Special child
2x22 SpecialChildMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Human)
Notable distinctions : Humans infected with demon blood
Varying psychic and demonic abilities and levels of power
Related to : Human
Historical information
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Pilot

The special children are humans who possess psychic and demonic powers of varying forms and levels due to having ingesting demon blood as infants. The special children were created by Azazel as part of his master plan, but all of the active generation except Sam Winchester are currently dead.


A special child is created when a human infant drinks demon blood when they are exactly six months old. The special child's demonic nature will initially remain dormant, but will become active little under 22 years after the child was turned. The special child will at first develop their own unique, faint psychic or demonic ability (i.e. premonitions linked to other special children or to the demon that turned them, telekinesis, electrokinesis or superhuman abilities). (Season 1, Season 2) It has been implied that a special child's heritage is in some way linked to the ability they possess, as Andrew Gallagher and Ansem Weems, two special children who were biological twins, possessed identical verbal mind control powers. (Simon Said)

Though each special child, after being activated, starts out with only one small supernatural power, (Season 1, Season 2) they can develop it and/or gain new, stronger abilities, either through practice and training (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1, Season 4) or through submitting to their demonic nature. (Season 2) For example, Ava Wilson's powers developed from premonitions to mental control over demons, (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1) and Jake Talley's from superhuman strength to mind control with verbal commands (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) after they respectively gave in to their maker Azazel's intentions. And Andy Gallagher, through training with his powers, managed to develop them from simple verbal mind control, to projecting images into others' minds even across great distances. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

4x22 SpecialChildFullPower

A special child's abilities, through months of training and drinking demon blood, become powerful enough to kill even the strongest of all demons. (Lucifer Rising)

Special children's demonic nature gives them some immunity to other special children's and demons' power, as Sam Winchester's status as a special child made him immune to Andy Gallagher's verbal mind control, (Simon Said) and to Lilith's and Samhain's obliterating light attacks. (No Rest for the Wicked, It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester) It is also known that special children's supernatural abilities are to some extent tied to the demon that turned them, as Sam stated that his powers had become dormant again after Azazel's death, (No Rest for the Wicked) before he reawoke them by drinking demon blood. (Season 4)


In the late 20th century, as part of the demon Azazel's secret master plan to ultimately release Lucifer and begin the Apocalypse, he began turning six-month-old infants into special children as part of his master plan. Azazel turned each special child by making a deal with the child's mother before it was born, the price of the deal being that Azazel could come into their home and turn their child in ten years. (In the Beginning) When Azazel turned an infant into a special child by feeding it his demon blood, if and whenever the child's mother caught him in the act, he would kill the mother. This caused many but not all of the special children to grow up motherless. (Season 1, Season 2)

In 2005 - 2007, a generation of Azazel's special children (specifically those that were turned circa 1983) were activated and began exhibiting psychic and demonic powers and abilities. To try and weed out the stronger of these special children, Azazel contacted some of them in their dreams to try and get them to submit and give in to their demonic nature and commit evil acts; however, a significant portion of the special children did not survive (due to interference from hunters who tracked them down and/or other personal factors such as suicide). (Season 1, Season 2)

In 2007, to find the strongest out of all the special children, Azazel's demons began kidnapping the remaining special children and placing them in Cold Oak for a death-match between the special children to see which one would survive and come out as the strongest; sending small handfuls of the special children into Cold Oak at a time over the months. Ultimately, all the special children killed each other until only Jake Talley was left alive and escaped (although the special child Sam Winchester was resurrected by Dean's demonic deal). Azazel subsequently sent Jake to open a devil's gate in Wyoming (to release Lilith from Hell so she could break Lucifer's seals and release Lucifer), and though Jake succeeded in opening the gate and releasing Lilith and many other demons, he was then killed by Sam. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1, All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

2x21 SpecialChildrenColdOak

The special children gathered at Cold Oak for Azazel's death-match. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

After Azazel's death, Sam's demonic special child powers initially became inactive again, (Bad Day at Black Rock) until in 2008 - 2009, when Ruby manipulated Sam into drinking demon blood (which gave Sam the ability to exorcise and eventually even destroy demons while intoxicated with the demon blood) as part of Azazel's endgame. (Season 4) After Sam developed his powers by drinking demon blood, he used them to kill Lilith, unintentionally breaking the last of Lucifer's seals and completing Azazel's endgame to free Lucifer. (Lucifer Rising) Sam afterwards immediately stopped drinking demon blood and thus his special child powers became dormant again, (Season 5 onwards) although he did twice temporarily reactivate and re-use his demon-exorcising/killing powers, (My Bloody Valentine, Swan Song) and he did initially experience withdrawal symptoms from getting off demon blood. (Good God, Y'All!, My Bloody Valentine)

Azazel's special children and their powersEdit

As part of his master plan to start the Apocalypse, Azazel turned multiple special children circa 1983. All of the 1983 generation except Sam Winchester are at present dead. Azazel stated that there were many other special children who were inactive, but the 1983 generation were the "cream of the crop." (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

  • Andy Gallagher (deceased) - Verbal mind control. Developed his powers through training to allow him to project images into others' minds.
  • Ansem Weems (deceased) - Verbal and mental mind control.
  • Ava Wilson (deceased) - Premonitions. Developed control over demons after submitting to Azazel.
  • Jake Talley (deceased) - Superhuman strength. Gained verbal mind control abilities after submitting to Azazel.
  • Lily Baker (deceased) - Stopping people's hearts with a touch.
  • Max Miller (deceased) - Telekinesis.
  • Sam Winchester - Premonitions. Gained and developed the abiity to exorcise and eventually even kill demons, through intoxication on demon blood. Powers are currently inactive.
  • Scott Carey (deceased) - Electrokinetic touch.

Notable appearancesEdit


  • In the special children's creature profile in Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 2, Eric Kripke admitted that he and the crew, instead of basing the special children on real-life folklore like with the other 'monsters of the week' on Supernatural at that time, they "just went through the catalogue of psychic abilities when [they] were parcelling out what psychic child had the ability to do what."

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