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From left to right: Lust, Greed and Pride, three of the Seven Deadly Sins. (The Magnificent Seven)

The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of seven powerful demons, each of whom possesses abilities relating to one of the seven vices of the same name, which can massively amplify that sin in a touched human. The Sins are: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Wrath and Lust. At present, Pride, Greed and Gluttony are dead, while Lust, Sloth, Envy and Wrath are exorcised.


Despite being black-eyed demons and seemingly on par with mid-level demons in terms of strength and formidability, the Seven Deadly Sins were regarded by Bobby Singer with a level of serious terror, describing them as being unlike any demons seen in half a millennium.

The Seven Deadly Sins notably each possessed the ability to massively amplify the vice they each represented in humans through physical contact; driving the afflicted human to uncontrollably, destructively and often fatally (for themselves or for others) commit acts based on that vice. For example, Sloth caused his victims to simply laze on the spot where they sat until they starved to death, and Envy drove people he afflicted to murder over something they wanted that someone else rightfully had. It would also seem that the Sins all had a level of telepathy with which to read humans' minds and detect their own susceptabilities to the seven vices, as demonstrated by Envy and Wrath.

The Seven Deadly Sins had the basic demonic abilities of: demonic possession, telekinesis, and superhuman strength in physical combat. Also, Pride demonstrated the ability to induce tremors throughout the immediate area. Despite being powerful demons, the Seven Deadly Sins were still as vulnerable to most normal demon weaknesses: they could be burned and agonised by holy water, immobilised by Palo Santo, expelled from their vessels and sent back to Hell by exorcism, and could be killed by the demon-killing knife. (The Magnificent Seven)


The Seven Deadly Sins are apparently quite old and strong demons who have been around for a long time, since the Dark Ages if not earlier. Though their rank in Hell is unspecified, they were apparently subservient to Azazel. The last time before the 21st century when the Seven Deadly Sins were on Earth was half a millennium before; probably around the time when Binsfeld classified the Seven Deadly Sins as actual demons in 1589.

In 2007, the Seven Deadly Sins were among the hundreds of demons who escaped from Hell when the devil's gate in Wyoming was opened. Though they'd been expected to fall in line behind Sam Winchester per Azazel's alleged master plan, with Azazel dead, the Seven Deadly Sins abandoned his plan and instead started "celebrating" their freedom. The Sins' celebration was short-lived, however, before they were tracked down and neutralised by the Winchesters, Bobby Singer, and Tamara; Envy, Wrath, Sloth and Lust were all exorcised, while Gluttony, Greed and Pride were killed by Sam and Ruby with the latter's demon-killing knife. (The Magnificent Seven)

The Seven SinsEdit


The seven deadly sins, as classified by the Roman Catholic Church, were originally recorded by Peter Binsfeld in 1589 as each being paired with actual demons who represented that sin. According to Binsfeld, the allotted sins and demons were as follows: Lucifer as Pride, Leviathan as Envy, Satan as Wrath, Belphegor as Sloth, Mammon as Greed, Beelzebub as Gluttony, and Asmodeus as Lust.



  • Though unconfirmed, it has been speculated that each of the Seven Deadly Sins each possessed a vessel who was particularly culpable of their respective vice; it is known that Walter Rosen, whom Envy possessed, envied his neighbour's slicker, shinier car over his own.
    • Sloth's vessel was a very obese and lazy-looking man, Pride's vessel looked to be a man of high social/business standing, Lust's vessel was a very attractive and possibly promiscuous woman, Wrath's vessel was a very aggressive-looking bouncer-like man, and Greed's vessel was a tip-collecting woman at the bar.
  • Each of the hunters in The Magnificent Seven faced against the Sin towards which they were the most susceptible: Dean faced Lust, Tamara faced Wrath, Bobby faced Sloth, and Sam faced Pride.

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