Season 5
Supernatural Season 5 Intro HD

Supernatural Season 5 Intro HD

Season information
Episodes : 22
Broadcast time : 10 September, 2009 - 13 May, 2010
Preceded by : Season 4
Followed by : Season 6

Season Five of Supernatural consists of twenty-two episodes that originally aired between September 10, 2009 and May 13, 2010 in the United States. The season focuses on Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel's efforts against both Heaven and Hell to defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse, and the battle of freedom versus destiny.


Following the events of Season 4, Sam and Dean, together with Bobby and Castiel, fight against the angels and demons alike to hunt Lucifer and find a means of defeating the Devil. In the battle to save the Earth from the Apocalypse, Sam and Dean both also personally fight their destiny when they learn that they are the predestined true vessels for Lucifer and the archangel Michael respectively in the Apocalyptic war between Heaven and Hell, while Castiel searches for God in hopes that he will help stop Lucifer.

Throughout the season, the entire team each have a personal crisis of their own - with Sam and Dean becoming distant because of Sam's choices and the Apocalyptic situation they have resulted in, with Castiel being left fallen and semi-powerless from rebelling against Heaven's Apocalyptic plans, and with Bobby being left angry and bitter after an incident with demons leaves him wheelchair-bound - but through each other's support, the four all continue on to the end.

After Sam and Dean learn from the archangel Gabriel that the rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are the collective key to reimprisoning Lucifer in Hell, the team collect all four rings; and Sam allows Lucifer to possess him as his true vessel and takes back control through his love for Dean, and seals himself, Michael and Lucifer in Lucifer's cage, successfully defeating fate with free will and stopping the Apocalypse. In the aftermath, to uphold his last promise to Sam, instead of bringing Sam back from the cage, Dean goes to the Braedens to give up hunting and have a happy, normal life with them.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Sympathy for the Devil 1 83 10 September, 2009
In the aftermath of Lucifer's release from Hell and the start of the Apocalypse, a guilt-ridden Sam, an unforgiving Dean and a furious Bobby choose to battle against daunting odds and fight the forces of Hell and Heaven alike, and set out to find the one weapon that may be able to defeat the Devil before the demons reach it. Meanwhile, Lucifer is seeking and circling his vessel.
Good God, Y'All! 2 84 17 September, 2009
In the aftermath of the disastrous search for the Michael Sword, Sam and Dean go with Ellen to investigate when a small town is engulfed in a massive, unexplained demon attack, and the group soon begin to suspect that what they and half the remaining townsfolk believe to be a demon attack is something more sinister.
Free to Be You and Me 3 85 24 September, 2009
Sam and Dean have gone separate ways: Sam tries to build a normal life, only for an inquisitive woman, a group of hunters and a terrible revelation to change his mind; while Dean and Castiel search for the archangel Raphael in Cass' search for God.
The End 4 86 1 October, 2009
Zachariah sends Dean into an Apocalyptic future world where Lucifer is plaguing and exterminating humanity with the demonic Croatoan virus and where Dean's friends are gone and he is a hollow and ruthless man, showing Dean just what will happen if he continues on the road he is taking.
Fallen Idols 5 87 8 October, 2009
Sam and Dean investigate an odd case in a small town, where locals are being killed by their living and dead icons, including James Dean, Abraham Lincoln and Paris Hilton.
I Believe the Children Are Our Future 6 88 15 October, 2009
Sam and Dean investigate when a series of urban legends and old wife's tales come true with deadly consequences in a small town, and the brothers are lead to an 11-year-old boy with the power to make anything he believes become reality. Castiel wants to kill the boy, warning that he will become a powerful and destructive weapon for Lucifer's war against Heaven, but Sam is hopeful that the child can make the right choices and defy his destiny. However, time is running out when Lucifer's demons close in for the boy.
The Curious Case of Dean Winchester 7 89 29 October, 2009
Sam and Dean meet a witch who bets years of the players' lives in high-stakes poker, and when Bobby plays against the witch and loses, Dean trades years to save Bobby and gets aged into an old man, and Sam must play against and beat the witch himself before Dean is aged to death.
Changing Channels 8 90 5 November, 2009
The Trickster returns and sends Sam and Dean into another dimension based on TV channels, where the brothers must play the roles as characters in various TV shows and commercials if they are to win their freedom. Castiel attempts to free the brothers, and the brothers discover a shocking truth about the Trickster's past and what he really is.
The Real Ghostbusters 9 91 12 November, 2009
Sam and Dean are tricked into attending Chuck's convention for his Supernatural book series, where the brothers see their lives and past mirrored and mimicked at every turn to their chagrin. However, two of the fans LARPing Sam and Dean from the books soon end up unknowingly following a real ghost case at the convention.
Abandon All Hope... 10 92 19 November, 2009
After retrieving the Colt, Sam and Dean, together with Jo, Ellen and Castiel, track Lucifer down an empty town filled with reapers, hellhounds and demons as the Devil plots to raise Death himself from his prison beneath the Earth; but the mission quickly goes horribly wrong when Meg and Lucifer capture Castiel and Jo is injured by the hellhounds in what is certain to end in tears.
Sam, Interrupted 11 93 21 January, 2010
Sam and Dean get themselves incarcerated to investigate if a wraith is attacking the mental hospital's patients, but the incarceration begins to push them to the breaking point.
Swap Meat 12 94 28 January, 2010
A teenage nerd uses magic to secretly swap bodies with Sam, and while Sam is forced to deal with the nerd witch's intrusive parents and high school problems, the nerd in Sam's body gets to enjoy the perks of being Sam while investigating poltergeist with an unwitting Dean. But things soon go from bad to worse when the demons realise that while Sam won't give Lucifer Sam's body as his vessel, Gary now can.
The Song Remains the Same 13 95 4 February, 2010
When Anna goes back in time to 1978 to stop the Apocalypse by killing John and Mary before Sam and Dean are born, Castiel sends the brothers after her, and there the brothers meet their dead parents in the fight against the angels in a family reunion that ends for Dean in tears.
My Bloody Valentine 14 96 11 February, 2010
When Sam and Dean investigate a case where people are killing each other for love, and Castiel suspects that a cupid is responsible, but the trio soon learn it is actually Famine of the Four Horsemen. The trio's problems are worsened when Famine's hunger-amplifying powers send Castiel on a hamburger rampage and reawaken Sam's demon blood addiction. Meanwhile, Dean has become bitter and miserable, and won't reveal what's up with him.
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid 15 97 25 March, 2010
Sam and Dean investigate when the dead begin rising in Bobby's home town, but instead of attacking, the risen dead return to their families. The brothers are convinced that something bad will come out of this, but Bobby refuses to let them investigate further when his late wife is among the dead loved ones returned. Sam and Dean's fears are soon confirmed when the resurrected dead devolve into vicious mindless cannibals, and Bobby is faced with the devastating task of killing his wife all over again.
Dark Side of the Moon 16 98 1 April, 2010
A fatal ambush by angry hunters sends Sam and Dean to Heaven, where the brothers search for the angel Joshua who can take them to God to learn what is really going on, but they must also evade Zachariah's pursuit and vengeful plans for Sam and Dean along the way. On their journey across Heaven to reach God, Sam and Dean runs into several old friends and dark past demons.
99 Problems 17 99 8 April, 2010
Sam and Dean are taken in by a sealed-off town who are aware of the Apocalypse and are battling the demon hordes under the guidance of a young local prophet. However, when the prophet begins manipulating the townsfolk into murdering so-called sinners amongst them, Castiel reveals that she is not a prophet but something else entirely, and time is running out before half the townsfolk are massacred by their own friends. Meanwhile, Dean begins to break and believe that saying yes to Michael is the only way to stop Lucifer.
Point of No Return 18 100 15 April, 2010
Dean has finally broken and is ready to give in to the angels and say yes to Michael, especially when it seems that the angels now plan to use an innocent, resurrected familiar face in Dean's place. However, Zachariah's game plan for Michael's vessel is much more sinister, and Sam, Dean and Castiel take on Zachariah and his angels.
Hammer of the Gods 19 101 22 April, 2010
While stopping to rest at a small roadside luxury hotel, Sam and Dean are captured and held hostage by a meeting of gods from across pagan cultures who intend to see the Apocalypse stops. Gabriel returns to slip Sam and Dean out of the gods' custody, but the plan goes awry when Lucifer arrives.
The Devil You Know 20 102 29 April, 2010
Crowley returns to aid Sam and Dean in the brothers' search for Pestilence, and are led to the horseman's handler, which exposes a terrible truth about Sam's past. Meanwhile, Sam and Bobby mull over how to get Lucifer back in his cage, and Sam makes a shocking and upsetting suggestion.
Two Minutes to Midnight 21 103 6 May, 2010
After the team confront and defeat Pestilence, Dean and Crowley head to a doomed Chicago in search of Death and the last of the Four Horsemen's rings, while Sam, Bobby and a powerless Castiel go to stop Pestilence's demons from unleashing the Croatoan virus upon humanity.
Swan Song 22 104 13 May, 2010
The final showdown between free will and the prophecy is at hand, and Sam and the team head to intiate Sam's plan to sacrifice himself to stop Lucifer and end the Apocalypse in a heartbreaking finale that will change Sam and Dean's lives forever.

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  • Season 5 was originally intended by Eric Kripke to be the final season of Supernatural with which the show ends; and in this respect, the end of the fifth season brings a close to the overall story arc that has spanned the show for the first five seasons. However, due to high ratings, Supernatural was renewed for a sixth season.