St. Mary's Convent
4x22 StMarysConventMain
Geographical information
Whereabouts : Ilchester, Maryland
Production information
Appearance(s) : Lucifer Rising
Sympathy for the Devil
Filming location : TBA

St. Mary's Convent was an old convent in Ilchester, Maryland, which, ironically, was built over the spot where the door to Lucifer's cage was located. It was where Azazel's endgame to set Lucifer free began and ended.



In 1972, Azazel, having spent years searching the Earth for the door to Lucifer's cage while most of the other demons had given up, finally found the door at St. Mary's Convent. He proceeded to possess the convent's caretaking priest, Dominic Lehne, in the night; and at mass the next day when the convent's eight nuns were all gathered in the main hall, Azazel locked them in and then proceeded to massacre them with a butcher's knife.

Azazel then placed one of the butchered nuns' corpses on the convent altar and prayed to Lucifer to "whisper through the door" to him to give him instructions on how to free him. Using the dead nun on the altar as a mouthpiece, Lucifer told Azazel to free Lilith from Hell so that she could break the seals; and that Azazel himself would need to find Lucifer a special child who would be powerful enough to sacrifice Lilith and break the final seal. This marked the beginning of Azazel's long endgame, which took 37 years in the making, with the special children and the devil's gate.

4x22 Azazel1972ContactsLucifer

Azazel massacres the convent nuns and successfully makes contact with Lucifer. (Lucifer Rising)

Afterwards, Azazel disinhabited Father Lehne, who was arrested by the police for the massacre, and the convent was closed, abandoned and largely forgotten by the public. (Lucifer Rising)


In 2009, thirty-seven years after Azazel's massacre, Lilith and her demons, having now successfully broken 65 seals, came to the abandoned St. Mary's Convent for the breaking of the final seal and Lucifer's rise. Ruby, and Sam Winchester who was non-privy to the fact Lilith was the last seal and that he was about to complete the endgame, tracked Lilith down to St. Mary's, and Sam used his special child powers (augmented to a potentially de-humanising level by excessive demon blood consumption to kill Lilith's demon henchmen.

4x22 FinalSealBroken

The final seal is broken and Azazel's endgame completed. (Lucifer Rising)

Sam cornered Lilith in the same main hall where Azazel committed the 1972 massacre. Though Dean, who had been teleported to the convent by Castiel, tried to warn and stop Sam, Sam listened to Ruby's urging and Lilith's taunts over his brother's voice, and proceeded to successfully kill Lilith with his powers. Just after Dean killed Ruby with the demon-killing knife, with Lilith's death having broken the final seal, Lucifer's cage began to open up in the main hall floor before them and Lucifer began to rise out. (Lucifer Rising)

5x1 LuciferEscapesCage

Lucifer bursts free. (Sympathy for the Devil)

As Lucifer rose from his cage in the convent, God personally intervened to teleport Sam and Dean away to safety on a passing airplane, while Lucifer violently burst out from the cage back onto the Earth. There were later mentions on the news of suspicions of a terrorist attack at the convent, suggesting that the blast from when Lucifer came free destroyed the convent. (Sympathy for the Devil)


  • St. Mary's, though a fictional convent in Supernatural, is believed to be based on the real-life college of the same name in Ilchester, which is also nicknamed the Hell House. Urban legends state that the college is haunted after a priest hung five young girls around the points of a pentagram and then shot himself.

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