Shapeshifter (Skin)
1x6 ShapeshifterDean
Biographical information
Race : Shapeshifter
Occupation : N/A
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Skin
Actor/Actress : Jensen Ackles
Aleks Holtz
Peter Shinkoda
Amy Grabow
This shapeshifter used its abilities to go on a killing spree in St. Louis and frame innocent men.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known about this shapeshifter's background, but it stated that it apparently came from a bad one; and it hinted while imitating Dean Winchester that due to its powers and status as a shapeshifter, it was rejected by others as a freak and was unloved. (Skin)

Killing spreeEdit

In early 2006, the shapeshifter was homeless and lived in the sewers of St. Louis. Due to the rejection and lack of love others gave the shifter because of what it was, the shapeshifter went on a killing spree; taking the form of boyfriends and husbands, then attacking and torturing their lovers to death when they are not home, in the process commonly framing said men.

The shapeshifter first mimicked Zach Warren and slashed his gilfriend Emily to death one night at 10:04 when Zach wasn't home; then later, the shapeshifter imitated Alex and tortured his partner Lindsey, then knocked the actual Alex out and fled after Alex returned home early from Kansas City.

The next day, after Dean and Sam Winchester tracked down the shapeshifter's lair, the shifter fled from them, and captured Dean and replaced him when he and Sam were separated. Though the shapeshifter tried to pose as Dean, Sam realised it was the shifter when the latter used his left arm. The shapeshifter then took Sam captive and taunted Sam on Dean's jealousy of him, before going to Rebecca Warren's home as its next target.

The shapeshifter, mimicking Dean, told Becca about its kind and its tragic life, before lashing out and tying her up when she resisted its sexual advances. The shifter then prepared to begin torturing Becca, but the arrival of a SWAT team forced it to flee the house. The next day, the shapeshifter took Rebecca captive, and mimicked her and took her place. When Sam came to Rebecca's home, the shapeshifter learned from Sam of its weakness to silver, then took Sam captive and transformed back into Dean.

The shapeshifter planned to kill Sam so that the authorities would charge Dean with murdering his own brother and hunt Dean for the rest of his life, but Sam broke free and fought the shifter. Dean and Becca then arrived, and the former shot the shapeshifter in the heart with a silver bullet, killing it. (Skin)


A year after the shapeshifter's death, its corpse was exhumed by the St. Louis police to discover how Dean's death had been faked. (The Usual Suspects)

Forms taken (shapeshifting)Edit


Dean WinchesterEdit

The shapeshifter had no qualms over framing Dean for horrific crimes that would ruin Dean's life forever, even attacking and attempting to murder those close to Dean. However, the shifter also seemed to feel it could sympathise with Dean, viewing Dean as a lonely, unloved outcast like itself.

Sam WinchesterEdit

Like most of its other victims, the shapeshifter had no qualms or morals over trying to murder Sam to increase Dean's torment, and it even taunted Sam on Dean's insecurities and jealousy involving him.

Rebecca WarrenEdit

The shapeshifter was shown to be sexually attracted to Rebecca, vulgarly attempting to make love to her while mimicking Dean, and reacting viciously and violently when she hatefully recoiled.

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