Season 9
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Season information
Episodes : 23
Broadcast time : 8 October, 2013 - 20 May, 2014
Preceded by : Season 8
Followed by : Season 10

Season Nine of Supernatural consists of twenty-three episodes that originally aired between October 8, 2013 and May 20, 2014 in the United States. The season primarily focuses on the aftermath of the Fall and on a secret that Dean is keeping from Sam.


The ninth season primarily focuses on the consequences and aftermath of the Fall caused by Metatron's spell which has banished all the angels to Earth. The first half of the season (episodes 1-9) focuses on a secret about Sam's survival of the Trials of God that Dean is keeping from Sam - that Dean is secretly allowing one of the angels (revealed to be Gadreel, the formerly-imprisoned angel responsible for letting Lucifer corrupt humankind) to inhabit and repair Sam quietly - and it also focuses on Castiel's efforts to live as a human after losing his grace, and on how Abaddon is taking control of the demons with Crowley absent in the Winchesters' captivity.

In the second half of Season 9 (episode 10-23), a restored Cass leads the angels in the war to take Heaven back from Metatron; while Metatron and Gadreel in turn begin massacring and recruiting their own angel army, and Metatron begins powering himself up with the angel tablet to become the new God. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean must deal with the consequences of Dean's actions in letting Gadreel possess Sam (the worst price of which is that it has led to Kevin's death at Gadreel's hands), and a serious rift has formed between them over what Dean has done and how it has affected Sam. At the same time, as Abaddon and Crowley fight for control of Hell, Dean and Crowley work together to find the First Blade - a powerful weapon which, when combined with the Mark of Cain, is the one thing capable of killing a Knight of Hell - and Dean becomes their wielder but is warned that the Mark and Blade also come with the curse of Cain, which will become a horrible price. Dean soon learns this price the hard way, when the Blade and Mark's effects cause him to develop a rush for killing with the Blade that worsens with every kill.

At the end of the season, after seizing the support of most of the angels, Metatron makes his move to rule over humanity as their new and unquestioned miraculous Messiah; while Dean has succeeded in killing Abaddon, but the murderous effects from the curse of Cain on him have intensified out of control. With a redeemed Gadreel's help, Castiel succeeds in infiltrating Heaven, and overthrows Metatron by destroying the angel tablet so that the other angels can easily turn on and imprison him when his true colours are exposed. However, before his defeat, Metatron succeeds in mortally injuring Dean, and Sam is unable to save his brother but vows to find a way to bring Dean back. However, Crowley reveals that part of the curse of Cain is that if the curse's current wielder is human, then when they die the curse will turn them a demon. The fallen Dean then awakes as a new demon.


Episode title Serial number Overall number Airdate
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 1 173 8 October, 2013
In the aftermath of the Fall which has expelled all the angels to Earth, when Sam collapses and is dying from the Trials of God's effects, a frantic Dean resorts to calling out to all the scattered fallen angels for help. The helpful angel Ezekiel reaches Dean first to try and save Sam, but dozens of more angry and vengeful angels are also coming for Dean. Meanwhile, a lost Castiel is learning to survive as a human, and meets another of the fallen angels and tries to teach her free will, with dangerous consequences; and in the meantime, Sam is fighting for his life in his head and trying to choose between surviving and dying.
Devil May Care 2 174 15 October, 2013
While Sam, Dean and Kevin try to use the captive Crowley to find the demons on Earth, Abaddon returns with plans to take over Hell.
I'm No Angel 3 175 22 October, 2013
While a homeless Castiel tries to make his way through the city, Sam and Dean uncover an angel faction using a religious podcast to possess human vessels, and they also learn that the angels are after Castiel and so they must get to Cass before the angels do.
Slumber Party 4 176 29 October, 2013
When Sam, Dean and Charlie attempt to use an ancient computer in the Men of Letters' bunker to track the angels, they accidentally release Dorothy and the Wicked Witch, and so the Winchester, Charlie and Dorothy must find a Key to Oz in the bunker before the Witch does.
Dog Dean Afternoon 5 177 5 November, 2013
While Sam and Dean are investigating two bizarre murders, when they find that the one witness to both killings is a German Shepherd, Dean takes an old potion to communicate with the dog and find what they are up against. However, the brothers suffer complications when the spell comes with several comical side-effects for Dean.
Heaven Can't Wait 6 178 12 November, 2013
Castiel has gotten a job at a gas station and begun to adapt to life as a human, and fall for his boss. Cass calls Dean in when a series of murders catches his eye, while Kevin and Sam try to get Crowley to decipher the secret to Metatron's spell.
Bad Boys 7 179 19 November, 2013
Sam and Dean head to investigate a series of deaths at a home for delinquent boys run by Dean's old friend Sonny, where Dean himself spent some time as a teenager and got a taste of normal life. When another murder occurs, the brothers race to find what is responsible before someone else dies. Meanwhile, Dean befriends a bullied boy at the home and remembers his past with a girl there.
Rock and a Hard Place 8 180 26 November, 2013
Sheriff Jody Mills calls Sam and Dean to investigate a series of murders. When the brothers learn that the victims are part of the same church chastity group, Dean and Sam decide to join to find the culprit, but Sam and Jody find themselves racing against time when the creature takes Dean.
Holy Terror 9 181 3 December, 2013
After a massive angel slaughter occur, Sam and Dean investigate with Castiel, and the trio discover that two conflicting angel factions are rising and killing those who don't join, and the angels are on the verge of an all-out civil war on Earth. While Castiel is captured by the violent anarchist angel Malachi, Dean contemplates whether it is time to tell Sam the truth about Ezekiel, and Ezekiel is revealed to not be who he says he is when Metatron contacts him with a proposal that they rebuild Heaven together.
Road Trip 10 182 14 January, 2014
Gadreel is now in full control of Sam's body and continuing his work as Metatron's new lieutenant, while a vengeful and grief-stricken Dean vows to find Gadreel, not only to free Sam but to get revenge. To remove Gadreel from Sam, Dean and Castiel must reawaken Sam's unconscious mind and tell him to expel the angel; but Crowley is the only one who knows how to do this, and he will only help save Sam from Gadreel in exchange for his freedom.
First Born 11 183 21 January, 2014
The Winchester brothers have parted ways, and each seem to have a new partner in tow. Crowley contacts Dean to get his help finding the First Blade, the one weapon that can kill Abaddon, unaware they're being followed by Abaddon's demons. But when they locate the Blade's source, Dean and Crowley find that the only one who can lead them to it is Cain, the mentor of the Knights of Hell and the feared Father of Murder, whom even Crowley is too terrified of to make a direct move against. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel attempt to extract Gadreel's leftover grace traces from Sam to locate him and Metatron, but Cass warns that the extraction may have serious damaging consequences on Sam.
Sharp Teeth 12 184 28 January, 2014
Sam and Dean track down Garth, who's been missing for months, and discover to their shock that he vanished because he's become a werewolf and joined a werewolf family that have sworn off harming humans. Dean is unconvinced that the wolves are as friendly as they seem, and is still angry with Garth for abandoning Kevin. Dean's suspicions about the werewolves may turn out to be correct when he and Sam discover that there is Ragnarok-worshipping underground cult hiding among the werewolves, who want to break the wolves' peace with humanity at any cost.
The Purge 13 185 4 February, 2014
Investigating a string of killings where the victims' corpses were left incredibly thin and light after their deaths, Sam and Dean go undercover at a fancy day spa, as a fitness instructor and a kitchen employee.
Captives 14 186 25 February, 2014
The Winchester brothers find the bunker is haunted, and are further shocked to discover the ghost is in fact Kevin, who sends them to find a warehouse where the demons are holding his missing mother. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by Bartholomew, who tries to recruit his old friend to his cause.
Thinman 15 187 4 March, 2014
While investigating the grizzly murder of a teenage girl with only a Slenderman-like figure in her last selfie's background as their lead, Sam and Dean run into two familiar and annoying faces in the form of the Ghostfacers again. The Ghostfacers insist that the figure is Thinman, an online urban myth, and are intent on proving its existence despite the great risks to their own lives, but Sam and Dean soon learn that the reality about this case is much more harsh, personal and serious than it seems.
Blade Runners 16 188 18 March, 2014
Crowley finally makes contact with Sam and Dean again, only to reveal that he's fallen off the wagon in his addiction to human blood, and that his demon concubine has sold him out to Abaddon. The brothers race to detox Crowley and find the First Blade before Abaddon does, and are led to a Man of Letters turned witch; but instead of giving them the Blade, the witch intends to make Dean part of his supernatural collection.
Mother's Little Helper 17 189 25 March, 2014
Sam investigates a case where regular friendly neighbours are turning into sociopathic barbarians, and learns through an elderly local named Julia that this case is worse than he thought; it goes back 56 years, when Henry Winchester and Josie Sands came to investigate the same occurrence at a convent. Meanwhile, Dean struggles with the after-effects of the Mark of Cain as Crowley tests him.
Meta Fiction 18 190 15 April, 2014
While Castiel is investigating a series of angel murders, all the while coming under growing pressure from the angels to lead them in the war to retake Heaven, an encounter with an old friend ends in him finding himself captured by Metatron, who wants Cass to become part of his new story. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel, and Metatron calls for a ransom exchange.
Alex Annie Alexis Ann 19 191 22 April, 2014
Sheriff Jody Mills calls Sam and Dean in to help when Annie Jones, a recently-arrested girl who's been missing since childhood, is being stalked by vampires, and learn that she's been held captive and raised by a vampire nest as a blood source and lure for victims. Mills tries to hide and protect Annie as her vampire family close in for her, but both soon learn the hard way how family always comes first.
Bloodlines 20 192 29 April, 2014
Sam and Dean are investigating a case in Chicago, in which young man Ennis Ross's beloved fiancé-to-be and a shapeshifter are murdered; while Ennis himself is driven to find the truth about what happened, and is coming riskily close to the truth about the creatures and horrors out in the world. Ennis and the Winchesters discover that the underworld of Chicago is secretly ruled by several mafia-esque monster families - among them the Lassiter family of shapeshifters, and the rival Duval family of werewolves, who are growing dangerously close to all-out war over the shifter murder; leaving the clock ticking to find and stop the culprit.
King of the Damned 21 193 6 May, 2014
As Crowley continues losing the power struggle for Hell, Abaddon contacts him and demands they join forces in stopping the Winchesters from killing both of them. Crowley refuses, until Abaddon abducts Crowley's human son from the past as a bargaining chip. Meanwhile, Castiel calls Sam and Dean in to help him angel operation in interrogating a captured follower of Metatron, and Cass himself goes to meet with Gadreel and discuss which side Gadreel should choose.
Stairway to Heaven 22 194 13 May, 2014
When angels begin suicide-bombing each-other and humans in Castiel's name, Cass calls Sam and Dean in to find out what's going on; and Dean discovers that there's a deep-rooted conspiracy at the heart of Castiel's faction, and Tessa the reaper is part of it. Meanwhile, Metatron begins recruiting more angels to his cause and prepares to make his move against Castiel. All the while, Gadreel suffers a crisis of loyalty, and the First Blade's effects on Dean crack out of control.
Do You Believe in Miracles? 23 195 20 May, 2014
Metatron makes his move against humanity with all the angels now on his side, and with Dean out of control, Sam must find Metatron on his own while Dean seeks out Crowley for help. Meanwhile, Castiel and Gadreel infiltrate Heaven to find and destroy Metatron's power source.

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