Slash Fiction
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 6
Original airdate : 28 October, 2011
Directed by : John Showalter
Written by : Robbie Thompson
Preceded by : Shut Up, Dr. Phil
Followed by : The Mentalists

Slash Fiction is the sixth episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.


When two Leviathans take Sam and Dean's respective forms and go on a killing spree, the real Sam and Dean become the subject of a nationwide manhunt; which sends the brothers further off the grid, to Frank Devereaux for help tracking and stopping their Leviathan doubles. Meanwhile, Bobby experiments on Chet to find any of the Leviathans' weaknesses, and Sam learns the truth about Amy's death.

Full synopsisEdit

After Chet is left paralysed for the remaining few days in Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Sam and Dean have brought him back to Rufus' cabin and chained him up in the basement, where Bobby is using Chet as a guinea pig to locate any weaknesses that Leviathans may have. None of the usual anti-supernatural materials and substances Bobby has tried so far have any effect on Chet, although he does reveal a few things to Bobby and the Winchesters anyway, out of arrogance that the Leviathan can't be stopped - the trio learn from Chet that Edgar is in fact alive and has fully regenerated from when Sam and Dean crushed him under a car, (Hello, Cruel World) and Chet and every other Leviathan on Earth know all of Sam and Dean's aliases (The Girl Next Door) from while they were all inside Castiel. (Meet the New Boss) Upon seeing the latest news, Sam, Dean and Bobby find that two doppelgangers of the brothers have held up and massacred the First Bank of Jericho, both revealing to the FBI that the brothers aren't dead, and marking Sam and Dean as the subject of a California state-wide manhunt. The trio realise that the Leviathans have copied them (with Chet explaining they obtained the brothers' forms from hair they left in motel showers), and are framing them for mass murders to get them found and/or to cripple their security.

Bobby sends Sam and Dean off to see Frank Devereaux, a maniacal counterfeit expert, to get the brothers even further off the grid if they intend to go out after their Leviathan doubles, while Bobby stays at Rufus' cabin to continue experimenting on Chet. Frank is aware of the brothers' evil-doubles situation (and is unaware of the Leviathans and believes Sam and Dean's doubles are government clones), and he replaces all the brothers' aliases, cellphones, and has them put the Impala on lockdown (much to Dean's chagrin and distress) and use one of various replacement cars for transportation (since the Leviathan Sam and Dean have their own identical Impala). Meanwhile, the manhunt for Sam and Dean has expanded to nationwide after their Leviathan doubles have struck twice again.

On the road, Sam tries to work out what the pattern behind the places their Leviathan doubles have targeted may be, while Dean is upset and worked up about being parted from the Impala. Looking at a map with the places their doubles hit marked, Sam and Dean recognise the pattern - the three targeted places in order from first to latest are Jericho, California, (Pilot) Blackwater Ridge in Colorado, (Wendigo) and Manitoc, Wisconsin; (Dead in the Water) the Leviathan-doubles are hitting the towns Sam and Dean have worked cases in since Stanford, in order. (Pilot) This would mark the Leviathan-Winchesters' next target as St. Louis. (Skin) Sam and Dean prepare to head for St. Louis, but learn from Bobby that they're too late - the Leviathan-Sam and -Dean have already butchered a diner in St. Louis, forcing a kid among their victims to film the two imposters' sadistic act of mass murder to leave for the police to see. So Sam and Dean head to their doubles' predicted next target, Ankeny, Iowa, to intercept and stop them. Upon arriving in Ankeny, Sam and Dean find their Leviathan doubles before they can kill anyone, but before they have a chance to engage them, they're caught and arrested by the Ankeny police. This was Leviathan-Sam and -Dean's plan all along; to, after framing Sam and Dean for the Leviathans' killing spree, get the real Sam and Dean caught and arrested by the police.

Meanwhile, back at Rufus' cabin, Bobby is continuing his experimentation on Chet. He finds that gunshots, electrocution and acid are just as ineffective on Leviathans as everything else - but he discovers that when a Leviathan is decapitated, its head takes a considerable amount of time to reattach and heal, and the Leviathan is incapacitated in the meantime. Sheriff Jody Mills then comes over, wanting to thank Bobby and make up to him for saving her from the Leviathans at Sioux Falls General Hospital, bringing food and offering to help clean and tidy up the cabin. When Bobby goes back downstairs to continue the experiments on Chet, Chet is able to turn into Bobby and see his memories and feelings when Bobby's arm brushes Chet's skin. Chet viciously taunts Bobby based on a very dark and insecure memory of Bobby's relationship with his father, and reveals Bobby's thoughts about getting together with Jody once the Leviathan crisis is all over. But Chet's taunts are stopped when Jody spills cleaning fluid upstairs - it drips through the floorboards and lands on Chet, burning his skin like acid. This reveals to Bobby another Leviathan weakness - liquids and fluids containing borax can be used to burn and briefly stun Leviathans.

Back in Ankeny, Sheriff Osborne has Sam and Dean taken into custody and separated. Dean gets him to agree to give him one phone call, allowing Dean to contact Bobby and hear what Bobby's learned about Leviathan's weaknesses so far. The Leviathan-Winchesters then arrive, infiltrating the sheriff's station by killing and replacing two police officers. But Sheriff Osborne witnesses the Leviathans killing the other police and then turning back into Sam and Dean, confirming that the real Sam and Dean he has in custody aren't the killers and are innocent, and that they're all in danger. Osborne releases the real Dean, and they set about defeating the two Leviathans before they kill them. They succeed in defeating the Sam-Leviathan by stunning him with borax and then beheading him with a fire axe, then go to find the real Sam and stop Leviathan-Dean. However, Leviathan-Dean has already found Sam in the interrogation room. He proceeds to taunt Sam over the negative aspects of his and Dean's relationship, and reveals to a shocked Sam the truth that Dean in fact killed Amy Pond. (The Girl Next Door) Before Leviathan-Dean can wrap up his mind-games and get to killing Sam, Sheriff Osborne and the real Dean arrive and defeat him as well. Since the FBI are already coming to take Sam and Dean into their custody, the brothers immediately set about fleeing, while Osborne fakes the brothers' deaths to stop the manhunt for them. Sam and Dean take their Leviathan doubles' heads away while Osborne keeps and stores away their bodies, so they're kept separate and can't reattach and recover.

Back at Rufus' cabin, Bobby thanks and says goodbye to Jody as she's about to leave, and gives her a box containing Chet's decapitated head to throw down a drain. Back in Ankeny, Sheriff Osborne and his forensic daughter successfully get Sam and Dean presumed dead again and the manhunt ended, by covering up to FBI Agents Morris and Valente that Osborne shot them dead, and claim the brothers' bodies have been cremated. While Sheriff Osborne and his daughter are alone examining the Leviathan-Winchesters' hidden bodies' black blood, they're approached by Valente - who's revealed to be a Leviathan himself, and kills both the Osbornes. Valente calls the Leviathan "boss" to inform him of the Winchester doubles' failure and their incapacitated state, and "the boss" is finally revealed - the Leviathan leader is one which has replaced the billionaire businessman Dick Roman. Valente suggests that they get more samples of Sam and Dean's DNA and copy them again, but Dick rebuffs the idea since the media wouldn't believe the Winchesters coming back from the dead yet again. While Dick is alone in his limousine, Crowley arrives - humbly offering the leader of the Leviathan a token of muffins containing infants' uvulas - to propose power negotiations between the demons and Leviathans. However, Dick disgustedly rejects any form of negotiation with Crowley, as he is disgusted at and despises demons as even lower and more pathetic creatures than humans, and threatens to completely wipe out demonkind if he wasn't occupied with the Leviathan's current plans for humanity. A frightened Crowley leaves the muffins with Dick and teleports away to consider.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean have stopped at a river dock to dump their Leviathan duplicates' heads, but Sam is troubled about what Leviathan-Dean told him about Amy. Sam reveals he knows, and confronts Dean about what he did to Amy. Sam is very furious with Dean over Amy's death, and refuses to let Dean say anything to try and justify it. Sam says he won't get past this easily at all and he can't talk to or even see Dean at the moment, and declares he needs to be away from him right now. Sam then grabs his things and goes separate ways from Dean, and Dean doesn't stop him.








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