Season 4
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Season information
Episodes : 22
Broadcast time : 18 September, 2008 - 14 May, 2009
Preceded by : Season 3
Followed by : Season 5

Season Four of Supernatural consists of twenty-two episodes that originally aired between September 18, 2008 and May 14, 2009 in the United States. The season focuses on Dean's return from Hell and the introduction of angels to the show, and through this, the season's story arc focuses on Sam's use of his demonic side with Ruby and on the efforts to stop Lilith's demons from starting the Apocalypse.


Four months after his death in Season 3, Dean is resurrected from Hell by the angel Castiel to help the angels on Earth. Sam and Dean learn and attempt to help the angels stop Lilith and her demons from breaking the 66 seals that keep Lucifer imprisoned in Hell. Meanwhile, Sam is secretly embracing and attempting to use his demonic nature with Ruby and is carelessly developing an addiction to demon blood through it, and Sam's actions and how he begins to choose Ruby and the path she's giving him over Dean begins to cause a growing rift between the brothers. At the same time, Dean doesn't want to talk with anyone about his time in Hell, as he is haunted by what he did in Hell and what happened to him there. Dean and Castiel also attempt during the efforts to stop the 66 seals being broken to learn what Azazel's true endgame plan for Sam beneath the demon army plan really is.

Ultimately, after 65 of Lucifer's seals are broken, Dean discovers that the higher-up angels want Lucifer to be freed so that what remains of the Earth will become Paradise in the aftermath of the Apocalypse, but Castiel betrays the Host of Heaven and joins Dean in stopping the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Sam and Ruby track Lilith down and Sam kills her, but then discovers that Lilith's death breaks the last seal on Lucifer's cage and that Ruby and Azazel were always manipulating Sam into doing this, and Lucifer is subsequently released from Hell and the Apocalypse begins.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Lazarus Rising 1 61 18 September, 2008
Dean is mysteriously resurrected and returned from Hell by a mysterious cosmic power that even demons turn out to fear, and Dean and Bobby work to find the creature behind Dean's return. Meanwhile, Sam is now using his demonic powers under Ruby's tutelage.
Are You There, God? It's Me, Dean Winchester 2 62 25 September, 2008
While Sam, Dean and Bobby argue over Castiel's claim of how and why Dean was brought back, the debate is cut short when the ghosts of monster victims that the trio and other hunters failed to save in the past begin to rise for vengeance on them; and as the team are trapped and overwhelmed by the vengeful spirits, Bobby discovers that this phenomenon is just an omen to a much more devastating catastrophe.
In the Beginning 3 63 2 October, 2008
Castiel sends Dean back to 1973 on a mysterious mission, and there, Dean runs into his mother and father, and ends up working with his mother and grandparents on a hunt; which quickly turns serious and personal when Dean discovers that they are hunting an old foe of his.
Metamorphosis 4 64 9 October, 2008
The Winchesters track and investigate a devoted husband who is developing a strange and dangerous addiction to meat. Sam is hopeful that the man can curb his monstrous nature, but Dean and another hunter are convinced otherwise. Meanwhile, Dean learns the truth about what Sam and Ruby are really doing.
Monster Movie 5 65 16 October, 2008
Sam and Dean investigate a string of odd, movie-style killings at an Oktoberfest village celebration, where people are being murdered by classic iconic movie monsters, among which are a classic-movie Dracula who is targeting a pretty local bar waitress.
Yellow Fever 6 66 23 October, 2008
When several men die of a strange case of acute paranoia and anxiety, Sam and Dean investigate and learn that a buruburu spirit is spreading ghost sickness which makes its victims eventually die of fear. When Dean gets infected, Sam searches with Bobby for a way to stop the ghost before Dean is sent back to Hell.
It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester 7 67 30 October, 2008
On Halloween, Sam and Dean learn that a witch is sacrificing a series of locals in a small trick-or-treating town to raise a powerful demon of Halloween. Sam and Dean's problems are only exacerbated when the angels threaten to vapourise the entire town to stop the rising from breaking another one of Lucifer's seals.
Wishful Thinking 8 68 6 November, 2008
When bizarre things start occurring, Sam and Dean investigate and discover that a local wishing well is the real thing, and is granting its users' wishes, which soon backfire. As the wishing well's power begins to engulf the town in chaos, Sam and Dean must find the wishing well's first user before things get any further out of control.
I Know What You Did Last Summer 9 69 13 November, 2008
While Sam and Dean search with Ruby for a mysterious missing young woman who can hear the angels' plans and is being pursued by the grand torturer of Hell, Sam reminisces on how he reunited with Ruby and ended up drinking demon blood as he is now.
Heaven and Hell 10 70 20 November, 2008
As the angels and demons alike close in from either side on Sam, Dean, Ruby and Anna, the group's only hope is to restore Anna's angelic power, but Anna warns that it will mean leaving humanity behind and becoming a cold, obedient warrior once more.
Family Remains 11 71 15 January, 2009
When a family move into a house haunted by a savage murderous girl in the walls, Sam and Dean investigate, and are trapped in the house with the young killer and must go after her to rescue the family's abducted son.
Criss Angel Is a Douchebag 12 72 22 January, 2009
Sam and Dean investigate when an elderly and formerly famous magician's dangerous magic tricks become real through black magic and begin killing his magician rivals. Sam and Dean are convinced that the old magician is the witch behind the deadly dark arts, but it soon appears otherwise.
After School Special 13 73 29 January, 2009
The Winchesters return to their old high school when ghostly possessions there drive the students to kill their bullies, and the return brings back memories of how Sam stuck up for a miserable fellow student against a bully, and how Dean was the most popular big man on campus.
Sex and Violence 14 74 5 February, 2009
Sam and Dean investigate when a seductive siren drives men to murder their lovers and female relatives for it, and the brothers fall under the creature's spell and are driven into a fight to the death against each-other.
Death Takes a Holiday 15 75 12 March, 2009
When the residents of a small town begin miraculously cheating death, Sam and Dean learn that it is because the local reapers have gone missing, and the brothers journey into the spirit world, where their search for answers brings face-to-face with Alastair as the demon plots to break another of Lucifer's seals.
On the Head of a Pin 16 76 19 March, 2009
When a series of unexplained angel murders occur, Castiel and Uriel recruit Dean to torture the culprit's name out of Alastair, and Dean's full torturing skills from Hell are unleashed in his demonic former teacher. Meanwhile, Sam and Ruby continue to develop Sam's powers.
It's a Terrible Life 17 77 26 March, 2009
Sam and Dean are in a reality where they lead dull, normal, separate lives working at a company, but when a local spirit begins turning slacker employees into workaholics who literally work themselves to death, Sam and Dean team up to vanquish the spirit.
The Monster at the End of This Book 18 78 2 April, 2009
Sam and Dean discover that a prophet who sees their adventures in his dreams has chronicled the brothers' lives into a book series called Supernatural, and attempt to overcome fate by defying the writer's next story about them, with little success.
Jump the Shark 19 79 23 April, 2009
Sam and Dean are contacted by a man named Adam Milligan, claiming to be John Winchester's son and asking for help finding his missing mother, but Dean is in denial that he and Sam have another brother and suspects Adam to be a creature trying to lure the Winchesters.
The Rapture 20 80 30 April, 2009
Castiel tries to warn Sam and Dean about a great and important secret he has discovered, but before he can share it, the angels take Cass back to Heaven - leaving behind Castiel's human vessel, Jimmy Novak, who yearns to return to his life and his family, but is also a high-priority demon target for his affiliation with the angels through Castiel.
When the Levee Breaks 21 81 7 May, 2009
Dean and Bobby attempt a brutal and unpleasant demon blood detox on Sam, and Dean begins to lose hope and control over the situation. And when Sam escapes to return to Ruby, he faces a choice that could change his bond with Dean forever.
Lucifer Rising 22 82 14 May, 2009
With the Apocalypse coming and the last of Lucifer's seals about to be broken, Sam and Ruby set off to track down Lilith and kill her, and Sam makes a choice that unearths the true endgame behind Azazel and Lilith's plans and which will unleash consequences even more far-reaching; meanwhile, Dean goes to the angels in stopping the Apocalypse, only to discover a dark and terrible secret about the angels' true colours.

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