Season 7
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Season information
Episodes : 23
Broadcast time : 23 September, 2011 - 18 May, 2012
Preceded by : Season 6
Followed by : Season 8

Season Seven of Supernatural consists of twenty-three episodes that originally aired between September 23, 2011 and May 18, 2012 in the United States. The season primarily focuses on Sam and Dean's efforts against the Leviathans, and on several mental and emotional hardships the brothers suffer, including Sam's tormenting illusion of Lucifer.


Following the events of Season 6, the Leviathans - cunning, poisonous and hungry ancient beasts - are released from Purgatory by Castiel's actions onto humanity and attack and hunt Sam and Dean, driving the brothers into hiding as they work to learn what the Leviathans' plans for humanity are and search for a way to kill the seemingly indestructible beasts. Meanwhile, with his mental wall destroyed, Sam is now severely and increasingly tortured and tormented by his memories of the torture done to his soul in Hell, and is seeing a hallucination of Lucifer which torments and attacks Sam mercilessly, and Sam tries to keep these illusions and mental scars under control and stay sane.

Sam and Dean also suffer a heavy loss when Bobby is killed in the brothers' fight against the Leviathans, and afterwards, they argue over whether or not Bobby may have stayed with them as a ghost as evidence seems to point to. Sam and Dean eventually discover Bobby's spirit is indeed still with them, but his vengeance towards the Leviathan leader Dick Roman threatens to devolve him into a vicious, mindless vengeful spirit.

Eventually, through the prophet Kevin Tran and a resurrected Castiel, Sam and Dean create a weapon capable of killing the Leviathans. They are also forced to put Bobby's ghost to rest when he becomes too vengeful, and Cass successfully cures Sam's mental scars and Lucifer hallucinations. The team ultimately launch a battle against the Leviathan-occupied Richard Roman Enterprises as they prepare to initiate their plans to dope and farm humanity, and successfully kill Dick Roman with their weapon; but as a side-effect, Dean and Castiel are sent to Purgatory, and trapped their with no way back to the mortal world.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
Meet the New Boss 1 127 23 September, 2011
While the soul-empowered Castiel sets out to assume God's universal position and destroy the perceived wrongs in the world, Sam, Dean and Bobby seek out Death to stop Cass, and Death warns them that souls aren't the only things Castiel has absorbed from Purgatory and a new, deadly, hungry threat is getting closer to coming unleashed. Meanwhile, with the mental wall down, Sam's memories of Hell begin to overtake him.
Hello, Cruel World 2 128 30 September, 2011
With Castiel dead and the Leviathans unleashed, Dean and Bobby struggle with helping and protecting Sam as Sam's visions of Lucifer and Hell threaten to drive him to insanity and cause him trouble discerning what's real and what's not. Meanwhile, the Leviathans take human form and set about organising their rogues together, and infiltrate Sioux Falls General Hospital to feed covertly; and a hospitalised Sheriff Mills is in danger when a patient-eating Leviathan replaces her doctor.
The Girl Next Door 3 129 7 October, 2011
After escaping the Leviathans' hunt for the trio, Sam goes solo from Bobby and a furious Dean to investigate a case similar to one from when he and Dean were children: Amy Pond, a Kitsune that takes her victims' brains as food, whom Sam befriended and spared as a child.
Defending Your Life 4 130 14 October, 2011
Sam and Dean investigate a series of odd deaths, and discover that the Egyptian god Osiris is putting people on trial for their past mistakes and setting vengeful spirits on them if they are found guilty. When Dean becomes Osiris' next victim for his guilt, Sam steps in as Dean's lawyer, and Osiris calls up Jo's spirit as a witness.
Shut Up, Dr. Phil 5 131 21 October, 2011
Sam and Dean investigate a series of gruesome unexplained deaths and occurrences, and the brothers find that witch couple Don and Maggie Stark are deploying deadly and creative dark magic against each other in their marital squabbles, and thus Sam and Dean must help the witch husband and wife sort out their issues as their arguing gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Chet catches up with Sam and Dean on the Leviathans' hunt for the Winchesters.
Slash Fiction 6 132 28 October, 2011
When two Leviathans take Sam and Dean's respective forms and go on a killing spree, the real Sam and Dean become the subject of a nationwide manhunt; which sends the brothers further off the grid, to Frank Deveraux for help tracking and stopping their Leviathan doubles. Meanwhile, Bobby experiments on Chet to find any of the Leviathans' weaknesses, and Sam learns the truth about Amy's death.
The Mentalists 7 133 4 November, 2011
Dean and Sam are reluctantly reunited to work on a case in 'the most "psychic" town in America' where a violent and deadly spirit is killing off the town's mediums one by one; but in a town where everyone is supposedly psychic, the brothers have trouble finding which is the true medium who is controlling the ghost.
Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! 8 134 11 November, 2011
While the brothers are on a hunt, when Sam bizarrely falls in love with Becky from the Winchesters' past, Dean becomes convinced that it has to be a love potion and calls a quirky, goofy, funny and laid-back hunter, Garth, in to help him find what's causing Sam's sudden attraction to Becky.
How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters 9 135 18 November, 2011
Sam, Dean and Bobby go on a hunt in the literal sense of the word when a ravenous predator begins attacking people in the woods, and the trio uncover a Leviathan conspiracy to use Biggerson's new Turducken Slammer sandwich additive to dope humans down for the Levis' own purposes.
Death's Door 10 136 2 December, 2011
In the real world, a comatose Bobby fights for his life in hospital as Sam and Dean look on, while in Bobby's mind, as Death's door begins to open up for Bobby, he traverses and confronts the deepest, darkest memories of his life.
Adventures in Babysitting 11 137 6 January, 2012
As Sam and Dean still reel in the aftermath of Bobby's death, Sam investigates when a hunter goes missing, and himself gets captured by the deadly, venomous vetala responsible; leaving Dean to head with the hunter's insistent and unusually toughened, street-smart daughter to rescue them from the vetala.
Time After Time After Time 12 138 13 January, 2012
An encounter with Chronos, the God of Time, transports Dean to New York City, 1944, where he teams up with the famous and secretly-hunter Eliot Ness in tracking Chronos down before he takes any more victims. Meanwhile, back in the present, Sam works with Jody Mills to try and learn what happens in Dean and Eliot's hunt for Chronos in 1944, and to try and bring Dean back to the present.
The Slice Girls 13 139 3 February, 2012
Sam and Dean investigate a case where a series of men are killed in brutal supernatural ritual sacrifice, and learn they are dealing with a tribe of Amazons - powerful and ruthless all-female creatures, which mature from infanthood in days and then kill their biological fathers in ritual sacrifice. Dean suffers an emotional crisis when he learns he has unknowingly fathered one of the Amazons in a one-night stand, and his Amazon daughter comes to him claiming to be good and wanting him to save her.
Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie 14 140 10 February, 2012
Sam confronts his childhood fear of clowns when he and Dean investigate a case at a clown-based pizza store hosting children's birthday parties where someone is using black magic to make the children's worst fears come to life and kill their neglectful parents. While Dean searches for the culprit responsible, Sam comes under attack by evil, ghoulish clowns.
Repo Man 15 141 17 February, 2012
When it appears that a demon which Sam and Dean previously exorcised and vanquished has returned, the brothers investigate, and go to the demon's former vessel in hopes that he can learn from when he was originally possessed what the demon's next moves are. Meanwhile, Lucifer's influence on Sam begins to get worse.
Out with the Old 16 142 16 March, 2012
When a collection of cursed and deadly objects are accidentally sold off in town and begin causing death and destruction, Sam and Dean attempt to track all the scattered deadly objects down and come face-to-face with a Leviathan real-estate agency. Meanwhile, Frank continues the team's investigation into the Leviathans' secret plans.
The Born-Again Identity 17 143 23 March, 2012
When Lucifer's torment finally drives Sam to the breaking point and gets him institutionalised and growing more tortured and weak, Dean desperately searches for a psychic who can save a tortured and dying Sam, and is led to the amnesic healer Emanuel, formerly known as Castiel; and with Meg, they race to save Sam before it's too late. Meanwhile, Dean tries to remind Emanuel of his old identity as Castiel, and at the mental hospital, Sam helps another patient deal with her ghosts as Lucifer's torment continues to worsen.
Party on, Garth 18 144 30 March, 2012
Sam and Dean get a call from Garth and go to help him investigate and hunt a Shōjō, a vicious Japanese creature which murderously carries out certain people's vengeful desires, and which one can only see when intoxicated, which in turn makes the creature difficult to track and fight. Meanwhile, suspicion grows that Bobby's ghost may still be with Sam and Dean; Dean doesn't want to believe it, but the evidence soon proves overwhelming.
Of Grave Importance 19 145 20 April, 2012
When fellow hunter Annie Hawkins is killed by a houseful of trapped spirits, Sam and Dean head to the haunted house to investigate; and on the astral plane version of the house, Annie and Bobby's ghosts both try to help and protect an oblivious Sam and Dean from the household's other ghostly residents, while also taking on the evil houselord ghost for the spirits' freedom. Meanwhile, argument between Sam and Dean about whether or not Bobby's ghost is indeed still with them continues and escalates.
The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo 20 146 27 April, 2012
Richard Roman Enterprises' skilled hacker and bubbly social misfit Charlie Bradbury is assigned by Dick Roman to hack Frank Deveraux's sealed hard drive, and when she learns from it about the Leviathans and their conspiracy within Roman Enterprises, Sam and Dean track Charlie down and recruit her to infiltrate Dick's office and obtain Dick's files behind a series of mysterious Roman-funded digs. But the plan goes awry when Bobby becomes a vengeful spirit and lashes out at Dick.
Reading Is Fundemental 21 147 4 May, 2012
After unsealing the Word of God, Sam and Dean find that Castiel has awoken, but has been left damaged by his actions to save Sam and the team must deal along with Meg with Castiel's new insanity. Meanwhile, ordinary teenager Kevin Tran is turned into a reluctant prophet who is able to read the Word of God, and Sam and Dean believe that through Kevin, the Word may be the key to defeating the Leviathans; but first the team must fight off a group of angels who want Kevin for Heaven's purposes.
There Will Be Blood 22 148 11 May, 2011
As Sam and Dean gather the other components for the weapon that can kill the Leviathans, they learn that two of these components are the blood of two of their most hated foes: the Alpha Vampire and Crowley, neither of whom are in the mood for negotiations. Meanwhile, Edgar and Dick Roman try to force a captive Kevin to tell them the Word of God's secret to stopping the Leviathans.
Survival of the Fittest 23 149 18 May, 2012
As Dick Roman and the Leviathans prepare for the final phase of their plan, Sam and Dean, armed with the one weapon that can kill the Leviathans, prepare for a showdown against Dick and SucroCorp with a ragtag team of friends and enemies alike, but Dick employs intelligence and cunning against the Winchesters' efforts to defeat him and it's a mind game to see who can keep the upper hand in the fight. Meanwhile, Bobby's ghostly vengeance has grown out of control.

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