Soul Survivor
Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 3
Original airdate : 21 October, 2014
Directed by : Jensen Ackles
Written by : Brad Buckner
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Preceded by : Reichenbach
Followed by : Paper Moon

Soul Survivor is the third episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Sam continues his efforts to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. Crowley realizes Dean's demonic antics are starting to cause problems for him in Hell so he searches out an unlikely ally – Castiel."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

After having captured Dean in the previous episode, Sam has bound him in the bunker's demon-proof dungeon. Sam goes to a hospital and, disguised as a doctor, has a priest bless the hospital's blood supplies, then stores the newly-purified blood in a cooler and takes it back Dean at the bunker, with the intention of curing Dean. Dean tells Sam that he doesn't want to be cured and would rather live his life as a demon, and Dean also points out to Sam that the latter doesn't even know if the cure will work on him since he's no ordinary demon. Sam ignores Dean, and administers the first blood injection, to which Dean reacts with inhuman roars of pain. Elsewhere on the road, Castiel and Hannah are driving for the bunker. Hannah is worried about Cass's diminishing state from his borrowed grace burning out, and Cass claims that he's fine before explaining how it's a lie that humans use to avoid talking about something they can't do anything about. Hannah still doesn't understand how Sam could ask Cass to be coming all this way with Cass's current condition, but Cass says that Sam is alone in the demon situation with Dean and needs his friend's help.

Back at the bunker, Sam is continuing the demon-curing blood-injecting procedure on Dean, but Dean is so far not exhibiting any signs of his humanity returning and is only reacting with pain to the purified blood. Dean tries to get into Sam's head, telling him that he could end up killing him due to how Dean seems to be reacting differently to the cure. Dean also declares hunters, Men of Letters and Winchesters to be people resisting and denying their place below demons in the natural order, and Dean reveals that he knows how far Sam went when he was looking for Dean. A flashback then reveals that after Lester Morris caught his wife cheating on him and she called for a divorce, he went to a bar to drink away his troubles and complain aloud. Sam overheard Lester and, seeing an opportunity to locate Dean and Crowley, he told Lester about crossroads demons and how to summon them to make deals, then helped Lester to summon the crossroads demon Dar. Sam captured Dar, though not before she and Lester managed to seal the deal that the demons kill Lester's wife in exchange for his soul, and Sam afterwards proceeded to interrogate her as seen at the beginning of Black. Back in the present, Dean thinks from what Sam did with Lester that Sam might be an even worse monster than the demon Dean transformed into, and declares that the line between them and the things they hunted is not as clear as they once thought and they don't know who is the true monster anymore. Sam administers the next blood injection, and Dean proceeds to cruelly remind Sam that if the cure doesn't work, then Sam knows he'll have no choice but to kill Dean.

Elsewhere, Crowley has had a vast number of Abaddon-loyalists round up, and is having them each receive their sentence for treason one by one in a deliberately-tedious process. One of Crowley's elite demons, Guthrie, goes to him to give him an update on Castiel's fading grace. The elite demon suggests that Cass's weakened state would make now a good time for Crowley to strike and eliminate him, but Crowley decides to just have Guthrie keep track of Cass and of his declining state. Crowley quietly reminisces back on his and Dean's time together and on how he'd actually enjoyed Dean's antics. Crowley is pulled out of his memories when a demon approaches him to suck up to him and offer to be his new wingman. In response to the demon asking to be allowed to fill the role that Dean had at Crowley's side, Crowley disintegrates the demon with a snap of his fingers. As Crowley brutally continues to have disloyal demons sentenced to immediate death one by one, one demon approaches him to say this has gone far enough. The demon is disgusted with how Crowley has been ruling Hell; because of how the demons are never rewarded for all the evil things Crowley has them do, and because of how Crowley went to the edge of being human and went off for months binging on blood. Declaring he will not live in Crowley's Hell, the demon commits suicide by dousing himself in holy oil and setting himself on fire.

Back at Castiel and Hannah, they have gotten lost on the road due to Hannah's inexperience with reading road maps, and are trying to re-find their route to the bunker. While looking over the map, Hannah says they should stop avoiding the question about Castiel's diminishing grace. Cass refuses to either take more grace from another angel at the cost of that angel's life or resort to going to Metatron to get Cass's original grace. Hannah says that Cass's willingness to die like this is noble but meaningless and that Heaven needs more than just her, but Cass feels that "sometimes enough is whatever you have." Cass then gets a call from Sam - the demon cure still doesn't seem to be working, as Dean is only feeling great pain from the purified blood and isn't exhibiting any signs of humanity. Sam fears that continuing the curing process on Dean will kill him, but Cass tells Sam that Demon Dean is not his brother, and that there is no other cure for a demonized soul; so if the ritual doesn't work, then Sam will have to be prepared to do what he has to. Sam then goes back to a heavily-fatigued but still-demonic Dean in the dungeon to give him the next blood injection. Dean declares that there's no point in still trying to bring him back at this point, and that he prefers being a demon. Dean also brutally throws a few more harsh words at Sam: declaring that Sam is the bane of his existence, because of how Sam's existence is the reason their mother is dead, and because of how Demon Dean feels that human Dean wasted his life "babysitting" Sam. Dean also declares that he was never Sam's brother and was "just [his] excuse for not manning up," and says that he quits from their family. In response, Sam gives Dean the next blood injection, declaring it's him "pulling [Dean's] lame ass out of the fire," before leaving the dungeon for the time.

Back on the road, Castiel and Hannah are now only five miles away from the bunker, and they stop at a remote gas station. Hannah heads inside while Cass waits out with the car, and Hannah finds the station's cashier dead, having been smote by an angel. Back outside, when Hannah takes too long to return, Cass heads into the gas station, where he finds Adina holding an angel blade to Hannah's throat. After Cass killed Daniel in their last encounter, Adina has been driven insane with vengeance and has been trailing Cass and Hannah since with the intention of seeking revenge on them. Castiel pleads with Adina not to harm Hannah, and unsuccessfully tries to get her to understand that Daniel's death was unintentional. Adina declares that she plans to kill Castiel very slowly and to make Hannah watch. Adina throws Hannah aside, and leaves her on the floor to watch as Adina begins savagely beating Cass up. Once Adina is finished with Cass for the moment, he is left horribly beaten to a pulp and lying weakly outside the gas station, while Adina sadistically tortures Hannah with the angel blade. Crowley then arrives at the gas station, and after greeting the beaten-up Cass, he attacks Adina; removing her grace and then killing her with an angel blade, and indirectly saving Hannah's life. Crowley takes Adina's extracted grace out to Cass, and despite Cass's reluctance, Crowley gets him to absorb it; healing Cass from his beaten-up state, and temporarily restoring him to his full strength and power again. As Cass and Hannah recover, Crowley explains that he's helped Cass because he needs Cass to be strong enough to help Sam put a stop to Demon Dean, though Crowley shows no sign of caring whether they succeed in curing or have to kill Dean.

Back at the bunker, a heartsick Sam goes to Dean's old room, staring around at all of the belongings that his brother treasured as a human (from his arsenal ond the walls to his porn magazines and his pie), and looking through photos of the brothers' good times together with each-other and with Bobby and others. Sam then leaves and heads back towards the demon dungeon to continue the curing ritual on Dean, but when he gets there, he finds to his horror that the dungeon chair where Dean was tied up is now empty. Dean has gotten out and is loose in the bunker. It's now a deadly game of cat-and-mouse between the brothers: Dean is stalking the bunker's corridors and hunting for Sam, while Sam is trying to safely navigate through the corridors, armed only with the demon knife, without running into Dean. Sam makes his way to the bunker's war room to retrieve the bunker's set of keys for the internal doors, while Dean picks up a hammer from the kitchen to use as a murder weapon against Sam.

As Dean continues hunting in the bunker for Sam, Sam makes his way to the bunker's main power room. Sam activates the bunker's emergency lockdown, sealing it and trapping himself and Dean inside. However, Dean calls out to Sam, declaring that he doesn't want to leave anyway until he's found and taken care of Sam. As Dean continues to yell out taunts at his little brother into the bunker, he reveals that he got loose and escaped the dungeon because being injecting with so much purified blood made him human enough to be unaffected by the demon-binding cuffs and the dungeon's devil's trap. When Dean reaches the war room in his hunt for Sam, upon seeing that the key set is missing, he realizes where Sam has gone, and heads for the power room. Dean enters the power room to deactivate the lockdown, but just then, Sam, who had been hiding outside the power room behind a corner, locks the door on Dean, trapping him inside. However, Dean just quickly begins breaking the door down with the hammer, ignoring Sam's pleas that they were getting close to successfully curing him, and declaring that he "like[s] the disease" and is still demon enough to follow through with his intention of killing Sam. Sam is forced to flee into the bunker's corridors as Dean finishing breaking through the door and heads after him. While Sam is looking round a corner for any sign of Dean coming, Dean appears from behind him and almost catches him with the hammer, but Sam dodges the attack and puts the demon knife to Dean's throat. However, Dean knows that Sam won't bring himself to do it, and is proven right. Sam lowers the blade, and Dean menacingly advances on his brother. But just then, Castiel, having arrived at the bunker, grabs Dean from behind. With his angelic strength restored, Cass successfully keeps Dean restrained, and tells him it's over, as Demon Dean screams out in rage and defeat.

Sam and Cass tie an unconscious Dean back up in the dungeon, and administer one last blood injection, then wait for him to wake up to see if the cure is working. Sam is worried because of how Dean still didn't want to be human even after being shot up with enough purified blood to negate his demon weaknesses. Cass comments that he sees Demon Dean's point, since only humans are capable of feeling so much genuine joy and pain, and they would find being an emotionless demon easier. Dean then begins to stir. When Dean's eyes open, they are initially still black, but then the demonic blackness washes away to reveal Dean's human, bright green eyes. When Dean, upon waking, is a little confused and acts a little out of it and more like his human self, Sam splashes him with holy water to no effect; to Sam and Cass's happiness, Dean has been successfully cured, and the human Dean they know is back.

After Dean has been cured, while Dean is recovering in his room, Cass talks with Sam in the war room: while Dean's demonic transformation has been successfully reversed, the Mark of Cain is still on him, and that will become a serious issue again eventually. But after everything that's happened today, Sam is exhausted and wants some rest, intending to leave the Mark to wait until another day, and Sam heads out to get Dean some junk food and plans to afterwards get drunk. In his room, Dean is looking through the photos Sam was looking at earlier, when Cass comes in to see how he is. Dean brings up Cass's restoration, and Cass notes that while it isn't a permanent solution, being replenished by Adina's grace has re-strengthened his powers for now and bought him more time. Dean asks about how Sam feels towards him after the former tried to kill him, but Cass assures Dean that it would take a lot more than that in the Winchesters' case to break their family bond. Cass turns to leave, but not before advising Dean to take some time off while he recovers, since there isn't really any major threat on the prowl at the moment: Heaven is back in order with the angels governing each-other peacefully, as is Hell with Crowley having reassumed control and executed the Abaddon-loyalists.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a mysterious red-haired woman, Rowena, is quietly reading a book to herself in her hotel suite, smiling proudly, while two of the hotel staff are pinned with stakes to the ceiling above her, dead.









  • Max Sheppard (Mark Sheppard's son), and Gino and Valerie Graul (Jensen Ackles' brother- and niece-in-law respectively) made cameos in Soul Survivor as demons in Crowley's court.
  • The scene of Dean breaking down the bunker's electrical room's door to get to Sam pays homage to the famous "Here's Johnny!" scene from The Shining.
  • A montage of brief clips from this episode were shown before Season 10 began, among the clips being part of the scene in which Sam held the demon knife to Dean's throat. However, it is different from the actual clip in that in the pre-Season 10 version, Dean turns his eyes black for a few moments, starting when Sam puts the knife to his throat.[2]


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