Singer Auto Salvage Yard
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Geographical information
Whereabouts : Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below
Filming location : Affordable Auto Parts, Ltd.
The Singer Salvage Yard or the Singer Auto Self Service Salvage Yard is a car scrapyard or salvage yard, owned by Bobby Singer until his death in 2011 - 2012. The Salvage Yard consists of several acres of property, most of it occupied by stacks of old junk cars, which also includes a car repair shed and Bobby Singer's house.


The Singer Auto Salvage Yard was originally owned by Ed Singer, and his abused wife and son Bobby lived in his house on the yard with him, until Ed was killed by Bobby when he was a child. (Death's Door)

As an adult, Bobby owned the Singer Yard. Bobby originally lived with his wife Karen on the property, until Karen was possessed by a demon and died as a result, which in turn drove Bobby to become a hunter initially partnered with Rufus Turner. (Dream a Little Dream of Me, Death's Door) Bobby would coordinate other hunters from the Singer Salvage Yard and had many books and information on the supernatural stored at his house.

Following John Winchester's death, Bobby's property became something of a second home for Sam and Dean, and they would frequently bring the Impala to the Singer Salvage Yard to repair it whenever it was destroyed on hunts and go to Bobby at the Yard for assistance or knowledge on hunts and cases. In 2011 - 2012, Bobby's house was burned down by the Leviathan Edgar shortly after the Leviathans' release from Purgatory, (Hello, Cruel World) and this combined with the Leviathans' hunt after Bobby and the Winchesters forced the trio to abandon the Singer Salvage Yard and go into hiding from the Leviathans. (The Girl Next Door)

8x23 SingerSalvageYard

Crowley and the Winchesters meeting at the abandoned Singer Salvage Yard in 2013. (Sacrifice)

After Bobby died, by 2013, the Salvage Yard was abandoned and neglected and had begun to decay and get overgrown. (Sacrifice)

Alternate realitiesEdit

Places and areasEdit

Bobby Singer's houseEdit

Bobby's home and residence, located on the Singer Salvage Yard, and where Bobby's compendium of supernatural knowledge, books and items were kept.

The yardEdit

The outdoor grounds of the Singer property, where numerous old, wrecked and rusted cars that are not in use or are not to be repaired are stacked up and kept. The yard was sometimes used for burying and hiding away supernatural bodies and miscellanea; it was temporarily used to bury an okami, and also Death's ring until 2011.


An outdoor shed on the Singer Salvage property's yard where cars and vehicles at the Yard were repaired. Bobby's late father Ed is apparently buried behind the shed.

Panic roomEdit

A panic room built in the basement of Bobby's house as a refuge and saferoom against supernatural incursions. The panic room is proofed against demons, ghosts and (as of recently) angels. Among the panic room's anti-supernatural features are iron walls coated with salt, devil's traps in the floor and ceiling respectively, and Enochian angel-warding drawn on the walls.


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