7x18 ShojoMain
Species information
Type : Spirit
Notable distinctions : Fondness for alcohol
Visible only to drunk people
Main weaknesses : Shinto-blessed samurai sword
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Japanese folklore
Chinese mythology
Native range : Earth
Production information
Appearance : Party on, Garth

A shojo is a clawed, Japanese alcohol spirit, which can only be seen while one is drunk.


Shojos are creatures which are invisible to human eyes unless the human in question is drunk. A shojo physically looks like a Japanese woman with pasty skin, prominent dark circles under the eyes, blackened teeth and clawed hands, who is dressed in a ragged white clothing. Shojos also possess inhuman voices; they are not known to speak, only to make hoarse, low, roaring vocalizations.

Shojos are highly formidable in combat, particularly due to how they're either invisible to their opponent or the opponent is drunk to be able to see them. Shojos possess immense superhuman strength with which they can throw six-foot men across wide spaces and through large windows, and they can also telekinetically shift objects such as doors. Shojos can also phase-shift in some form akin to super-speed and/or teleportation when on the move from one location to another. It is known that shojos, as spirit-type entities, leave behind EMF readings.

7x18 ShojoAttackAftermath

The brutal aftermath of a shojo attack. (Party on, Garth)

Shojos could apparently be bound to Japanese sake bottles, but would be released if and when someone drunk from the bottle; in a manner akin to the modern stereotypical genie. It is also possible for people to use a certain kind of Japanese spellbox to harness the will of a shojo; this will bind the shojo in question so that if and when it is released, it will carry out whatever idea of revenge the spellcaster had at the time (i.e., if the spellcaster wanted a person's children killed as vengeance on that person, then the shojo would target, hunt and kill each of those children one by one).

When hunting its target, shojo seems to prefer to take its time, stalking and slowly closing in on the prey, but increasing speed if the targeted person is to see the shojo and try to flee. Once it closes in for the kill, the shojo will brutally end its victim's life by impaling or disemboweling them with its claws. Shojos can also be very aggressive when other people try to stop them reaching their targets, although it would seem that shojos prefer to knock these non-targeted opponents out and only kill the real target.

7x18 ShojoDestroyed

A shojo's destruction. (Party on, Garth)

It is possible to kill a shojo, but only with a samurai sword that has been consecrated with a Shinto blessing. When a shojo dies, it will lose its invisibility to sober people's eyes, then explosively disintegrate into glowing blue mist and dust and vanish. (Party on, Garth)

Hunts and encountersEdit

  • Dale Lampert obtained a spellbox containing a shojo on his travels in the past. When his partners Jim McAnn and Randy Baxter intended to sell their Thighslapper Ale microbrewery out from under him, Dale, as revenge, programmed the shojo to kill his partners' children once released, then sent the spellbox to them under the guise of a forgiveness present. The shojo was inadvertently freed when Trevor McAnn took a swig from the sake bottle in the box, and it proceeded to hunt and kill Trevor, Ray and Lillian McAnn one by one over the next four nights. While it was going after Randy's illegitimate son Lee as its next target, the shojo was killed by Dean Winchester with a Shinto-blessed samurai sword. (Party on, Garth)


7x18 ShojoLore

Shojo lore online. (Party on, Garth)

A shojo is a type of Japanese sea spirit with a fondness for alcohol, described as having red hair and face. The legend of the shojo is the subject of a Noh play, and of a Japanese folktale which depicts shojos as living near Mount Fuji and drinking life-restoring sake.


  • According to Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 7:
    • Shojos are created from deceased humans who were drinkers in life; supporting the implications that shojos are a type of ghost.
      • It also states that since not every drinker becomes a shojo when they die, there is apparently more requirements than just alcoholism to create a shojo; it states that no-one knows for certain what these other requirements are, but suggests that becoming a shojo is more to do with the amount of alcohol that has leached into the person's bones by the time of their death.
    • Based on shojos' depiction in lore, it suggests that unbound shojos might actually be passive and friendly towards humans, and that it's only when a shojo is bound to carry out a person's revenge that it becomes a hostile and aggressive monster.

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