Season 6
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Season information
Episodes : 22
Broadcast time : 24 September, 2010 - 20 May, 2011
Preceded by : Season 5
Followed by : Season 7

Season Six of Supernatural consists of twenty-two episodes that originally aired between September 24, 2010 and May 20, 2011 in the United States. The season overall centres around the power of souls and their influence and abilities, and also on the monsters and their original origins and the search for Purgatory.


A year after Sam sacrificed himself to stop the Apocalypse, Dean has built a happy, normal life for himself with Lisa and Ben, but Sam soon returns along with the brothers' grandfather Samuel Campbell and the boys' extended maternal family of hunters; and thus Dean gradually begins to get drawn back into hunting and away from Lisa and Ben, until eventually he ends up leaving them almost altogether.

Meanwhile, Dean grows increasingly suspicious of Sam's cold, ruthless and amoral behaviour, until he eventually becomes convinced that it isn't Sam. Sam and Dean learn that it is indeed Sam, but without his soul, which is still in Lucifer's cage, and the brothers set about getting Sam his soul back. Sam and Dean shortly afterwards discover that Samuel is capturing monsters and Alphas (the latter the original monster of their species each) for Crowley, the new King of Hell after Lucifer's defeat, in Crowley's efforts to find a way of opening the door to Purgatory (the realm which monsters go to when they die instead of Heaven or Hell), and Crowley forcefully recruits Sam and Dean into this if they want Sam's soul back. However, Sam and Dean eventually turn on and seemingly defeat Crowley, and they afterwards manage to restore Sam's soul.

After Sam's soul is restored, a mental wall is put up to protect his mind from the damage his soul suffered in Hell, although some of the memories begin to bleed through and the brothers begin to suffer repercussions from some of the amoral atrocities Sam committed in the year he was soulless, and Sam's mental dam is eventually destroyed. A civil war in Heaven between Raphael's traditionalist angels who want to restart the Apocalypse and Castiel's freedom-fighting angels who want to stop them also becomes an obstacle for Sam and Dean. Also, Eve, the creator of the Alpha monsters and the matriarch of all monsters, returns to Earth from Purgatory and begins creating and spreading new monsters to overrun the Earth as retaliation against Crowley for torturing her monster children in his search for Purgatory, and Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel work to track Eve down and stop her. The team eventually succeed in finding and killing Eve, but afterwards learn that Castiel is in a secret alliance with Crowley in the search for a way to open Purgatory, so that Cass can use the power of Purgatory's souls to win the heavenly civil war and stop Raphael, and this in turn causes a rift between Cass and Dean.

When Crowley and Castiel obtain the means of opening the door to Purgatory, Cass double-crosses Crowley, and so Crowley allies with Raphael to open Purgatory and use the power of its monster souls, but Cass tricks them and does the ritual himself; absorbing all the souls in Purgatory and using their power to defeat Raphael and Crowley, but then becoming corrupted by the power.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Exile on Main St. 1 105 24 September, 2010
A year after Sam's sacrifice, Dean has given up hunting and has built a normal life with Lisa and Ben. But when Dean is targeted by a group of vengeful djinn, Sam returns, inexplicably raised from Hell a year ago, along with the brothers' late grandfather Samuel Campbell and an entire family of hunters that Sam and Dean never before even knew existed.
Two and a Half Men 2 106 1 October, 2010
While Dean attempts unsuccessfully to stay out of hunting and keep his normal life with Lisa and Ben, Sam investigates a series of attacks in which parents are killed and their babies taken and missing, and Sam soon discovers that shapeshifters are mimicking men to impregnate their lovers with new shifters, then taking the baby shapeshifter and killing the human family. But when one of the baby shapeshifters is left behind, Sam goes to Dean for help and the brothers struggle both with looking after a baby shifter and with protecting it from the shapeshifters' efforts to get it back.
The Third Man 3 107 8 October, 2010
When three police officers are killed by three of the biblical Ten Plagues of Egypt, Sam and Dean go to Castiel for help, and Cass reveals that the Staff of Moses along with Heaven's other weapons have been stolen in the post-Apocalyptic chaos, and the trio set off to find the thief while also fighting off Raphael's hostile angel followers.
Weekend at Bobby's 4 108 15 October, 2010
In Bobby's business-as-usual weekend, he searches for a means to relinquish Crowley's Faustian contract for his soul, meets with a friendly and flirtatious a new neighbour, and helps from at home deal with the increasing monster activity.
Live Free or TwiHard 5 109 22 October, 2010
Sam and Dean investigate when a series of young girls go missing, and discover they are being abducted and turned by a vampire nest. When the vampire leader turns Dean, Samuel steps in and reveals that they can change Dean back to human, but Dean must go undercover into the vampire nest and get the leader's blood while keeping his bloodlust under control. Meanwhile, both Dean and Samuel are unnerved when Sam appears strangely unmoved by Dean's plight.
You Can't Handle the Truth 6 110 29 October, 2010
While Dean is now completely convinced that Sam is a supernatural imposter but his claims go unbelieved by anyone else, the brothers investigate when a curse in town causes everyone to bombard the victim with harsh truths and personal opinions until it drives the victim to suicide. Sam and Dean learn that Veritas, the Egyptian goddess of truth, is responsible, and time is running out to find and stop her when Dean becomes the next victim to fall under her truth curse.
Family Matters 7 111 5 November, 2010
While trying to deal with his soulless brother's amoral behaviour, Dean is growing suspicious of Samuel's motives behind the Campbells' monster hunts, and his suspicions are soon confirmed when Samuel secretly has the Alpha Vampire captured alive. Just after Sam and Dean learn what Samuel wants the Alpha for, things go from bad to worse when the Alpha Vamp breaks free and begins massacring the family one-by-one.
All Dogs Go to Heaven 8 112 12 November, 2010
As Dean continues to struggle with Sam's new ruthless personality from his soullessness, Crowley sends the brothers to investigate what appear to be a series of werewolf attacks, but soon turn out to be caused by a shapeshifting skinwalker posing as a family pooch, who is part of a much bigger problem.
Clap Your Hands If You Believe... 9 113 19 November, 2010
Sam and Dean investigate a series of supposed UFO sightings and alien abductions, and after Dean is temporarily abducted, he finds himself stalked and pursued by fairies at every turn while Sam searches for the source of the fairies' presence in town. Meanwhile, Dean is still struggling with Sam's soulless, blunt and uncaring personality.
Caged Heat 10 114 3 December, 2010
When Meg returns with the intention of reaching and killing Crowley, Sam and Dean join forces with her against Crowley in hopes of getting Sam's soul back from him, and launch an attack with Castiel on Crowley's monster prison. But when the group are captured by Crowley's demons, breaking into a prison soon proves as hard as breaking out. Meanwhile, Sam becomes less certain that he really does want his soul back.
Appointment in Samarra 11 115 10 December, 2010
Dean seeks Death out in the former's search for a way to restore Sam's soul, and bargains with Death that the Grim Reaper will restore Sam's soul if Dean can take Death's place reaping the dying for 24 hours. It goes well, until Dean is faced with the task of reaping a little girl. Meanwhile, Sam goes to Balthazar to find a way of stopping his tortured soul being restored, and upon learning he can stop his soul returning by killing his father figure, Sam targets and turns on Bobby with the intention of murdering him.
Like a Virgin 12 116 4 February, 2011
In the aftermath of the return of Sam's soul, when Sam awakens with no memory of the past year and a half, Dean wants to keep it that way because of the atrocities soulless Sam committed and attempted, but it soon becomes apparent to Sam that something happened while his soul was in Hell. Meanwhile, when Dean and Bobby learn that dragons are abducting virgin girls in town, Dean goes to retrieve a dragon-killing sword from Bobby's old friend, with complications when he finds the sword is trapped in rock and can only be removed by a worthy and righteous man.
Unforgiven 13 117 11 February, 2011
When some of Sam's memories from when he was soulless begin to return, he and Dean head to a town soulless Sam and Samuel once hunted in, and a string of recent disappearances in town is somehow linked to something soulless Sam did when he was there, and the brothers must find out what and stop it before it's too late.
Mannequin 3: The Reckoning 14 118 18 February, 2011
Sam and Dean investigate when a series of seemingly unconnected men are all killed by possessed mannequins and plastic figures. Meanwhile, Dean has problems with Lisa and Ben when Ben makes a false emergency call to get him to come.
The French Mistake 15 119 25 February, 2011
When Raphael sends the ruthless angel assassin Virgil after Sam, Dean and Balthazar, Balthazar sends the brothers into an alternate universe where the supernatural doesn't exist and where the brothers are stars in a show (chronicling their lives as fiction) called Supernatural; and the brothers must deal with life as Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, while also trying to find a way back to their reality. Meanwhile, Virgil follows Sam and Dean into the alternate reality, but unable to use any of his angelic powers in the magic-free universe, instead opts to attack the set of Supernatural in a Terminator-like fashion.
...And Then There Were None 16 120 4 March, 2011
When Eve unleashes a new monster that can infect and possess anyone, Sam, Dean, Bobby and Rufus set out in search of the monster and run into Gwen and Samuel. The team eventually track Eve's new monster down, but it soon begins picking them off one by one, and could be possessing any one of them at any time.
My Heart Will Go On 17 121 15 April, 2011
When Fate herself begins killing off a series of people, Sam and Dean investigate and learn that Balthazar has changed history so the Titanic didn't sink, and now Fate is killing off the passengers' descendants. When Fate then begins targeting Sam and Dean for revenge on the brothers for stopping the Apocalypse, it seems the only way to stop her is to restore history and sink the Titanic, but when Bobby learns that this will mean his wife and stepdaughter will die, the team struggle to find another way.
Frontierland 18 122 22 April, 2011
The search for a means of killing Eve leads to Castiel sending Sam and Dean back to the Wild, Wild West of 1861 in search of a phoenix on a killing spree, whose ashes can kill Eve; leading to a gunfight showdown between the supernatural outlaw and Sheriff Dean Winchester.
Mommy Dearest 19 123 29 April, 2011
Sam and Dean, together with Bobby and Castiel, track Eve down to a small Oregon town which they soon discover Eve has overrun with prototype hybrid monsters. As the team search the monster-infested town for Eve for a showdown, Sam and Dean choose to take the time to transport two boys out of town to safety, a move which could cost them miserably.
The Man Who Would Be King 20 124 6 May, 2011
A troubled Castiel reminisces on the events that have put him on the current road of helping Crowley search for Purgatory for the souls' power in the war against Raphael - from raising Sam from Hell to the start of the civil war in Heaven - and contemplates if he is following the right path, especially after Sam, Dean and Bobby learn what Castiel is doing with Crowley and are outright upset by it.
Let It Bleed 21 125 20 May, 2011
An occult 1937 dinner party hosted by H.P. Lovecraft may reveal the secret to opening the door to Purgatory, and Bobby attempts to get to the secret before Castiel. To stop the team from interfering, Crowley has his demons kidnap Lisa and Ben, to Cass' fury, and Sam and Dean go to rescue Ben and Lisa in a tragedy that ultimately ends in tears for Dean.
The Man Who Knew Too Much 22 126 20 May, 2011
While Crowley and Castiel prepare to open the gates of Purgatory and the battle for Heaven and the future of the Earth comes to a head, Sam's mental wall has finally crumbled and he is trapped in his mind, and Dean and Bobby are helpless to save Sam.

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