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Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 8
Original airdate : 11 November, 2011
Directed by : Tim Andrew
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Daniel Loflin
Preceded by : The Mentalists
Followed by : How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters
Time for a wedding intro- 7x0800:13

Time for a wedding intro- 7x08

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Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! is the eighth episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.

Full synopsisEdit

While Sam and Dean are on what Dean describes as their "sacred, annual pilgrimage" in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dean gets texted by Sam (who's chosen to spend the trip to Vegas camping alone out in the desert), telling him to change his suit and meet Sam and a nearby chapel. Dean heads armed to the chapel, expecting a case, but he instead walks in to find Sam getting married... to Becky Rosen. Dean is gobstruck and skeptical that Sam and Becky have just crossed paths, talked and fallen in love just like that, but can't stop Sam and the new Becky Rosen-Winchester from leaving for a honeymoon at Pike Creek, Delaware.

In Pike Creek, Becky immediately intends to register herself and Sam up for her ten-year high school reunion so that she can show him off to all her old school bullies and rivals. During the course of the honeymoon, it's also revealed that Sam's new love for Becky is in fact being induced by a mysterious purple liquid - obtained in small dosages from Guy, the school reunion's event planner who is a close contact of Becky's - that Becky puts in Sam's drinks; at one point during dinner, Sam suffers a migraine and begins to forget what he's doing there or why he's in love with Becky, before Becky hurriedly forces him to drink the liquid and reverts him back to his in-love state.

Meanwhile, Dean, suspicious of Sam's marriage to Becky, leaves Bobby a message about the situation, and follows Sam and Becky to Pike Creek to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. In the meantime, Dean catches wind of another possible case in town; a man who recently won the lottery was killed in a freak car accident, then later, a man who has made it to the majors is similarly killed in a freak accident with a pitching machine (shown to have been telekinetically orchestrated by a mysterious onlooker named Jackson). Dean barges into Sam and Becky's place with the news, suspecting it could have something to do with Sam and Becky's out-of-place love, but finds that Becky and Sam are already working on the case together. Dean, having had just about enough of it, confronts Becky and demands to know what she did to brainwash Sam into loving her, and he fears that Becky could be the next to die because of how the link between the victims seems to be that their dreams recently abnormally came true. However, Sam defends Becky and accuses Dean of just being upset that Sam doesn't need him to take care of him anymore, and Dean leaves.

Bobby replies to Dean's message to say that he's occupied with a vampire case in Oregon, so he's sending another hunter, Garth, to help Dean. Dean goes to meet up with this Garth at the bar, and is surprised to find that, instead of the typical gruff, tough-looking hunter, Garth is in fact a scrawny, goofy, odd and childish guy. Garth and Dean take up fake press IDs to interview Craig Burrows, a junior salesman who was recently promoted to CEO of an insurance company, suspecting he may be the next victim, while Sam and Becky do likewise. After Sam and Becky have interviewed Craig and found him to be seemingly clean, Dean and Garth interview him themselves anyway. They find that Craig didn't want his new position, but his wife Marsha seems to be reveling in what she gets from her husband's promotion. Suspecting she's behind Craig's success, Dean and Garth go to confront her; she refuses to admit anything, until they save her from death by a falling overhead light fixture (once again telekinetically caused by a lurking Jackson). Marsha then admits that very shortly before Craig's promotion, she met a man who offered her her husband's promotion in exchange for her soul.

Meanwhile, Becky runs out of love potion just as Sam begins to become lucid again, prompting her to knock Sam out with a waffle iron. When Sam wakes up, with the elixir's love-inducing effects on him having fully worn off, Becky has tied him down on a bed in a remote honeymooners' cabin. Sam is furious at Becky for drugging him into loving her and is having none of this, while Becky refuses to believe that Guy is behind the freak accidents and will target her next. Becky leaves to meet up with Guy and get some more love potion, leaving Sam tied up and gagged on her bed in the meantime. When Guy meets up with Guy, he tries to extort her soul for the love potion and reveals that he's actually a crossroads demon (rather than a "wiccan" as Becky had let him fool her into believing). Guy offers Becky a deal: he'll give her an indefinite supply of love potion to keep Sam as the loving husband she fantasizes, and she will have up to 25 years of life with him before he collects her soul. Guy hands her one more vial of love elixir and leaves her to think about it.

Dean and Garth break into Sam and Becky's apartment only to find it empty, but they do get the location of the cabin where Becky is holding Sam. Back at the cabin, once Becky returns from the meeting with Guy, she tries to explain to Sam why she's doing this: she feels she's a loser with no real friends, and she just wants someone to love her for her. Upon being ungagged, Sam tells Becky that drugging a person into loving them is no way to find a beloved, and encourages her to be better than this. Becky sadly says she's not sure as she mulls over the love potion vial...

After Becky's high school reunion is over, she meets up with Guy at the restaurant where the party took place. She initially appears to be about to accept Guy's deal, but then she springs a trap that she, Sam, Dean and Garth have set up: she captures Guy when he's least expecting it by burning a devil's trap into the floor beneath Guy's feet with a lighter and blueberry vodka. Dean demands to know how Guy is collecting on his deals early; Guy reveals that there's a loophole in the soul dealing system, which allows him to have someone else (namely Jackson, who is in fact Guy's demon intern) stage deadly accidents for his clients before their ten-year deadline is up. Jackson then arrives and frees Guy, and a brief skirmish ensues between the hunters and the demons. Garth gets knocked out in the fight, while Becky gets to finally be a real part of the action when she kills Jackson with the demon-killing knife. Just as Dean pins Guy, Crowley arrives for Guy, whom he's very furious with.

Jackson had apparently betrayed Guy and told Crowley all about Guy's scam, and Crowley intends to take Guy and "make an example out of him," for jeopardizing the integrity of Hell's entire soul-deal system because of how Guy's loophole would destroy "consumer confidence" if news of it got out. Crowley says he'll cancel every deal Guy has made if the Winchesters hand him over. He also tells Dean and Sam that they should trust him, because he's the reason the Winchesters have had so few demon encounters recently; after how his meeting with the Leviathans' "Dick!" of a leader went, Crowley is in full support of the Winchesters' effort to kill the Leviathans, and has ordered all demons to stay out of the Winchesters' way so that they can reach their goal of defeating the Leviathan faster. After Crowley cancels Guy's deals, Dean hands Guy over to Crowley, who disappears with him to punish him just before Garth wakes up.

Afterwards, Sam and Becky sign annulment papers to dissolve their marriage. Though still in a bad mood wit Becky for drugging him into loving her, Sam recognises how upset she is over how her actions have backfired on her; he assures her that she isn't a loser, and will find the right guy someday, and Becky gets a slight steer in Garth's direction. Sam privately apologizes to Dean for what he said while drugged with the love potion, saying that he does still need Dean sometimes to watch his back, but Dean assures Sam that he's impressed by his amount of control, and says Sam doesn't always need him around anymore.











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