Summoning rituals are rituals for summoning supernatural beings and spirits such as demons and angels, usually requiring several ingredients.


5x12 SummoningRitualMain

A demon-summoning ritual prepared. (Swap Meat)

There are several different kinds of rituals for summoning a demon to one's current location, for different kinds of demons or for specific individual demons. It seems to vary depending upon the type of ritual and/or its usage whether the demon being summoned can choose whether or not to respond to the summons, or is involuntarily transported to the caster by the ritual. The procedure for summoning a demon usually but not always requires sigils, a pot of ingredients, sometimes candles, fire, and a Latin incantation. (In My Time of Dying et al.)

Types of demon-summoningEdit

  • There is one summoning ritual which will at random summon from Hell any demon that answers the ritual's invocation. It requires a pentagram symbol with a goat's head inscribed into it, with lit candles aligned with the pentagram's five points, and a bowl or goblet of ingredients at the centre of the pentagram. The ritual is activated by throwing the last few ingredients in while saying the incantation, "Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me!" (Swap Meat)
  • Crossroads demons can be summoned by a human who wishes to make a deal, by burying a box containing specific items - among them the mortal's picture, graveyard dirt, and a black cat's bone - at the dead centre of a crossroads. (Crossroad Blues et al.) Using a crossroads lined with yarrow flowers is sometimes also used as a requirement to summon a crossroads demon, (Crossroad Blues) but apparently is not a necessity. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2 et al.)
  • One powerful summoning spell can free and summon back a demon that has previously been exorcised. The ritual's ingredients include the blood of the exorcist who exorcised the demon, the heart of a dog, and a bowl of burning coal placed atop a sigil. The incantation is: "Te invoco apro fundus inferni." (Repo Man)

Individual demonsEdit

There are demon-summoning rituals which apply to one individual demon, most but not all of said demon individuals usually being high-level and powerful. (In My Time of Dying et al.)

  • Azazel could be summoned with a specific ritual, which required the Sigil of Saturn and a bowl of ingredients. The ingredients included acacia, oil of Abrameli, and the caster's blood. The caster would summon Azazel after preparing the requirements, by reciting the Latin incantation, "Attenrobendum eos, ad consiendrum, ad ligandum eos, potiter et solvendum, et ad, congregontum eos, coram me" and then igniting the ingredients in the bowl with fire. (In My Time of Dying)
  • There were two known variants in the demon-summoning ritual which could summon Crowley.
    • The variation used by Bobby Singer in 2010 required a sigil similar to the Sigil of Saturn, aligned with lit candles, and also a bowl of ingredients which included the caster's blood. The caster would say the incantation, "Et ad congregandum...eos coram me," then ignite the ingredients to summon Crowley. (Weekend at Bobby's)
    • The variation used by Dean Winchester in 2014 required a sigil which resembled a circle-enclosed triangle, with three lit candles aligned with the triangle's points. This ritual for summoning Crowley required a very exotic and vast variety of ingredients such as preserved fruits and herbs to be mixed together in a bowl at the centre of the sigil, then set aflame to alert Crowley that he was being called. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)
  • Samhain-summoning ritual (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)
  • Sam Winchester once used a ritual to summon Ruby. The ritual required a sigil consisting of a circle enclosed within a triangle and with symbols on each end of the triangle, a bowl of ingredients in the dead centre of the sigil, and three candles aligned with the triangle's tips. To activate the ritual, the caster would recite the incantation, "Ad construgendum, ad ligandum eos, pariter et solvendum, et ad, congregantum eos, coram me" and then ignite the ingredients. (No Rest for the Wicked)


6x11 AngelSummoningRitual

An angel-summoning ritual, used by Sam to summon Balthazar. (Appointment in Samarra)

There were rituals for summoning angels and not just demons, specifically one which was used by Sam for summoning Balthazar. The ritual required a circular sigil divided into four quadrants which each contained an Enochian symbol, and a bowl of ingredients. It also required four candles, four different objects and four more Enochian symbols, each on the edges of the quadrant borders outside the sigil. The caster would activate the ritual and summon the angel by igniting the materials in the bowl, apparently without any need for an incantation. (Appointment in Samarra)


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