigate a series of gruesome suburban killings caused with black magic, and the hunt leads them to an entire suburban coven of witches, whose power is coming from a much darker foe. Meanwhile, Ruby displays a strangely experienced knowledge on witches, and the brothers discover a shocking secret about her past.
Dream a Little Dream of Me 10 54 7 February, 2008
When Bobby is poisoned with a powerful mystic plant and trapped in his darkest nightmares, Sam and Dean enter Bobby's dreams to save him; but there, the trio face a ruthless and murderous foe, and are confronted with their deepest, darkest fears and secrets.
Mystery Spot 11 55 14 February, 2008
Sam finds himself in a loop, reliving the same day over and over with Dean dying on each replay of the day, and Sam attempts to find what's causing the loop and save Dean from dying again.
Jus in Bello 12 56 21 February, 2008
Agent Henricksen has finally found Sam and Dean arrested and is ready to take them into custody, but the brothers and the cops are brought to work together when the police station is besieged by a demon horde.
Ghostfacers 13 57 24 April, 2008
Sam and Dean end up on an amateur paranormal reality film when they and the Ghostfacers end up investigating the same haunted house, which quickly turns serious and deadly.
Long Distance Call 14 58 1 March, 2008
Sam and Dean investigate a case where townsfolk are receiving phone calls and emails from their deceased loved ones coercing them into killing themselves. When Dean gets a phone call from John telling him how to escape his crossroads deal, Dean is willing to follow the mysterious call's advice, but Sam believes that this is something not to be trusted.
Time Is on My Side 15 59 8 March, 2008
When people are kidnapped and stripped of a body part each, Sam and Dean investigate and face an immortal zombie surgeon who needs others' body parts to replace his own expired ones. Sam is hopeful that the undead doctor's secret to immortality is the key to saving Dean from Hell, but Dean doesn't want it. Meanwhile, Dean searches for Bela and the Colt.
No Rest for the Wicked 16 60 15 March, 2008
As Dean's last day before his Faustian contract expires comes round, the Winchesters, Bobby and Ruby prepare for a showdown with Lilith and her demonic army in a final effort to save Dean from eternal damnation before it's too late.

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