Season 8
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Season information
Episodes : 23
Broadcast time : 3 October, 2012 - 15 May, 2013
Preceded by : Season 7
Followed by : Season 9

Season Eight of Supernatural consists of twenty-three episodes that originally aired between October 3, 2012 and May 15, 2013 in the United States. The season primarily focuses on Sam, Dean and Castiel's efforts to protect the Word of God tablets from Crowley and Naomi and to complete the Trials of God to close the gates of Heaven and Hell.


A year after the events of Season 7, Dean returns from Purgatory with a vampire, Benny Lafitte, whom he befriended and bonded with in Purgatory. Dean subsequently returns to Sam, but a rift forms between the brothers when Dean learns that Sam chose to give up hunting for a girlfriend rather than try to find Dean, Kevin or Castiel and when Sam learns about Benny and how Dean is letting the vampire live in the human world despite the threat of Benny's bloodlust. After finding Kevin and another Word of God (this Word on demons), Sam and Dean learn through Kevin that the Word records a series of three mystical trials that, if completed, will banish all demons back to Hell forever; but Crowley also knows of this, and thus Sam and Dean must protect Kevin from the efforts of Crowley and his demons to recapture Kevin and the Word and learn what the trials are, while the brothers also work to decipher and complete the three trials before Crowley stops them.

Meanwhile, Castiel is also rescued from Purgatory by the mysterious angel leader Naomi, who controls him as a puppet and unknowing agent for her on Earth in her search for a Word of God on angels. After finding the angel Word tablet, Castiel overcomes Naomi's control and goes on the run, having to protect the angel tablet from the pursuit of Naomi's angels and Crowley's demons alike. At the same time, Sam and Dean begin translating and performing the three trials to seal Hell one by one, but the trials begin to purify and damage Sam, and Dean and Cass are helpless to undo the damage to Sam. Sam and Dean meanwhile discover the extinct, secret supernatural-studying organisation known as the Men of Letters, and several other supernatural organisations; including the Nazi necromancers, the Thule Society, and the Jewish, Thule-opposing Judah Initiative controlling the golems.

Eventually, Sam completes the first two trials to close the gates of Hell and is ready to complete the final trial, but Dean stops him upon learning that the third trial will kill Sam, and the brothers opt to give up on the trials. Meanwhile, after the angel scribe Metatron is located, he and Castiel decide to complete another series of trials, these ones to close the gates of Heaven and imprison all angels inside, to stop Naomi's pursuit of the Word of God and to end the angels' conflict once and for all; but Metatron tricks Castiel, renders Cass human and powerless, and activates a spell which locks all the angels out of Heaven and banishes them to Earth.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
We Need to Talk About Kevin 1 150 3 October, 2012
After a year, Dean returns from Purgatory and reunites with Sam, but the reunion isn't what Dean thought it would be. The brothers subsequently set out to find Kevin before Crowley's demons do, and things come to a head when Kevin tells Sam and Dean the shocking secret Crowley is after. Meanwhile, Dean has brought a secret friend back from Purgatory with him.
What's Up, Tiger Mommy? 2 151 10 October, 2012
After rescuing Kevin's mother from Crowley's demons, Sam, Dean and Kevin head to a supernatural auction of pagan gods to retrieve the Word of God, and the team bid against Crowley in the auction for the Word, and discover along the way that Kevin was serious about his mother being a strong-willed woman.
Heartache 3 152 17 October, 2012
Sam and Dean investigate a series of killings where the victims' hearts are devoured, and uncover a coven of donors who have become part of an ancient pact with a Mayan god linked with Brick Holmes, and the brothers must track and kill the heart of the group and uncover the connection to Brick Holmes before they kill again.
Bitten 4 153 24 October, 2012
While investigating a werewolf terrorizing a college town, Sam and Dean uncover disturbing video footage which records and reveals the full story of the werewolf through the eyes of three student friends, who were slowly torn apart when the werewolf turned one of them.
Blood Brother 5 154 31 October, 2012
Benny goes after a pirate nest of vampires led by his maker, and calls Dean for help in tracking the "vampirates" and killing Benny's evil maker. Meanwhile, Sam is getting closer to learning the truth about Dean's friendship with Benny.
Southern Comfort 6 155 7 November, 2012
While investigating a spirit which drives people to murder over small past grudges, Sam and Dean cross paths on the case with Garth, and Dean is less than happy to find that Garth has assumed Bobby's old hunter-coordinating duties.
A Little Slice of Kevin 7 156 14 November, 2012
When Mrs. Tran enlists a treacherous witch to help her and Kevin concoct demon bombs, the Trans are captured by Crowley, and Sam and Dean must rescue Kevin and the Word of God from the demons before it's too late. But the brothers are not alone in this, when Castiel mysteriously returns from Purgatory.
Hunter Heroici 8 157 28 November, 2012
Castiel decides to become a hunter and investigates a case with Sam and Dean where people in town are dying in cartoon-esque deaths; with Castiel constantly trying to prove to the Winchesters that he can work well as a hunter, with humorous results.
Citizen Fang 9 158 5 December, 2012
Sam sends an old and unstable hunter, Martin, to watch Benny, and when Martin blames Benny for a recent string of vampire kills and takes things into his own hands, Dean works to defend Benny and prove his friend innocent, and faces a very hard decision.
Torn and Frayed 10 159 16 January, 2013
After the angel Samandriel is captured by Crowley's demons, Naomi sends Castiel to get Samandriel back from the demons dead or alive before Crowley discovers Heaven's secrets from Samandriel, and Naomi's control over Cass continues to grow and tighten. Meanwhile, Sam is faced with the choice of staying with Amelia or leaving her forever.
LARP and the Real Girl 11 160 23 January, 2013
Sam and Dean investigate when LARPers in the LARPing game Moondoor begin dying in gruesome and odd deaths, and join with the Queen of Moondoor, who is none other than Charlie, to find the cause and stop it before another victim dies.
As Time Goes By 12 161 30 January, 2013
Sam and Dean are brought to the secret world of the extinct Men of Letters when their late and long-lost grandfather, Henry Winchester, time travels to the brothers to stop a powerful demon called Abaddon from obtaining the key to all of the Men of Letters' immense and powerful knowledge. As the Winchesters work to get to the key before Abaddon, Henry struggles with the discovery of the tormented hunter that his son John will become.
Everybody Hates Hitler 13 162 6 February, 2013
Sam and Dean investigate the death of a rabbi who was researching Nazi necromancers, and discover that the rabbi was part of the Judah Inititiative fighting the Thule Society of resurrected necromancer Nazis with golems, and so they join with the rabbi's grandson and the golem to find the secret the Thules are after before the Thules do.
Trial and Error 14 163 13 February, 2013
Kevin deciphers the first of the Word of God's trials to close the gates of Hell - killing a hellhound. Sam and Dean track down a wealthy family who have been targeted by Crowley's hellhound, to kill the hellhound and complete the trial before the hound claims all its victims.
Man's Best Friend with Benefits 15 164 20 February, 2013
When James Frampton, a cop who turned to witchcraft after helping Sam and Dean on a case, becomes plagued by nightmares of him murdering people which soon become a reality, James' familiar, Portia, calls Sam and Dean in to solve the mystery; but the brothers are unsure that they want to help a witch.
Remember the Titans 16 165 27 February, 2013
Sam and Dean are stumped when they come across a man named Shane who dies and resurrects every day, but they soon learn when he is attacked and hunted by the Greek goddess Artemis that he is the immortalised Greek god outcast Prometheus. The brothers resort with Prometheus' love and son to summoning Zeus to save Prometheus and his son from the immortality curse, but this instead sends things from bad to worse.
Goodbye Stranger 17 166 20 March, 2013
Sam, Dean and Castiel learn that Crowley is searching for one of Lucifer's crypts, which holds a valuable artefact, and after rescuing Meg from Crowley's demons and learning the crypt's location from her, the team set out to reach the crypt's artefact before Crowley does, but Naomi's control over Castiel is tightening with malicious intentions involving the crypt's content.
Freaks and Geeks 18 167 27 March, 2013
While investigating vampire kills, Sam and Dean find that Krissy and a group of other orphaned hunters' kids are being trained by the hunter Victor Rogers to hunt the vampires that killed their parents. Sam is intrigued by Victor's method of training the young hunters while also giving them a domestic life, but Dean is suspicious of Victor's true motives.
Taxi Driver 19 168 3 April, 2013
After discovering the second trial to close the gates of Hell - sending an innocent damned soul to Heaven - Sam and Dean team up with rogue reaper Ajay to complete the trial, and Ajay sends Sam into Purgatory to rescue the late Bobby from Hell. But when Crowley learns about this and stops Ajay from bringing Sam and Bobby back from Purgatory, Dean must go to Benny to ask for a terrible favour. Meanwhile, Kevin is being tormented by visions of Crowley, and no-one can tell what is reality and what is illusion for him.
Pac-Man Fever 20 169 24 April, 2013
While Sam is benched from hunting as the Trials of God's effects on him worsen, Dean joins Charlie investigating a case and makes her a hunter-in-training in the meantime, but the boys are suspicious that Charlie is hiding a deadly secret.
The Great Escapist 21 170 1 May, 2013
While Kevin is unknowingly trapped by Crowley in an illusion world where he believes he is still safe with the Winchesters, Sam and Dean set about uncovering the third trial to close the gates of Hell, and a mysterious recluse may be the key. Meanwhile, Castiel tries to evade Naomi and her angels and keep the Word of God out of their hands, but his problems worsen when Crowley is also after him.
Clip Show 22 171 8 May, 2013
After reuniting with Castiel, Sam and Dean search through the Men of Letters' archives and come across a film that may reveal the key to completing the third trial to close the gates of Hell. Meanwhile, Metatron enlists Castiel in closing the gates of Heaven, and Crowley is digging into the Winchesters' past and going after everyone Sam and Dean have ever saved unless they stop the trials.
Sacrifice 23 172 15 May, 2013
With Crowley poised to undo all the good the brothers have ever done as hunters, Sam and Dean play one last game against the King of Hell to complete the final trial to stop the demons forever, but Dean is uncertain that Sam can do this and survive. Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron work to close the gates of Heaven and stop Naomi and the angels, but Naomi delivers a terrible warning about what will happen if Castiel does this.

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