"Demonic handcuffs, jackass. No flicking, no teleporting, no smoking out."
Dean Winchester[src]
Supernatural handcuffs
9x14 DemonHandcuffs
Historical information
Creator : Possibly Men of Letters
Use(s) : Binding and capturing supernaturals
Users : Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Men of Letters
Affected creatures : Demons
Production information

Supernatural handcuffs are handcuffs etched with symbols such as devil's traps, which can bind the powers and movements of a supernatural entity cuffed with them. The cuffs work on demons, angels and reapers.


The supernatural handcuffs are etched along the rims with multiple supernatural symbols, including a large pentagram. When a susceptible supernatural being is cuffed by one or both of their vessel's wrists with the handcuffs, their powers such as teleportation, telekinesis and leaving their vessel will be nullified and incapacitated, and the cuffed entity will be all but immobilised unless it is being escorted. (Sacrifice onwards) The supernatural handcuffs can be used on angels, (Meta Fiction) demons (Sacrifice onwards) and reapers. (Stairway to Heaven)

8x23 HandcuffsSymbols

A clear glimpse of the binding symbols engraved on the handcuffs. (Sacrifice)

It has been implied that the supernatural-handcuffs possess supernatural invulnerability; according to Cecily, the handcuffs' key is required to unlock and remove them, and without the key, the cuffs can't be removed even by demonic means. (Road Trip) However, an angel empowered with Godlike strength is powerful enough to telekinetically unlock the handcuffs without the key, as shown with Metatron after he'd empowered himself using the Word of God. (Meta Fiction)


  • Sam and Dean used the supernatural handcuffs to incapacitate and capture Crowley, when Dean slipped them on him. (Sacrifice) The handcuffs were kept on Crowley while he was in the Winchesters' captivity. (Devil May Care)
  • After finding and freeing Linda Tran, Sam and Dean held Del captive using the supernatural handcuffs. (Captives)
  • When Sam and Dean tracked Crowley down, they re-bound him with the supernatural handcuffs for a short time while Crowley detoxed from his blood addiction. (Blade Runners)
  • Sam and Dean bound Gadreel with the supernatural handcuffs after capturing him in Ogden, Utah. The cuffs remained on Gadreel afterwards, until Metatron freed him during the Winchesters' hostage exchange with him. (Meta Fiction)
  • Dean used the supernatural handcuffs to capture Tessa after tracking her down as one of the suicide bombers among Castiel's army. (Stairway to Heaven)
  • Castiel and Gadreel slipped the supernatural handcuffs on Cass as part of their prisoner-and-escort ruse to infiltrate Heaven. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)
  • Sam captures a demon, Dar, with the supernatural handcuffs and tortures her in order to get her to tell him where Dean and Crowley are.
  • Sam succeeded to capture demon Dean with the supernatural handcuffs. (Reichenbach)
  • Sam bound demon Dean with the supernatural handcuffs while curing him with purified blood. (Soul Survivor)


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