Sympathy for the Devil
5x1 LuciferEscapesCage
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 10 September, 2009
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Eric Kripke
Preceded by : Lucifer Rising
Followed by : Good God, Y'All!

Sympathy for the Devil is the first episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


In the aftermath of Lucifer's release from Hell and the start of the Apocalypse, a guilt-ridden Sam, an unforgiving Dean and a furious Bobby choose to battle against daunting odds and fight the forces of Hell and Heaven alike, and set out to find the one weapon that may be able to defeat the Devil before the demons reach it. Meanwhile, Lucifer is seeking and circling his vessel.

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up directly where Lucifer Rising left off, as Lucifer's cage opens up before them, Sam and Dean try to flee, but the chapel doors close on them, trapping them inside as Lucifer emerges just behind them. The opening to the cage widens, and the Winchesters are overwhelmed by the high ringing noise and intense white light from Lucifer's true visage as it engulfs everything. Then, to Sam and Dean's shock, they suddenly find themselves out of St. Mary's Convent and on a plane flying right over Ilchester. As Sam and Dean are in shock and confusion by how they were suddenly transported from Ilchester up onto the plane, a gigantic column of light suddenly bursts into the sky from the town below - hitting the plane and forcing it to make a violent but safe emergency landing - as Lucifer bursts free onto the Earth.

After the plane lands and the Winchesters get back onto the road, the news is filled with talk of sudden natural disasters, and it's clear that the Apocalypse has begun. Sam and Dean wonder about who or what it was that teleported them away from St. Mary's and onto the plane, before setting about finding Castiel. The Winchesters head to Chuck's home, which is rife with chaos and damage in the aftermath of the archangel's attack. When the brothers find Chuck, the latter is shocked to see Sam (since his last vision was of Sam using his demonic powers to their fullest on Lilith back at the convent), before revealing to Sam and Dean that Cass was killed by the archangel; Chuck specifies that the archangel made Cass's vessel physically explode into blood and bits, and finds much to his horror that he has a tooth from Cass's vessel stuck in his hair. Just then, Chuck senses the angels coming, and Zachariah and two angel goons arrive to take Dean away for the angels' plans. Dean is furious at Zachariah and unwilling to talk with him after he and the other angels intentionally allowed the Apocalypse to begin; but Zachariah warns the brothers that either way, now that Lucifer is free, they need Dean so they can strike against Lucifer before he finds his vessel. However, Dean still brashly refuses to have anything to do with the angels after what they've done, and he then reveals an angel-banishing sigil he's drawn on a sliding door, and uses it to banish the angels before Zach can stop him.

At a hotel, Dean arms up as Sam comes in, and Sam reveals he's made hexbags (which he reluctantly admits he learned how to make from Ruby) for them so that neither the angels nor the demons can track them. Sam also notes to his surprise that he hasn't been feeling any of the after-effects of or cravings for demon blood intoxication since St. Mary's, and can only assume that whoever put Sam and Dean on the plane completely detoxed Sam's body and made him go 'cold turkey.' Sam tries to talk with Dean about his role in all this, but Dean refuses to engage with Sam about it and demands they just set about cleaning up their mess. Dean declares they should treat the fight against Lucifer as any other hunt, and they set about finding where Lucifer is. Elsewhere, Becky Rosen, an avid and highly bubbly fan of Chuck's Supernatural books, is writing Wincest fanfiction when Chuck instant-messages her (much to her excitement) to ask that she get out a message to Sam and Dean (which Chuck can't go to the Winchesters direct with since the angels are keeping him under house arrest). After Chuck quickly and easily convinces Becky that he isn't playing a cruel joke (simply by telling her the events of the books are all real), Becky is led to the hotel room where Sam and Dean are staying to give them the message. Becky is awestruck to see the real Sam in the flesh, and proves extremely awkward to Sam when she won't stop admiring his chest muscles, although she is disappointed to see Dean and admits he's "not what [she] pictured." Chuck's message, based on his latest vision, which he's sending to the brothers through Becky is: "The Michael Sword is on Earth. The angels lost it. In a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs."

To brush up on what they're dealing with concerning the Michael Sword, Sam and Dean call Bobby over with research on the archangel Michael to talk about it. Bobby explains that according to lore, Michael is the toughest of all the angels and the commander of Heaven, and that the Sword is what Michael used to originally defeat and imprison Lucifer. Bobby and the Winchesters suspect based on this that if they can find the Michael Sword, they can use it to defeat the Devil, and start researching in hopes of translating the Sword's location from Chuck's message. Bobby notices that something is seriously bothering Sam, and out of guilt, Sam comes out with the truth about how Lilith's death at his hands was the final seal, making Sam the one who freed Lucifer and brought all this on. Bobby is stunned and furious to hear this, agreeing with Sam that he was being foolish, ignorant and selfish and should have listened to Dean about Ruby and the demon blood, and Bobby makes it clear that once this is all over he wants nothing to do with Sam anymore. While Sam is out for some air, Bobby and Dean continue researching, with Bobby just being unable to let go of or stop talking about what Sam has done, and declaring that John was right about Sam after all. Just then, Dean suddenly gets an idea about where the Michael Sword is - John's supernatural lock-up at Castle Storage on 42 Rover Hill, with the address fitting perfectly with Chuck's message, indicating that John had the Michael Sword in his lock-up all this time. Bobby decides it's good enough for him, then suddenly attacks Dean with a burst of super-strength. As Bobby menacingly and emotionlessly advances on Dean, his eyes turn demonic black, revealing that he's possessed by a demon.

As the possessed Bobby restrains Dean, two more demons come in, and the female leader among them declares she intends to make sure Dean can't stop Lucifer. A shocked Dean recognizes the lead demon - it's Meg. Meg orders the demon possessing Bobby to kill Dean now, and the demon raises the demon knife into the air as Dean pleads with Bobby to resist the possession. The possessed Bobby hesitates and manages to take back control, just long enough to plunge the demon knife into his own stomach; killing the demon possessing Bobby, but also seriously wounding himself in the process. Sam then returns to see what has just happened, and he and Dean immediately fight off the two remaining demons. Dean manages to kill the other demon with Meg using the knife, but Meg smokes out and escapes before Dean can finish her off. Sam and Dean immediately rush Bobby, who is alive but bleeding out from his stab wound, to hospital. As Bobby is taken off in critical condition, Dean and a reluctant Sam are forced to leave Bobby in the hospital's care, since the demons now know where the Michael Sword is and the Winchesters have to get to it before them. Sam and Dean immediately drive off for Castle Storage in New York, and arm up before heading in. The Winchesters find that the demons have beat them to the lock-up but have all been killed by Zachariah, who has been waiting with his goons at the lock-up for the brothers. Zachariah locks Sam and Dean in, and explains to the Winchesters that Chuck's prophecy was actually planted by the angels; the Michael Sword was never in John's lock-up and has been with the Winchesters all this time, and the angels implanted Chuck's prophecy about the lock-up to trick the Winchesters, and the Sword with them, into coming right to them. Dean doesn't understand, and Zachariah reveals to the brothers' shock that the Michael Sword is Dean.

Zachariah elaborates that Dean is, by destiny, meant to be Michael's vessel for his apocalyptic battle against Lucifer. Though Zachariah claims it's a great honour to be chosen as Michael's vessel, Dean is disgusted at and more than uninterested in the prospect of becoming an angel's meatsuit, and forces Zachariah to admit that the collateral of Michael and Lucifer's battle will kill countless people if Michael possesses Dean, but Zach retorts that Lucifer will kill all of humanity and "roast the planet alive" if he continues to walk the Earth unchecked like this. But Dean still refuses to allow Michael to possess him. As Michael, like any other angel, needs Dean's consent to possess him, Zachariah begins using his powers to torture Sam in an attempt to force Dean to change his mind and say yes to being Michael's vessel. When breaking Sam's legs fails and only angers Dean further, Zachariah tries to offer to heal Bobby if Dean says yes, warning that Bobby's injury from the demon knife will cripple him for life if he doesn't receive supernatural healing. Dean still says no, so Zachariah gets "really creative" and begins torturing both Sam and Dean even further; giving Dean Stage 4 stomach cancer, and taking away Sam's lungs, and declaring he's just getting started with this. But just then, Castiel suddenly appears alive, and fights off both of Zachariah's goons and kills them with an angel blade, then confronts Zach. Zachariah is shocked to see Castiel alive, and Cass also reveals that it wasn't the angels who put Sam and Dean on the plane, and Cass suspects that there's only one being who could be behind it. Zachariah is visibly terrified by the prospect of God returning, and Cass forces Zach to fix Dean and Sam back up and then flee. Once Zachariah is gone and the Winchesters are healed, Cass warns Sam and Dean that they need better protection than hexbags, since they won't be enough to shield them from Lucifer once the latter has taken his vessel. Cass telekinetically carves Enochian warding into Sam and Dean's ribs, which he explains will fully cloak the brothers from detection by all angels in existence, Lucifer included. Cass admits to Sam and Dean that he really was dead, and when they ask how he's been resurrected, Cass avoids the question and teleports away.

Meanwhile throughout the episode, in Pike Creek, Delaware, a widower named Nick, who is brooding and broken after his wife Sarah and their baby child were murdered in a home invasion some time ago, is experiencing very strange and disturbing phenomena in the night - he seems to be stalked by eerie supernatural winds as he comes home in the evening, and as he tries to get to sleep in bed, he hallucinates his wife's blood in his bed. At one point, Nick even sees a bloody illusion of his wife telling him he's "special" and "chosen." The visions and phenomena only get worse the next night; when Nick is sadly looking at his dead child's old toys and belongings, to his horror, he hears his dead baby over the old baby monitor. When Nick goes into his child's old bedroom, he hallucinates blood seeping and pouring out from the crib, causing Nick to break down in tears and horror. The next night, as Nick sleeps, Lucifer, who has obviously been behind the hallucinations plaguing Nick, appears to Nick in his dreams in the form of Nick's late wife. Nick at first assumes, upon hearing that the angel in his wife's form before him is the Devil, that none of this is real, and wants to wake up, but things between Nick and Lucifer quickly become serious. It is revealed that Nick is Lucifer's vessel when Lucifer explains how he needs Nick to let Lucifer take possession of him. When Nick asks why he would ever let the Devil possess him, Lucifer claims that humans misunderstand him, and reveals that in his eyes God betrayed and banished him for loving God too much. Lucifer also exposes Nick's full grief and anger over the horrible and unfair deaths of his wife and child, and Lucifer convinces Nick that God is either sadistic or callous to allow that to happen and that they should punish God for the pain they've suffered. Nick seriously considers consenting to possession by Lucifer; he tearfully asks if Lucifer can bring his family back, and Lucifer says he can't but he can get Nick justice. Nick thinks back to and remembers his wife and child, and with them everything that he's lost, then turns to Lucifer and says yes. A blinding white light flashes from inside Nick's house as Lucifer takes his vessel.

At St. Martin's Hospital, Bobby is in bed recuperating after being stabilized from his stab wound. Bobby explodes at the doctor upon hearing that he's been permanently paralysed due to his injury, but after the doctor rushes out, Dean assures Bobby that they can have Castiel fix him up and restore his legs. Sam then asks what they do now with the Michael Sword having been a complete bust, and Bobby says that they can only save as many as they can for as long as they can until the Apocalypse inevitably destroys humanity. However, Dean is confident that instead of Heaven or Hell winning the war, humanity should take them all on - angels and demons alike - and win the war for themselves; he says that they'll find another way to kill Lucifer and will even kill Michael if they have to, and that the Earth is rightfully theirs and they should get the angels and demons' war off it. As Sam and Dean turn to leave, Bobby stops Sam at the door to talk to him. Bobby tells Sam that he was awake when he was possessed and knows what he said to Sam upon hearing Sam broke the final seal - Bobby assures Sam that that was the demon talking and not him, and that he'll never cut Sam out no matter how seriously he screws up. Sam thanks Bobby for his support before heading out with Dean. As the Winchesters head out to the Impala, Sam is suggesting that they could go find the Colt and use it on Lucifer, when Dean drops the façade and admits that he knows they don't stand a chance against the Apocalypse and was just putting his confidence on back there for Bobby's benefit. Sam asks what it is Dean wants to say to him; Dean says that while he knows Sam would give anything to take it all back, he just can't get past the fact that Sam "chose a demon over [his] own brother," or the fact that Sam let him down unimaginably when Sam was the one Dean depended on the most. Dean sadly admits that Sam can't do anything to fix it, and that he just doesn't think he can trust Sam or that they'll ever be able to be the brothers they used to be again. Dean then turns away and gets into the Impala, while a shamed Sam stays standing where he is in the parking lot.







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