Supernatural is an American supernatural thriller drama television series created by Eric Kripke, which debuted on 13 September, 2005. It stars Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester, the two primary characters. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television, in association with Wonderland Sound and Vision.


Supernatural follows two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who live on the road, investigating and hunting demons, ghosts, monsters, angels, pagan gods and other supernatural creatures and entities and paranormal phenomena.


Season 1Edit

The first season primarily focuses on Sam and Dean's search for their missing father John and the creature responsible for their mother's death when they were children. It also focuses on Sam's mysterious developing psychic abilities gained from something the creature which killed the boys' mother did to him as a child.

Season 2Edit

Supernatural's second season focuses on Sam and Dean's search for the Yellow-Eyed Demon's other psychic children and the Demon's plans for them as Sam's powers continue to advance, and on how John's death and a secret last warning he gave Dean affects the brothers.

Season 3Edit

The third season of Supernatural focuses on Sam's and the demon Ruby's attempts to save Dean from his Faustian deal with the crossroads demon before his one-year time is up, and on the war between the hunters and the demons released from the Devil's Gate. It also focuses on how the events of Season 2 have affected and are darkening Sam.

Season 4Edit

The fourth Supernatural season primarily focuses on Dean's return from Hell and how what happened to him in Hell is haunting him, and it focuses as well on how Sam and Dean's relationship begins to fracture as Sam begins choosing Ruby over Dean and embracing his demonic nature. Season 4 also revolves around the angels' supposed attempts to stop Lilith and her demons from breaking the 66 seals that keep Lucifer imprisoned in Hell.

Season 5Edit

Season 5 of Supernatural focuses on Sam and Dean's battle against both Heaven and Hell to defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse, and the brothers' fight against their own destinies as Lucifer and the archangel Michael's respective vessels for the Battle of Armageddon. It also focuses on the emotional aftermath on Dean and the team from Sam making the wrong choice that started the Apocalypse.

Season 6Edit

Supernatural Season 6 overall revolves around the power of the soul and, through this, the search for Purgatory. The season initially focuses on Sam's return from Hell and how he is different, and then on the search for a means of restoring Sam's soul. Sam's soul is restored, and a mental wall put up to protect his mind from what happened to his soul in Hell, but the wall becomes more strained as the season progresses. Meanwhile, Crowley is attempting to find a way to open Purgatory through torturing captured monsters, which in turn angers Eve, the matriarch and originator of all monsters, into returning from Purgatory to turn all of humanity into new monsters in retaliation. At the same time, Castiel is leading a civil war in Heaven against Raphael to stop the Apocalypse restarting, but is in a secret alliance with Crowley in using Purgatory's power, which stresses Cass' relationship with the Winchesters when they learn of this.

Season 7Edit

The seventh Supernatural season primarily focuses on Sam and Dean's attempts to find a way to defeat the Leviathans that Castiel accidentally freed from Purgatory, and on Sam's struggle with his brutal memories of Hell as they threaten to overwhelm him. Season 7 also focuses on the brothers' emotional struggle with the losses of their friends, including Castiel and eventually Bobby, and afterwards on the suspicions about whether or not Bobby has remained behind as a ghost.

Season 8Edit

Season 8 overall revolves around the remaining Word of God tablets. The season centres on the aftermath and consequences of Dean's return from Purgatory (the return forcing Sam to give up a normal life he'd gained while Dean was gone - and the discovery Sam had done this rather than try to get Dean back, and the fact that Dean had bonded with and also freed the vampire Benny from Purgatory with him - causing a rift between the brothers), and on the Winchesters' efforts to complete a series of supernatural trials that could close the gates of Hell forever. It also focuses on Crowley's efforts to stop the brothers and instead open all the gates of Hell, and on the angel Naomi's efforts to take the Word of God tablets by using Castiel as an unknowing agent, and later on the deadly effects the trials begin to have on Sam.

Season 9Edit

The ninth season of Supernatural focuses on Sam and Dean's attempts to deal with the devastating aftermath of the Fall which has expelled all the angels to Earth, on Cass's efforts to take Heaven back from Metatron for the angels, and on Crowley's power struggle against Abaddon for control of Hell. It also focuses on the emotional consequences on Sam and Dean after Dean secretly lets the angel Gadreel possess and save Sam (resulting in Gadreel killing Kevin), and on Dean's struggle to deal with the rage-inducing effects of the Mark of Cain after having taken on the Mark to kill Abaddon.


Supernatural (novels)Edit

A series of non-canon Supernatural novels.


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Other human charactersEdit

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Creatures and spiritsEdit

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